Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I turned my hair yellow today.

Like, yellow yellow.

I never thought my hair could or would be that shade, but today was a glorious day. I told my friend at the salon that I wanted my hair to look "white." Our conversation follows.

Christina: "You want it white? Like, bleach blonde?"

V: "No, like. . . like my grandma's hair. Or like that lady you just permed. I want HER white hair."

C: "I don't know if I can. . . "

V: "We're hairstylists. You're supposed to be able to make my hair white. It's okay because I'm saying I understand my hair could catch fire! I'm not worried. Let's do it."

C: "I just don't think we have the same idea of what white is. I think Santa Claus has white hair."

V: "Perfect! I'll take it! Make me look like Mrs. Claus!!"

So we began. And somehow my hair turned yellow. I loved it. I would have kept it, but my mom would have been mad at me for ruining holiday pictures. That, and I don't think the husband is as okay with yellow as I am.

So a half hour later I have white hair. And I'm quite happy. Because I have Santa hair. And I love Santa.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like. . .

Moving day!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but some people LOVE Christmas and that is just not how we are. I love lights and candy canes and the smell of cinnamon pine cones, carols and stocking goodies and a tree, but that's as far as we go. We like Easter much more than Christmas and Christ wasn't even born in December so we don't feel bad about it.

Back to moving! Our home has been scrunched into one supermassive black hole. Arranging clothes, selling furniture on Craigslist and cleaning has become our new fun date. Our only decoration consists of a sparkly snowflake. It keeps us merry and bright in the daunting task of binging our collected newlywed junk.

Onward to the next random thing... I don't know what happened this past week, but at the grocery store I seriously had the. worst. luck. ever!

The bread had weavels. Gross. I didn't know that could happen.
The Rice Chex taste like someone packed them with the dish soap.
The eggs weren't cracked (duh, I check them first) but they were rotten!
The juice was sour. We just mixed it with ice cream so it would taste better! Stupidity!

It was so fantastic though. Jake and I are writing a nice and lengthy note to Fry's. Since our note is so kind and loving. . . . and that is not sarcasm either. Being nice makes winners. . . . we are totally thinking we'll get a gift card. Or at least a sorry note. We'll take what we can get!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Life

Today is perfection! Jack and I were both able to pick up an extra shift, but he came and visited me at the salon with such great news!

We got an apartment!!!! We have been calling Jim since September! September, people!! He called today and told us that he had an opening! We're so excited because finding a home was turning into a nightmare! We're so thankful and super blessed! That is a LOT of exclamations. We even got to go to lunch together which, let me tell you, never happens! Life is so fun and scary and exciting!

To celebrate the affordability of our new home and it's necessary deposits, after Hubs gets off work and after delicious dinner, we're going to spend money on a dead Christmas tree! This brings my heart happiness and it brings tears to Jake's eyes but he's only crying with allergies. No biggie.

Wednesday, thank you. I love you. Thursday, if you could just try to compete with the fabulousness of Wednesday, that'd be awesome.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good news and some. . .

So the good news was that we got a puppy! But we were going to make it a huge joke and put up a sonogram picture of like. . . triplets. . . and then have a picture of our puppy, however I thought about it so much and I thought it might only be funny to the hubs and I. Therefore, odd anger diverted!

Anyway, we got a puppy! She is a lovely little cocker spaniel and we kiss her and call her Carri. Other news about Carri--Hubs is really, and I mean REALLY allergic to her. So like we had originally planned (our landlords say NO to pets so we had a backup) we gave her to Hubs family because they love her and will be able to be in a ten foot radius with her. Jake's eyes are bright red, his nose is falling off and he is one HOT mess. This all works perfectly though because tonight is . . .


I have so much happiness right now. Hubs thinks he "ruined" Halloween because we didn't dress up (I had to close that night and didn't get off work in time to think about being creative. Amen.) so to make up for it he's been preparing for HP night since we bought our midnight tickets four weeks ago!

I painted glorious tattoos which, on a sidenote, look really awesome in fake life, but if in real life he had them I would be weirded out. He looks flipping awesome and magical. I love him. He even has a wand made with the branch of a pomegranate tree and the hair of a unicorn aka cocker spaniel puppy. I'm so excited.

Only problem, I feel like I should dress up too and I don't have time or the will to color my hair purple and pink all over to be his bf, Tonks. I'm baffled.

I'm heading over to the laundromat. Hopefully wisdom will fill my mind with the nice wrackspurts that will fuzzy up my thoughts. Watching the loads tumble around should get my brain wheels turning!

Long live Harry Potter! And Ron. . . I love him.

PS. After I posted this I had a great idea! I could be the basilisk!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm thankful for lots of things.

I'm thankful for my husband.
I'm thankful for student-poor birthdays with post it notes of love declarations.
I'm thankful for a washing machine and dryer.
I'm thankful that, somehow after we pay tithing, we still have enough for our needs.
I'm thankful for eternity.
I'm thankful that the weather is so cool.
I'm thankful for scented candles.
I'm thankful for my mother and my old man.
I'm thankful for my best friends also known as my siblings and sister-in-law.
I'm thankful for my grandma and her recipes that she slips me.

I'm just plain old grateful for my life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last years Halloween was. . .

. . . quite the event. My sister Merry-Death and I could not figure out what to be. For the past few years I would throw on a pair of clean scrubs and go as a nurse, doctor, hygienist. . . it worked and was comfy and warm enough to cruise through the box maze and that's all I ever needed.

So since I wanted to impress my super awesome boyfriend with something better than my lack-luster scrub costume, Merry and I ventured to the following: D.I., Goodwill, and Wal-Mart. Well, Merry's always been more creative than me. (I got over it a day ago...) She found some heinous skirt and wham! Inspiration. She would turn an outrageous skirt into a pirate-ess. Let me tell you what. We MADE her leather "bustier", pinned her skirt to ruffle and found fabulous accessories. It was ridiculous how hot she looked!

I, on the other hand, wouldn't be able to see a promising idea if it slapped my in the knee cap. "Why is it so hard to be creative so my boyfriend thinks I'm super rad!?" was my constant thought. At our last stop guess what I found? Tulle. It changed my life. Suddenly I knew how easy it would be to make a tutu! AND since I was making it, I wouldn't look like a Halloween Whore! It was the best news to me! So. 2 bolts of tulle and a black shirt later, this is what happened.

Now OBVIOUSLY my idea wasn't as original as I hoped it to be, but I obviously scored a husband so pshaw! By the way, isn't his suit the coolest???? It's silk from Korea! He looks like a fish!

This year I plan on figuring out my costume the same way. October 30-Wake up, make orange pancakes, stress about what to be, D.I. it up, then miraculously think of something! Voila!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random ramblings.

Glee is on tonight. Jake is a closet Glee fan. He will never watch the show with me, but at night he'll start coincidentally singing the songs that were on the latest episode. I love it. And more than that, I love being woken up by him singing at 6:30 a.m. in the shower. There's something about the bathroom that makes everyone a diva!

Today I colored and cut the sister missionaries hair. They asked me why I hadn't decorated the house much, since all the newlyweds they know had everything decorated a week after their honeymoon. I laughed. Then I looked at my walls. They're naked but I figure I get a pass on decorating since we're moving anyway. Hooray!

Netflix is the dumbest. Amen.

We want a dog. We want that dog to be a puppy first so we can potty train it how we like, but then we will still love it as she grows up. (I guess a lot of people hate dogs love puppies. We're not like that.) Mr. likes dogs that shed. That doesn't fly with me. I love animals but if they shed they are on the shun list. Obviously this semi hurts me too, since I love English bulldogs, but if we have a dog for 12-15 years, that dog has to be clean for whatever allergy-ridden childrens we will support in the future, which means no. shedding. fur. Gross. And sad. So there goes our bulldog named Meaty. Either way, our prospective addresses all have yards so this is great news.

Riding a bike with a flat tire is seriously hard work. I thought I could manage, but a mile after realization of the fact, I got a ride home. Don't try that.

Our neighbors tree practically fell on their house and the repercussions we're seeing comes in the form of creepy creatures. At least we aren't getting any roaches. Those things make me have hissy fits!

Two of my sisters are having babies. I love all my families babies. You know how there are some funny looking babies???? If you say no, you're lying. Well, their babies never look weird!!! It's remarkable and it gives me hope for my childrens. Knock on wood. . . Anywho, they're both due next year, but that's so close and fun to say! Hooray again!!!

We found 60 dollars in change in our house.

Jake's mission president and wife are on the cover of the September Ensign.
우리의 한국어 수업은 좋은거야!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We caught a bug.

The only good things about being sick are chicken noodle soup, movies, 7up and keeping our front door wide open (screen shut of course) because of the awesome drop in night temperatures. I guess getting sick at the same time as the hubs is nice too. Then we don't have to worry about getting the other sick. Pro, yes. Con, yes more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My sister is the Mombabe. . .

. . .and she is THE Mombabe. She is cute, classy, sassy and funky. Also, she's one of the best stylists I know. (I'm NOT biased.) She's doing a Q&A type of thing on her blog about hair! You need to pop over there because who DOESN'T have some kind of question! Seriously. So. Ask her anything from products favorites, do's and don'ts, and how to get gum out of your hair to colors, perms, and vegan products! Go now!

PS. Somehow I ruined crock pot chicken tonight. I am thoroughly embarrassed and thought that blogging it would be the best remedy.

PPS!!!! I discovered the right way to link! It only took me writing a hefty explanation of why I super stink at blogging, but then I got it! Woo hoo times thirty!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Memories. . .

. . .are just filling up my mind! I've been addicted to the computer screen and to old pictures! I love stories they capture!!! I love it times infinity because there's t.o.n.s. of crazy pictures of Jake and me. This is one of the times that dating for forever was really beneficial!!

I am proud to admit that he is a rockstar.

This was the night we met! Right after we stuffed our face for Turkey Day, we danced it off at a black out party!

Oh my gosh. First double date with my sister and his best friend: success. We climbed to the top of an unfinished building and threw 2 liter of Doctor Thunder and watched them explode! Tag on scaffolding=marriage.

USP! Ugly Sweater Party. Only his wasn't very ugly. This is what I will look like when I am someday with child! ha!

The USP was the first time I was hungry enough, at my own home, to eat Jake's face. Thankfully he got me some chips instead!

This is right after our first super-smooch. Jake decided to grow his beard out and I liked him times one hundred that day!

First haircut and first baking experience mastered together on the first time!

I matched him on purpose. It was humorous. He's emo and I'm a gangster. Nothing to worry about.

This past Halloween. I wore a tootoo and Jake was a fish. Notice the same striped shirt under his jacket! Laughable!

First time to Mexico. Alone. No supervision. NICEEEEEE.

Seriously. I love that guy so much! He is the best. He cleans up the dishes when I make dinner, he helps me find stray dogs and he even takes a bag full of fire sauce from Taco Bell every time he, I, or we go! I love it. And him. And pictures!

Hooray for overloading!

I am in like with memories. . .

. . . but in LOVE with the present and future :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Our lives are being taken over. . .

. . . by cheesecake, Spanish/Korean lessons, college and exercising. Therefore, my lack of blogging has NOTHING to do with no ideas. Brilliant, I think so.

I love cheesecake. And so I made it one Sunday. And now I can't stop. (Hence all the exercising taking over!!!) I love pumpkin, raspberry, chocolate. . . and surprisingly those go perfectly on top! It's really a problem. Instead of buying bread and eggs at the grocery, I tend to buy cream cheese and graham crackers--for the crust of course! Either way, I know now that food storage is important for months like this cheesecake-ish one is turning out to be.

Nextly, nextly is not a word. Good to know spellcheck! Nextly--Korea and Spain . . . or Mexico. I choose Spain. I speak Spanish. Mi esposo hablas Korean. I love the way he sings the hymns at church in his mission tongue and he loves the way I serenade him with "Popcorn Popping" in Spanish, but we decided that if our children are going to be well rounded and able to talk to future Mom and future Dad, they need to know both languages plus sign. . . and Latin. Pfft! So we're trying to learn each language. Something about six years of Spanish and his 2 1/2 months of nothing but Korea in the Missionary Training Center makes trying to learn the other language by just speaking in day to day conversation is NOT working out well. Any hints?? Give up?? Yeah. Thought about it, but we get bored too easy and resort to facebook so this is the best alternative.

School is another pressing issue. We've decided to go to NAU and are leaving around the first week in January. I'm joyful about this because it means a few things. 1. Snuggling and hot chocolate will reign supreme. We love that. It's how we fell into like with each other, how we fell in love with each other and how we decided to spend forever together. Coco is gooood for us. 2. I will most likely see snow fall. This has NEVER happened before. 3. Snow=cold=ear warmers=boots=jackets!! 4. My birthday is in November and with Christmas soon after, a new snowboard and bindings are not out of the question!

Lastly, my otter pop diet is officially over. I don't think I have had as much joy spending my time with Strawberry Shortcook and Louie Lime, but I'm temporarily breaking up with them.

That is all.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fortune Cookies. . .

. . . we do what they say.

I got a new desk to spruce up and hubs got a new desktop. Yes people. 24 inches of monitor. Lovely news!

Fun fun fun!

My nephew hates the hubs. . .

. . . and it is the most enjoyable thing to behold. Since Curtis has met Jack, it seems that he's hated him. He ALWAYS stares at him when way more interesting things are going on. See wedding photo proof. . . (ps. Jake is holding the Curtis)
#1: Notice Jack just smiling at the photographer and the Curtis is staring.

#2: Jack's noticed and is smiling back at the angry Curtis!

Curtis's distaste has been growing for months and since this is one of the most enjoyable things to my heart, I captured it on camera! Things to note, Josh is the Curtis's dad and he's playing with him to make him smiley. When he hands him over, it's to Jake. The movie is blurry, but you'll get the general idea! And my voice is not as decrepit as it sounds on the video!

This is one of the reasons I enjoy the Curtis so much! I just think he is the greatest source of entertainment! Here is a picture of his studly self!

I love him.
The bad news is that today at our families weekly get together for dinner, the Curtis actually tolerated Jack! I was heartbroken. I hope this new tolerance ends asap.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The best videos ever.

We were playing at our friends house and they showed us this little gem!!! The first video is the real news reel and the second is the remix. It's the best. (Don't listen to the last minute of the song. It's some weird kids. . . . ha!) LOVE these.

Video One

Video Two--THE REMIX!

I'm going to work at the DMV. . .

. . . because I enjoy listening to stories from people. Today the hubs and I went to the magical DMV so that I could change the very last item that was still missing my newest last name. (By the way, MOM! They fit ALLL five names on the card. You'll be so happy :) While we were waiting in the actually super short line, we heard the following conversations.

Red-shirted worker-"I can't do that for you. Sorry to te..."
Brotha from tha hood-Obviously angry-"I just want you to take off that record of the last DUI! What do you mean you CAN'T? Isn't this what you do!?"
RSW-"Um, no. . . "
PS. He was DEFINITELY a brotha and he told her he was from the hood so if he reads this ever, he won't be mad at his story name.

Scene: A couple is at the very end of the line, when a semi-familiar face shows up.
Man with lady- "Well, what are youuuuu doing here!?"
Entering lady- "I love Wal-Mart! I love you guys! Why aren't you wearing your walmart shirt?"
Lady with man- "He's applying for disability today. No walmart shirt."
Entering lady -"Are you hurt?"
Man- "No, just seeing if I can get it. . . "

Now the next part will seem like a lie, but it's seriously such good truth that I almost passed out of happiness next to the hubs. The lady who they thought looked familiar from somewhere--the one that walked in-- guess who the heck that lady was!?! IT WAS DEBORAH from the time I decided I hated Wal-Mart! It was oh-so fantastic. I would have taken a picture, but I was too impressed with coincidence.

Another reason I want to work at the DMV is due to the upset employees. I asked the lady who was "helping" me if she hated her job. Jake kicked me in the knee under the table, but I needed to know. She replied, "Your new license will be four dollars." Jake didn't hear right and was getting TICKED. He thought she said forty and he was about to have a hissy fit! I like him! (I added hissy to my online dictionary so now I won't have to say "Ignore Once" anymore! Success!)

I got a new picture at the DMV, a new address, and a new name, but I think the most successful part of the trip was that on my new license you can see that 1. I am two inches taller, 2. I weigh 15 pounds less than usual and 3. I have brown eyes and brunette hair. SUCCESS times a million! I always thought it was weird that that stuff was on the card anyway, so why not be a whole new person!? Awesome.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

There are a few things. . .

that me and Jake like to do together-- and one of those things happens to be reading! We both have completely different reading paces so it was difficult at first, but now we discovered that reading aloud is our best option! We went at midnight to fetch our edition of Suzanne Collin's Mockingjay!!!!! Usually I'd have the book done within a day, but since we're reading aloud, we're just more than halfway done. Obviously I go to work with black circles under my eyes, a high ponytail and the shirt from yesterday, but bonding time is bonding time. I love my husband and Peeta Mellark!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dental hygiene. . .

. . . is in my grasp!!! I took my CPAt and Wonderlic tests and I dominated them. A glorious domination was mine! When they saw my scores I got immediately called into a meeting. They told me to start my letter of intent and get my reference letters in so they could put me in the first wave of 15. Only 30 people make it this year...and I'M in the first wave. I'm stoked. Glory hallelujah. Pete's was our celebration dinner!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My business cards. . .

. . . were supposed to come in 20 days after I had ordered them. Well, voila! Guess what was waiting in the mail for me, 15 days early!? Yes. It's true. They are a magnificent sight. I'm so proud of them. They say my name and my phone number. It's pretty rad.

A few things have been consuming my newlywed life with the mister. In order of importance is 1. Prison Break, 2. The Office, and last but not least, 3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Clearly our priorities aren't in order. Our favorite hobby is waiting at blockbuster for Prison Break. We have the jazziest friends that lend us their seasons of The Office and the LOTR series. We love them.

Another news break: we are no longer hiding from the Newlywed Radar. This radar is salvation. It's what keeps you from giving talks, getting huge callings, and being called to clean the church for funerals. Well people, ALL of those things have happened to us. It started with us getting married and going to church only one week afterward! Next thing we know, we're ushered into the clerks office for a calling in the young men with the deacons and an activities director or something. Soon after we are just minding our own business and Jake volunteers to pray. Later we're at home when a unknown number phones us. Oh goody! We get talks this week! Sadly, we declined the invite for cleaning the church because we were in San Diego. Anyhoo, I figure this just means I get the next year off! I find our circumstance laughable.

A cricket has been plaguing my sleep. It is our new pet, but he's very rude and barks all night. We continually have to yell with sharpness at him so hush up, and he will, but he starts being rude minutes later. Jake seems to blame me for not taking his life when I first spotted him, but I was too tired and I didn't mind the little booger. He was a different cricket then. Now he's harsh and rude and very offensive. I can't bring myself to find him again or I would have to be brutal so we're having a minor dilemma with our new pet.

Glory, glory to finding the cricket and ending our miserable nights.

On a side note, we went to California for a quick break before school starts! We did a session in the San Diego temple and played at the beach. We dug holes. One in particular. And all the guys were a beautiful mermaid. Sadly I don't have any proof of the masterpiece but it was wondrous! We both look superheinous, but humidity is more of a foe than a friend. I don't know how to work that wet, muggy air!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scaring Jake. . .

. . . is my most favorite thing to do!!! I was just in the same room as he was and he closed his eyes to nap and all I had to do was yell "BOOOOOO!" and he got scared and jumped ten feet off the ground. I love his face!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stargate Atlantis is playing. . .

. . . in the background. I love my husband for loving scyfy.

I've definitely learned that one of the very best things about being married is that you can pick and and go on day trips and vacations whenever you want!!! (As long as your bills are paid, you have a full tank, the grocery shopping is complete and the house is clean AND you have your checkbook balanced!) It's the coolest. I happen to really enjoy it.

We went up north for a day trip to the old stomping grounds of a young Jack. His family name originated in Pinedale and when he turned on a dirt road for some off roading, I was more than excited! The best part was that they have a sign for us!!!!!!

He is so cool! I love this picture times 50 because my mom takes pictures of my dad in front of signs with our last name! I felt just like her! And he was just like him!

So our day trip was awesome. Two more reasons we are the greatest :

1. This is exactly the reason he grows a beard at all.

2. I look like a giant in because of this angle! I'm taller than the clothes washer and almost at the frame! Awesome!

I only have three more stories.

Numero Uno.
I needed meatballs because my belly was screaming for them but I don't have a Costco membership (they have the best balls of meat ever) so I decided to make my own. I'd added a few ingredients and was putting in the pepper. We totally have the coolest pepper shaker and its never done us wrong till now. It has two flaps. If you open one, the pepper sprinkles out. If you open the other, you can fit a huge spoon in it. Well, obviously I opened the wrong one and I poured. POURED. the pepper onto this meatball medley. I didn't know what to do so I just rinsed out the bowl. And then I washed off the turkey. . . it was scary because I don't remember ever putting water into homemade meatballs with my mom, but they turned out so delicious. But the pepper was funny. I had to take a picture.

Numero Dos.
Two MASSIVE cockroaches got lost. In our house. At 1:30 a.m. Jack cut it in half. With a spatula. The same spatula I used to make meatballs. When we found his friend, he was so ticked (of course we were yelling at the top of our lungs. . . him at me. . .me at the bug for being rude and intruding uninvited duh.) that he hit it so hard with his shoe that the devil POPPED up ON to his face! It touched his face. And then he took it outside and beat it to death slowly for making us fight over him. Then we lysoled and bleached everything in our house and we've been in love again ever since :)

Numero Tres.
The only reason I have so many pictures is because I was having jealousy of all the pictures people post on their own blogs. Now that I've got my fix, I've got some Stargate to watch.

We love Otter Pops.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everything is . . .

. . . finally coming together in our new house. You'd think that living in one room practically your whole life would somehow make moving easy. . . but truth sets in pretty quick!

Anyway, I got harassed by Deborah at Wal-Mart today. I had a small shopping list. Bleach, one set of hangers, a toothbrush holder, laundry detergent and a 3 drawer storage thing for our closet.

Before I go on too much, I want everyone to know that I WAS a Wal-Mart lover. I'd choose Wal any day over Target but today that changed DRASTICALLY. Back to story.

First I went for the toothbrush holder. No story there or for the drawer thing and hangers. But lo and behold when I went to pick up the detergent, it was nowhere to be found. Alas, neither were any of the employees! I'm not okay with this because Wal-Mart always has the employee to customer ratio that I dearly love.

I settled for some Gain because I was not in the mood to find someone and then continued to find some bleach. To understand my disdain, you must know that I was at Target (before I realized I loved it, of course) and the bleach was a measly $0.92. I prompted Jake of the situation because we were partners in crime while tackling Target, but he said we could grab it at WM later. So here I am at Wal-Mart. Staring at the bleach in a smaller bottle. For a whole. Dollar. MORE. Guffaw!? So I stared at the price for a good 3 minutes expecting the price to change. And it didn't. But I bought it.

So I checked out and the usually friendly staff were obviously very unfriendly. And some crazy in line touched my bum bum. . . I was super nastied out but then she got caught on the conveyor belt and I laughed so I'm not sad at her anymore.

Now comes Deborah. Deborah needs a new perm because hers has grown out about three inches and I would give her a free deep condition because I like people like that. So I say, "Have a nice day!!!!!" and you know what she says to me?? She says, "I need to see your receipt."

I was not in the mood! Number one because I couldn't remember if the receipt was in my purse, wallet or a bag and number two because, hi! Three people just walked past me and they didn't get asked for a receipt. So I told her, without smiling this time, that, "No, you can't see my receipt because I don't know where I put it." **** side story at bottom **** So she asks again and I say, "I don't think this is Costco, so no." And then her face got scared like she thought I was going to beat her so I said again, "I don't know where I put the receipt, okay??" And then her wrath of Satan came out. "We have security all over the place and I want to see your receipt and if you don't show it to me. . . and the security is always by the door. . .(at this point I'm looking for the security very absurdly which is making her feel like a dumb dumb). . . and at other Wal-Marts they don't have security like we do!!" I finally find my receipt during her novella and when I handed it to her she slapped my face!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!

Just kidding. She didn't. But I would've pushed her and taken her name tag and run out the door if she would have. But so I finally leave and I say, "Have a great day, Deb!!" And I smiled very honestly and left.

So with that whole security issue, which I felt so humorously about, and the expensive bleach, the side story girl that you'll read later, and annoying Deborah and bum bum touching girl, I think I'm changing forces and moving on to Target.

All in all, I am going to eat pizza, asparagus and otter pops with Jake.


****Side story**** In junior high and high school there was a girl in my gym class who wasn't as good as me. Now I relish in the joy that P.E. was my best class. So this girl who I NEVER talked to and was never more than acquaintances with (she started doing weird things with other girls and I thought she was yucky but I always said hi to her) went to Westwood too. Now, at Westwood I only ever saw her when choir would be in the auditorium practicing for a concert which was probably 8 days each school year. She was, I think, in the group that did lights or something. Well she was at Wal-Mart and I felt someone staring a hole into my brain so I looked. At first I didn't recognize her AT ALL but I have no shame and kept staring! I eventually remembered and smiled and waved at her. She just glared at me. Now, I had no makeup on because I'd been working hard and sweat it off and my hair was in a messy ponytail, but SHE was staring at ME so I don't get the hostile looks! But when she glared I was like. . . "Uh, weird..." So then when Deborah was being crazy this girl from school walked by again and glared and laughed at me. . . What tha?? She ended up parking near me so when I got to my truck she looked at me and then got a weird look and drove away quick. Like, what the heck. The end.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I got married and. . .

. . . it was the grandest occasion ever.

After we were promised eternity, we went to our new home.

After we went to our new home and to Jake's old home in Pinetop, we went a-honeymooning. . .on a cruise. . . to Catalina and Mexico.

Now we are home and back to work and school in a few months and we both figured the same thing. It is THE BEST idea to get married in the summer! Hallelujah to my smart mom!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm getting married . . .

. . . in the morning!! Ding dong, the bells are gonna chime!!

Technically, it's today. Realistically, it's not till I fall asleep! I love having all my family back and I love Organ Stop Pizza.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am subconsciously counting. . .

how many shirts I can stuff into a box while still being able to close the lid--likewise I seem to have the same trouble with my shoes. It's not even that I have A LOT of shoes, but they're just so big to fit my size eleven toes.

I've discovered a few things earlier in my life. Only a few. Not many. . . But one of those things was that I L.O.V.E.D. moving! I love love loved it! My parents would tell us at our family counsel meetings that we'd be moving and I'd always get excited! I say always like I moved 15 times, but I really only moved once and I was 12 and lazy and tired.

ANYWAY! I love it! I love people, I love new wards and seeing if I know anyone and I love how clean we get our new houses after a deep scrub! So when I got engaged, moving out of my parents home was the thought that got most of my attention. But. Then I stopped giving it attention. And now I have you know. . . a few days to move.

I dislike it. I am a cleaner. I like to be tidy and I have a sensitive nose and can smell anything unclean which is anything that doesn't smell like laundry detergent, comet, hydrogen peroxide or bleach. My room is in a state like never before. It smells like dust. And I want to spank it. A lot. But I have so much packing to do. The trouble with packing is that there is NO WAY on God's green earth that I would just put everything in boxes without knowing what any of it is. Nasty! What if I brought love letters to and from high school boyfriends or worse, what if I don't sufficiently disguise my hideous yearbook photographs!? See!? Dilemma. So. I go through everything. And everything is ALOT. So I've basically got things under control right? Wrong. I forgot about the dark abyss under my bed (it's really not bad, I've always organized things, but I don't have time to reminisce!) and the labyrinth at the top of my closet.

My mom got me ten boxes. I vow to use eight. If I use the last two I want them to be full of food I steal from her pantry. . . like chicken noodle soups since I'm CLEARLY the only one who eats that anyway!

Anyway. I have lots of things to do, but really it isn't all that much. My mom is clearly the go-to lady for this wedding because I can't even keep track of when I work or when I have doctor appointments. She told me that on Tuesday we're having beauty day and I asked her, "Are we having beauty day because I'm ugly!?" and she just laughed. She's such a gal! She told me if I got pajama shorts I could be jaunty. I said "Does JAUNTY mean fat!?" and she laughed her silly laugh. She is the best lady ever. But back to beauty day. I'm so excited because I am in dire need of a mani-pedi and a thread. Hallelujah.

Subconscious Countdown
1 day until Jake has his own keys, air conditioning and own mailbox
1 day until I mingle with lots of family and friends at my shower (BRING YOUR RECIPES!) :)
2 days to pack up the rest of the J.U.N.K. under my bed, in the bathroom and closets
3 days until I move everything but a backpack of clothes and a pillow and myself into Jake's, then my favorite women and I eat fatty cheesecake at the Factory
4 days till my very last Sunday in my home ward as a YSA
5 days till my last day of work for 2 weeks
6 days till my Virginian family comes back home!!!
7 days till my mom claims we will be done with wedding planning and chaos
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
9 days till I wake up at 6 am to slather waterproof makeup on my face, load my armpits up with deodorants, hairspray the heck out of the ozone, suck in my tummy for 27 hours, smile until my cheeks fall off, dance with my boyfriend, (I'll call him husband when it's actually official) dance with my old man, dance with those babies my 6 sisters gave me personally. . . dance in general, and only 9 more days and Jake's new house is my new house too.

I think all in all it sounds pretty glorious.

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Let's play our game!!"

Jake is from Lakeside. This is not news. I like Lakeside. Again, not news. One time we went and read The Hunger Games the whole time. . . not news. Sometimes Jake and I get super bored. . . NEWS!!

A while ago we were driving and we had nothing to talk about. It wasn't boring or awkward, we just knew everything that was going on in each other's life and we vibe really well so we don't have to say much--we make faces to show emotions.

So on this drive we were reminiscing about the fort we built and watched The Little Mermaid under. All of a sudden, he totally just starts belting out how "the seaweed is always greener." Right after he sang that one part to me, he asked me what movie it was from. I was so shocked and offended that he asked me what song it was that I completely spaced! I said Cinderella way too quick and then we drove into a ditch!

Not really the ditch part, but the rest of it is true!

So now we have a game. It's conveniently called "Our Game!!!" (yes, the exclamation points are included!) The game goes like this. Jake sings three notes, sometimes four, from a Disney movie. I have to guess it and the only option is repeat. It's the FUNNEST THING EVER. So when I guess the movie it's my turn. I've also found the best way to win is to do the same song twice in a row but with different lines because he gets really confused!!! Then he guesses wrong and I win!

On Saturday we day tripped to Pinetop/Lakeside because 1. We hadn't seen his family in a looong time and 2. We had to give them wedding jazz. Jake isn't much of a morning person but he tries really hard to be! We get to the beeline when he confesses, "I think I'm going to v*mit." The real word makes me throw up so we use the asterik! I was already feeling sick. Lately I think I've been getting carsick. . . Nasty! I'm not experienced enough to drive his car so I couldn't help in any other way so what do I do!?

"Let's play our game!"

Immediately Jake starts his three notes but since he's sick it didn't come out well at all. I thought he was trying to do Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but he was doing the "Nahhhhhhh, Se-ven YAHHHHH" song from Lion King. It was really glamorous. He'll probably be famous someday.

Seriously, this game is so legitimate that I want to play it right now. I watched the worst Disney movie ever (Pocahontas) and discovered a fact about Jacob. He knows every word. . . in EVERY Disney movie song. When I asked him how he knew them so well this is exactly what he said. "Well, I'm really great at remembering lyrics. I only have to watch it once and if I can understand it the first time I hear it, I basically remember."

He said that with complete seriousness.

I love his face.

I laughed and then challenged him with Jurassic Park and he lost. "That's not fair! It wasn't Disney!" hahahahahah!!!

The funniest part of the game is when we are trying to figure out the song and we sing it back to each other over and over and then when we get it we yell!

I love forts. I love ice cream. I love cheese crisps. I did my heap of laundry today.

I get to marry Jake in 23 days...and he gets to marry me too! It'll be so fun! We can build forts all day!


"Savages, savages, barely even human!"
name the movie. It's so easy.

PS. I spelled Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong and the spell checker let me know. Nice work blogger.com. Nice work.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everyone knows. . .

. . . Life isn't easy. If it were easy, there really would be no point in work, happiness, sadness and all other wonderful feeling-type of emotions.

So basically, in nine days I get to go to the Temple. I'm totally excited. But every night I lay in my bed and think about how I was able to get where I'm going. And every night I think generally about the same people. . . so obviously I have to post about it. PS, they're all ladies.

1. My mom. She is so organized and even though you wouldn't be able to tell right now, she really gave me her organization gene. Through all the planning going on, this lady is on top of her game. . . or my game, I guess. . . My mom is ALWAYS on our (her kids) side. No matter what. Even if she doesn't agree with me, she will defend me. Later it usually ended up with me sitting in the green chair in her room while we discussed the event. When she plays the piano, we all go in and sing. In FHE we will sing without hymn books and be completely confused but laugh the whole 4 verse song. I grew up with weekly family councils. I know how to cook (ish) because she would teach us magic basics. I know that the woman I am growing up to be will be all because of her teaching.

2. Sarah. Sarah is my oldest sister. She used to let me babysit (and she paid SOOOO stinking good!) and she'd always assure me that if I ever had questions or needed someone that she would be there. She taught me how to listen through example when I would call and cry about the most irrational and nuts-oh stuff. Sarah also has let me know that being completely obsessed with a TV show is totally fine because she is an avid LOST lover and fan. I love that I learned how to close my mouth and listen from her.

3. Caroline holy cow. The queen of the blogging world. She is sassy. She says what she wants, when she wants to, and she will never say anything behind your back that she wouldn't say to your face. Caroline taught me how to not be afraid of my own opinion. I want what I want, when I want it because of her. She moved across the country and we hardly talk, and her oldest girl kind of thinks I'm dead. . . but Caroline is the reason that I will be proud of my opinion.

4. Berit has taught me SO much through our years. I know how to put on makeup because of her, I know how to smell good and I learned how to pull out of hard situations with a smile because of her. She was a daily example of kindness to me. We can fight like a war, but in the end, she'll always call laughing about something weird to get us to forget about it. Berit is the most sensitive person I know and she has taught me so many lessons on kindness. She will forgive anyone, but more importantly, she'll actually forget. Berit has shown me how to be the best I can be and she has the most BEAUTIFUL, Broadway soprano voice I have ever heard!

5. Meredith. Merry-Death. A jolly kill. She is my best friend. We didn't like each other until I was going into my freshman year and the only reason we became friends was because we were stuck in the car, going to CANADA, and we had to band together if we were to survive the huge trip. Merry Death is my dancing partner, my TV partner, my shopping partner, my perm lover. . . this girl will literally beat people to defend me. Meredith is the most vivacious person I know. She is honest, sometimes brutally, but it's always for me. She tells it like it is. For some reason, people get our insides mixed up! They think I'm the one that can get scary, and that Merry is sensitive but WOOOO is that backwards! Mer will probably scare me to death, literally, one day, but I know I'll always have a partner in crime to double team someone if necessary.

6. Maria joined my family a back in the single digit 2000's. She's soft-spoken, but by being so, she's taught me how to communicate efficiently. Maria is everything cool in a girl. She's Canadian, she loves the outdoors, she teaches her little girl about Jesus and temple marriage. There's nothing NOT to admire about Maria. She has also been a great example of love to me. She only says the kindest things-- Maria is the best sister-in-law there ever has been! She literally has become our true and real sister!

7. Kyli. Klar is my swimmer. We met in junior high, but we became friends in high school when she joined the swim team. Our chemistry was immediate! She sadly moved to Idaho for my senior year of high school, but came back a year later to graduate in Mesa. Kyli pushed me to my swimming limits and my spiritual boundaries and then broke me through the wall like a train! I got my first real nickname from her! Kyli taught me the importance of being true to the gospel and listening to her bear her testimony DAILY got me through hard times in life. Kyli can never decide how she wants her hair done and usually just lets it grow because of it. She had really cool scabs on her face for her senior prom. I can't even remember what happened, but it was scabbed all over her chin! She's so cool like that!

8. Carolyn. I love me some Carolyn. We didn't go to the same school, but when my ward left me out of activities at girls camp, she came and swooped me into the Three Nephites and the rest is history. We served on the Youth Committee together, we met my first exchange students together (We are from Germany!) and because we had similar experiences after high school, it's easy to have a real, true conversation with hilarious opinions! I have never been disappointed in her actions. I've never felt betrayed by her. Carolyn is the friend you don't have to see every day. We see each other rarely (even though we like 5 minutes away) but when we reunite, conversation is easy, chat is humorous and inside jokes are to be had. Carolyn has taught me to keep looking up. In hard times I only see her smile and that is a perfect definition of her.

Of course more than eight people have influenced my life, but these women made me who I am and I am almost ready for life because of the examples they are to me. Nine days and a bottle of Clinique's toner till June 17, 2010. Happy day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some things totally gross me out. . .

. . .and lately they seem to be happening all at once.

1. Cockroaches gross me out. They have wings and they are fast and nasty looking. I'm seriously in love with spiders and scorpions and I have no problem with anything with a stinger...get me next to a roach though and I'm either super ticked off (when I'm alone and know I'm the one that has to take care of the demon) or I'm outrageously slightly irked and possibly scampering to another room.

2. That show that comes on at 1:00a.m. and I'm wide awake... "I didn't know I was pregnant." I am pretty uber grossed out by that show. . . no explanations necessary obviously.

3. The kid that tongues his girlfriend at the same time right by the hand sanitizer by the entrance of my math class. It's sadly easy to see the tongue piercings and the way they grope each other scares me a little.

4. All my Dixon Ticonderoga's have lost their erasers. Thank goodness semester is over. Amen!

On that note, just to be as prideful as possible, this semester has been a HIT for me. In matematicas my grade without the final was a 94% and then after I took that blessed cumulative final my grade jumped to a 97%. People. This means good things for my FAFSA this year! Plus plus I'll be married and we'll be so extra poor that we get more! I think we beat the system. :)

Off the topic of school now-- For our honeymoon, Jake is taking me to California to port off and go on a Mexican cruise. Today I was extremely offended by this and here is why:

I love Harry Potter. And Snape killed Dumbledore... but in Florida,on the very day after I join Jacob in wedlock, a beautiful place called the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" opens. Not only do they have Butterbeer in Hogsmaede (of COURSE its nonalcoholic! Only infidels think otherwise!) but they are prepped with Olivander's in Diagon Ally. . . people. They are making customized wands. This means glorious things. It means that dragons, hippogriffs and unicorns really exist. I think the wands start at $40 but I would totally get one with a unicorns strand of hair for a billion dollars. And a nimbus 2000. I want to go to Harry Potter world. *

I love French onion soup the most.


*I am going to be okay with the Mexican cruise. Don't worry about me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm down. . .

. . . to half a tube of paste, my shampoo is almost out and I've got one more bar of soap to open and finish till I share all that stuff for the rest of forever.

I have such an eventful life!

1. Jake and I found a place to rent and it's small and jazzy but it fits all my previous criteria. Hallelujah.

2. I gave a final presentation for a creative thinking/writing class and scored an A+! I didn't even know that those existed in college, but I guess if your whole presentation is about popcorn that the sky is the limit!! ps. It was the most stellar presentation in the whole universe.

3. My face got some crazy 24 hour rash and I looked so funny! No joke, this rash was intense. . . no pimples or pustules, just nice, itchy, red skin ALL over my face. I jazzied with makeup coverage attempts for about 5 minutes but then decided, "Nahhh, I don't care anough anyway!" and I went to school and loved every minute of everyone's questionable glances :)

4. My phone stopped dying...as much! This is great news because this phone is very moody and we get into a lot of heated arguments when she shuts down and doesn't communicate her problems to me.

5. I look like a chain smoker from coloring and washing hairs without gloves! Oooh la la! Attractive!

Thank goodness it is almost summer. I will kiss the summer when it is here tomorrow at 6:45 p.m. and it will be a happy day.


ps. I'm excited to have friends again after finals and school end! Yipee to having friends again.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm probably the best. . .

. . . person ever for what I'm doing right now. Background: I am in a ridiculous class this semester. I don't need it or even want it, but it filled in real nice for my literacy credit. Anyhoo. A while ago I wrote about teachers that I hated and I talked about the teacher for this course I'm talking about. Turns out, I was wrong. I loves her because she is so mean and straight up and funny.

First day of class she tells us about this "huge" and "difficult" persuasive essay we have to have for our final. Well, in the class of illiterate fiends, this would be difficult and hard, but I just love it! So it's due in two days and since I need a presentation (no power points by the way...this is important :) I decided to do my paper tonight. My paper is persuading you that popcorn is the best treat ever. . . and I rock. I love this paper and will probably post it. Now, mind you, English is going to be my minor so I has sum skillz, but I've had to throw a few out the window because I know she'll give me a better grade if she feels like she's helped me. Anyway, I just took out the whole paragraph I wrote about defending popcorn till I die. I thought that might be pushing it. . .

For my presentation I can't have a PowerPoint. I found this out, along with the rest of my awesomely stunned classmates at 9:54 p.m. last Wednesday. Class meets once a week from 7-10pm. Needless to say, the class had mini heart attacks. . . BUT NOT I! Indeed this makes my brilliant plan more intoxicating! Guess who is making Popsicle stick figures and bringing in popcorn and air poppers to class for her presentation??? This engaged gal! muahahahaha. I am just so stinking hilarious. The only girl I know-know in class thinks I'm dumb but secretly she's jealous because she didn't think about it! Hers is on whether or not chemo is bad. She found out after her senior year in 2006 that she had cancer so she could totally shred mine to bits, but she refuses to bring in her wigs and antibacterial wipes to class to pass around. I don't want to win so easily against her wigs, but if she's going to let me, I might as well win hard, right? :)

She has a prosthetic and wants to pass THAT around. . . I think if she does this that I should go first so people can eat lots of corn and then sh can pop off her fake leg that makes weird sounds and then everyone will vomit and we will all pass!!!

Yay! I love finals!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My sister is funny.

My sister has a nickname bestowed upon her by Jacob. He commonly refers to her as "Merry-Death" and I found this video that may explain his reasoning!

Do you know. . .

. . . how hard it is to find an apartment with a washer and dryer, a bathroom that doesn't need to be accessed from the master bedroom AND that is on the first floor???

I do.

At least it's semi-fun :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thoughts of parking lots. . .

. . . have been on my mind since last Monday. I've been thinking about all my deepest and best memories and a lot of them involved some kind of parking lot! I decided both of my best friends were really my best friends when I was talking to them in the car in a parking lot. I decided I loved my future husband when we were sitting in a parking lot telling insanely ridiculous secrets. I've cried my brain dry after work in a parking lot (not in front of the work place, I promise!!!) and I have beat the steering wheel in frustration in a parking lot. Parking lots are the place!

So having the frequent thoughts of my parking lot life, my Thursday was totally unexpected. I went to my car after getting out of class early. I always park in the institute lot because 1. it's easier to find my car and 2. why would I park anywhere else!? So I got out of class and was dinking around in the car waiting for 7:oo to roll around so I could go to mine and Jake's weekly institute date debating whether or not I actually was hungry or if I just really WANTED to be hungry so I could eat Taco Bell and glorious Baja Blast Mountain Dew. So I'm getting my text on while debating and a girl, who obviously doesn't notice me, parked toward me (like a head on collision?? parking job? I know what I mean) gets in her car.

I'm kind of creepy I guess because I TOTALLY watched her. . . weird. But she locked herself into her car, pulled an iPod earbud out of her ear, looked at her steering wheel and her whole demeanor changed. While she was getting in the car, she was nothing but smiles. Not the fake kind either; no, her glow was the radiant, I-just-got-the-A-I-studied-for-and-the-cute-boy-just-texted-me-and-I-understand-a-whole-chapter-in-Isaiah glow.

In an instant, in the security of her car and the security of her mind and being in a place of solace she let out her inside feelings. This fabulously beaming girl changed into a girl of fear, worry. . . all the things that are our worst enemies.

The story basically ends there. She looked up and I looked away early enough to let her have her privacy, but quick enough to nod her on before she drove away, but I just can't stop thinking about her. I think about how this young woman, this gorgeous daughter of God could hurt and be alone and it stinks because she was so good at hiding it.

I learned, in a matter of 3o seconds, a lesson before institute and it has already helped me in becoming a better person. I learned that every single person has an inside and an outside and that the two aren't going to be in sync every day or even every hour and minute. And THAT is where our beautiful gospel comes in to play. When we feel loved, confused, sad, upset and joyful we're never alone in that feeling. It's hard in the bad times to remember that we're being watched over, but it's in that moment when we can pull it together and drive out of the parking lot that we remember that we can make it and that we WILL make it and that we will make it out of the situation, good or bad, with a loving Heavenly Father and Christ.

In the parking lots, nothing makes more sense.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I work in a salon. . .

. . . and so you think that I would have endless access to fantastic stylists. The girls and Jesse-boy I work with are so fun, but I'm still too new at the salon and afraid of them all.

Anyway, I've been pondering (pahn-dur-eeng: to think in deep wonder and contemplation) how to style my hair for this wedding I happen to be the bride of. I love the look of long, flowy, romantic hair and I adore classy, chic updos-- alas, I always figured I'd have the long hair option. But I realized something. . .

I do my hair the same every stinking day.

Not because I don't know how to do anything different but because I like to do OTHER people's hair. . . not my own!

Another reason I wanted the long option was due to the impression I had of myself including my thought of how my face is so uber round that having my hair back would make me look like a dipstick.


Due to unforeseen natural calamities, the shop has been lacking during the day shift, giving me time to look in books and magazines and toy with my hair and guess what!?

My face isn't annoyingly rounded anymore! I still have marshmallow cheeks, but my jaw kind of lost weight--- so with my bangs out I look totally fabulous!

So basically this is stellar news because now I'll look super glamorous at my wedding and won't have to worry about my hair going flat or being all fly-away crap-tastic. I'm joyful.

In other news, my birthday present lava lamp has finally begun to work. Tsk, tsk, I should have known NOT to leave my window open, blinds open and door shut. I opened my door after school today to find monstrous demons flying around! I killed three of those hellions and then when I thought they were all gone, once SWOOPED from the fan blade onto my foot and I was not about to have any of that mess. I jumped around like a baboon/hyena and turned off that lava lamp swifter than Taylor Swift.

For the record, I don't blame myself for the bugs, I blame whoever didn't shut my window. And now I'm all itchy and twitchy because I don't know how many of those boogers are left and I'm not about to wake up with bugs in my brain from crawling up my nose and ears. That is NOT acceptable and I will torture them slowly in hot water if anything like that happens. Mark my words. It's going down.

Oh my gosh! I forgot why I even wrote this blog! So the receptionist in my salon saw me writing down names of salons where holy crap I'm not even kidding! Another one just swarmed to my face! I lost him!!! Freaking!

Resume. 30 intense seconds later.

...where I could possibly get me hair done in an updo and she said straight up, "Why are you looking around? Do you not want anyone here to do it? You have no friends that can do hair?" I was like. . "Uhm, waiiittt! Girls do updos here!?!?" in my most fake voice ever and she replied. So now I love her lots for actually making me feel welcome (you had to have been there. I can't make it out like it happened) and I think I might try getting my hair updid there.

My plan for the bugs is to turn off MY light and turn on the HALL light and wait till the boogers go out to the hall light to swarm it. That light will zap them no problemo. Consider it done. I hate bugs. I kill them for a living.


Monday, April 5, 2010

"But I marinated the hamurger!" . . .

. . . is the first thing that Jake said to me when I told him I wanted hot wings for dinner. Since we in college and trying to gain our college weight, we would eat out numerous times a week. We cut it down to going to a nice place once a week and I wanted Native New Yorker (amen) and when I let him know about the delicious honey hot and suicide wings we'd be ordering, he reminded me that it was family home evening night.

Since I met him in the singles ward around 15 months ago, it was in our flirtation cycle to attend all day church on Sunday (more time to "bump" into each other), fhe on Monday nights (to accidentally look super duper awesome by coincidence) and then whatever ward functions were available. . .hiking trips, camping trips, fireside--you name it! Back to family home evening though; it's really important to us both for different reasons.

My idea of family home evening includes singing opening, closing, and any "rest" hymn we could because my family loves singing and playing the piano. They included a lesson, a family plan for the week, two prayers, and ALWAYS a treat. I l.o.v.e. treats.

Jake's family home evening consists of everyone being home, in their own rooms, playing their own games. But, nonetheless, they are together and that's what matters.

So we decided early on that we would always have family home evening and that he would teach my future sons what they need to know, etc etc etc.

Tonight, after meeting at the closing of math for me and physics for him, we ventured to his house to partake of the "marinated hamburgers."

Let me tell you what.

When Jake wants, he can make some yummy foods! Holy cow. Punny! So these burgers were marinated in Jake's one-of-a-kind sauce--it is super good. He makes it often, but not enough for me to get tired of it, but not enough that I'm always dying to eat it! So in his sauce was this slab of meat. With mushrooms. And bellpeppers. And potatoes. And tomatoes. Pepperjack was the choice of cheese. Toasted buns. Mountain Dew that was still bubbly! WITH ICE! Amazing. And our vegetable was the corn. . . baked hot cheetohs. He is so nice! I like him!

We both ate two of those fat-tastic things and then it was lesson time. I wasn't aware that I'd be the lesson, so I remembered how in conference I found out that we're basically celebs to Heavenly Father and we talked about how to make other people feel like the VIPs that we happen to be.

Then came our first activity. We went back and forth about things we thought the other had that was super celebrity like. It was awesome and shallow for a few minutes, but then it got less shallow. Then Jake yelled "BOO!" in my face and I decided family home evening was over. :) *haha that made me laugh because I was mad when he did it since he was being serious and then yelled it and I got scared and actually jumped, but now it's funny*

I went home and when I got there my mom told me about the mission I had. Mission:Hit up all the Wal*Marts and get the cheap Easter candy because it's the colors of my wedding and super duper on sale.


I called Jake and the plan was set. I drove to get him because it was my mission (if it would've been his mission, he would've driven). Seven Wal*Marts, four hours and 70 dollars later, I was home. I'm proud of the candy that will be at my reception because it was on super sale and it was a fun time.

Also, I'm really good at scaring Jake, so for payback at yelling boo! to me, I hid behind a trashcan in Wal*Mart and jumped out and he is such a scaredy cat!

I love Monday.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School is . . .

. . . being annihilated by me! I ace tests and classes like I'm doing long division and I really good at long division! I decided to not let school stress me out because, hi, I'm Verity and I'm engaged and my bangs aren't growing fast enough so you know I have enough to worry about! I love run-ons.

Today I went to go check on the progress of my beloved dress. This is a great story by the way. So the girl that knows everything and is awesome and has a really good looking nose ring usually helps me and she is the best. But. Today. She. Was. Not. There. And do you want to know who was? Some woman who made me feel lethargic just looking.

Now. For the record. I do NOT judge people. Period. And I don't mock (unless you and I are talking and we KNOW each other very well!) appearance. I will gladly say that in my head I make fun of the things the people who are mean to me say because they are mean anyways. . . tangent. Anyway. What I'm saying is that since I do hair, I can see some NASTAYYYY stuff, but I'm just nice and make you look fabulous so what I see and do is between you and the stylist. Amen.

So this lady looks like she needs to come see me in the salon. I don't think anything of it.

Now, I think wedding dresses are a big deal. Hopefully, and in my case, it is going to be my very only-est one and I think it is important to be excited or at least be nice about it. But no. I walked in and what is the number one rule of working!? Saying "Hello!" to the person who walks in the door! Well, I walked in. . . and then in my mind I walked in again because I thought I was having a delayed reaction.

Fast forward thirty minutes and I'm wandering like a chicken with its head cut off STILL by myself, not greeted. So what did I do!? I called my mom, duh. Psh. If they weren't going to talk to me, SOMEONE was going to! So after a very quick conversation with her, I was greeted by the lady of doom. Holy Vile, was I frightened. I am a sturdy person. I am proud that I can handle myself, but as soon as she told me that some one didn't simply put the dress in a white bag instead of a clear bag, I got scared!

Basically, I just whispered the rest of the time, which is downright weird for me since I can't even whisper to my mom on the pew during church, and got out of there right quick. And then I went to Sonic and watched the rollerskaters do backflips and 360's till I was happy again. (It took a few seconds. . :) So tomorrow I will go back to my shop and talk to my lovely assistant girl that includes me on all decisions and I don't mind it, not one bit.

Weird fact of the day, today Jake's hair smelt better than mine. . . like, girly better than mine. And then I remembered I gave him that nice Bedhead shampoo because I forgot to give him a birthday present. . . . he smelt really yummy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm not counting down. . .

. . . at all, but I'm keeping tabs on weird things--I call it my shopping list. I opened a new tube of Crest the other day and the main thought I had was, "Huh, this is the last tube of toothpaste that I'll ever get to my own self." I opened another new toothbrush and the same thought came. "Hm, next time I buy a new toothbrush, it's going to be better to buy the doubled up ones." This is happening with EVERYTHING! It's so funny! I'll have to get a bigger bottle of lotion next time, different shampoos that don't smell so fem, makeup and even school supplies like paper, pencils and pens!

*side note, there is an all-out cat war behind my house right. now. I think some death is occuring. I don't care at all, I just wish they would mind their matters and use their quiet death voices*

Spring break was a week ago and since Jake's parentals live in Pinetop-Lakeside we roadtripped up there to get some plans chiseled out. Pretty much our trip turned into a big book reading fest. A friend/client of mine told me all about this book called The Hunger Games and holy moly! We read it from Payson to Show Low and we basically are in love with it! Holy cow it's so good. We finished the book together (I read it aloud. . . I was H.O.A.R.S.E when we got back to the valley) right when we hit Fountain Hills and we had the sequel with us! Secretly I read the whole thing but I wasn't supposed to and I feel bad so I'm going to read it aloud with Jake! He knows I read a bit, but I'm not going to tell him how much! muwahah!!!!! I love love love it! I can't decide who I like more though from the book. There's Gale and Peeta. I think Peeta is better. . .

I love hot cheetohs and when I get married I'm going to have them stocked in my year supply. . . That's a lot of chips :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona

There is a small town in Arizona in the scenic White Mountains of Arizona. Of four thousand, five hundred and thirty-six (4,536) people, 2,302 are of the male species and 2,234 human beings are female. Of those numbers are three people.

This is JackDen. He is the shiz and has naturally arched and perfected eyebrows. He also is the human that likes me so much that he wants to change my last name to his last name. It's cool.

These is Sean and Maria. (Also known as Sergay and Maw-ree-ah.) These are the children siblings of said Jake. They both have braces and like listening to Rihanna while we roll on dubs with the bass booming in the Audi.

They make up a small 3 in a large fourthousandsomething, but they are really cool and I'm proud to have them as future sibling-things-in-law-or-nothing.

In Pinetop-Lakeside, the cool thing to do on a Saturday night is going to Wal-Mart aka the mall. (If you go and someone invites you to the mall, decline or you'll be on your way to the Show-Low Wal-Mart.)

Another cool thing to do is talk to people on facebook and take facebook profile pictures while acting all weird and emo. Little Sergay and Mahreeah love that second one. Jake and I came to their rescue, thank goodness.

We went to Pinetop to get stuff a little more organized for the day when my name changes, and I learned about Pinetopians.

The first thing to know is that ShowLow has the best fireworks ever.
The second thing to know is that where in the valley, stake dances are a weekly thing, in P-L, they're only on a month to month base.

Anyway, my fingers hurt from cutting hair and I'm bored of myself. Moral of the story, Pinteop-Lakeside is a really small town and unless you go to the Marble Slab and the Show-Low Wal-Mart, you really missing out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am glad. . .

. . . for many wonderful things right now.
1. I'm glad I don't have a mustache.
2. I'm glad for ladies who thread my eyebrows.
3. I'm thankful for being able to wax girls who DO have said mustaches.
4. I'm thankful that I have a mild case of pterygium.
5. I'm thankful for my dog that sleeps on my bed and has dreams where he's running that leave me on the floor because he is my second best friend and a best friend would only wake up a best friend if they were bad dreaming or in some kind of danger.
6. I'm thankful I'm not tone deaf so I can tell if someone is.
7. I'm glad that I have a lava lamp even though we're fighting.
8. I'm glad ice cream cheers me up in any occasion.
9. I'm glad that I don't have dark hair.
10. I'm glad my mom bought me nailpolish.
11. I'm glad my ears are double pierced.
12. I'm glad that I have solution for my ear's second holes infections.
13. I'm glad that I have a bathtub.
14. I'm glad that I wear boy deoderant.
15. I'm glad I won "Student of the Month" in junior high a million years ago.
16. I'm glad that I got a trophy for ^^ because it's my only one and I'm ding dong proud.
17. I'm glad I make up stories to tell people at institute.
18. I'm glad to be a lefthanded lady.
19. I'm glad I'm not 19.
20. I'm super glad I'm 20.

Dear ears, please feel better. I love you and I need you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twilight is good.

In lieu of Twilight coming out and all the excitement, I thought I should bring people back to the truth and the light. My name is Reverend Verity and I call you all to repentance. Amen.

Let me start off with this rebuttal. I love movies and I love entertainment. Therefore, I read a lot, I watch a lot of movies, and I (being the hair stylist I am) am constantly catching up on the latest drama of Hollywood. Rebuttal--complete.

Twilight. I devoured the novels. I poured over those books like I didn't need to eat, sleep or bathe. I thought they were good entertainment. Everyone has heard the saying, "On time really means late and early means on time." Well, for this blog we're following the notion that "Good really means pathetic. Fantastic means good. Magnificent means great."

Harry Potter is magnificent. Pearl Harbor is fantastic. Twilight is good.

Because of Harry Potter, I want to have a pet owl. I want to bathe in the prefects bathroom because Moaning Myrtle is the bees knees. I want to snog Ron (Jacob is okay with this!). I want to wear the Cloak of Invisiblity to Professor Snape's class and throw spitwads at him. I want to drink Butterbeer in Hogsmeade and I want to play with Fluffy. Harry Potter is super magnificent because it has such fantastic subplots. J.K. is a brilliant woman and she truly undestood the concept of a real and lasting plot which I can very much appreciate.

Twillight. Dearest, poorest, Twilight. I am sad for the preteens who get their hands on that sad book. "A-ha!" you say to me! But no, my rebuttal is in view. I did read the book and all its sequels. In the few days it took me to read the whole series, I feel like I really was part of the book! Edward taught me many things that I could take to real life.

1. All future boyfriends must stalk me from my bedroom window if they want a chance to snog me.
2. Eating on dates is unacceptable. . . in fact, eating at all is not allowed. (Girls, this diet works! I'm down to 64 pounds!)
3. Sleeping is weird. Try to not do it because it's embarrassing.
4. Ditching school is totally chill. Who cares!
5. If you're not beautiful, meh. You might as well get eaten by the Red Head.
6. All boys are mean, d-bags.

I find it so completely NUTS that preteens are reading this to grow up by! Shoooot. I was reading Shel Silverstein, Eoin Colfer and Sharon Creech! I'm not going to lie, I'm most likely never going to let my daughters read the books.

I can imagine the life of my little baby someday. We'll call this future daughter Purple for the lava in my lamp. One day Purple discovers the Twilight series. I can only imagine her and my after school talks. They'll go something like this:
Future Momma(me):"Purple! How was school!? Did you have any tests?"
Purple:"No mom, but I got a new read at the library!"
FM:"Is it a swell read, doll?"
Purple:"Oh, yes, mother! It's all about a boy who ditches his girlfriend and wants to kill her and thinks she is interesting because she's got nothing on her mind at all times! Isn't that grand?"
FM:"No. . . I'm going to get your father."
And then my beloved Jacob will come and stab her book with the Basilisks fang, spank her, and I'll ground her for reading bad books. I'll win Parent of the Year for sure!

Funny story, when I started reading Twilight, I was in high school and I had a nice boyfriend boy guy that I liked to spend all my time with. He read them with me and every day we would laugh about how sad that wretched, screwed over, little Bella was! But people were clinging to it like it was real! I had girl friends that would D.U.M.P. their boyfriends because he wasn't stalking her enough! I loved those psychos.

Anyway. I've read lots of loser books, but I really appreciate the moral of Twilight's story of being anorexic, being stalked and being ditched is totally normal behavior!

Eating disorders forever!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I feel so. . .

. . . embarrassed when I look through people's facebook photos.

Not because I feel badly for "stalking" or because I think people are

cuter than me or anything like that, but because it is ALARMING

to me that nowadays, young women are trying to look like pubescent

boys and that young, supposedly-stalwart men are trying to look like


Maybe I'm crazy-- it's very true that i've never been in fashion, but I

have ALWAYS had style. My mom taught me that "it is more imporant

to have style than to be fashionable." Perfect lesson for preparing for

junior high and high school. I knew my best features, and I knew the

ones I had to work on. IE, I always have lo.v.e.d. my back (thank

you, 17 years of swimming!) and I've always tried to hide my unusally

large feet. By the way, i'm very proud of my size 11 feet-- i'm tall enough

to look grand and I can still find remarkable high heels.


What I do not understand is why in the world are the youth of this world

so deeply pressured to dress like their opposite gender! Holy moly!

A lesson we learn about ourselves through hell school is to be proud of who

we are, what we can become and what we can do!

But then you get on facebook and you see these young men with peirceddddd earssssss.


Doood! I totally went to high school with this kid! He's two years younger than me. Wanna know how he got he's ears peirced? He went on a vacation and while he was gone with some girl, she paid for him to get both ears done.

Now, we'll talk about the fetcher girl that supported this chaos in a minute, but I want to further expound. A lot of boys in my graduating year went and peirced their womanly man ears after walking in graduation.

Savvy, no. These boys all were preparing for missions! Apparently, they "doubted not that their mothers knew it" but I'm sure that those boys got a beating! Now. I have my ears peirced, but I'm a girl. Equally as amazing, it's kinda expensive to have it done!

So the boys are spending money they should be spending on food and oakleys on EARRINGS! I feel so embarrassed for these boys trying to look more feminine.

On to the young women.

Dear girls,

It's understandable to not know how to dress for your body type, but truly you have no mind when you are spending hundreds of dollars on "menswear."

Menswear: (pronounced mehn * z * wayr) noun- clothing option; adj- baggy, mens like clothing that women like to wear for odd reasons. Origin- stupidity in Hollywood.

Girls aren't naturally happy with their bodies. It takes a long time for a young women to grow into the mindframe in which she learns to love herself.

I understand fashion. I am a hairstylist and it is NECESSARY for me to keep up with trends, no matter how absurd they be. HOWEVER. I would rather color a woman's head of level 1, b.l.a.c.k. hair to platinum blonde than to see another pair of slouchy trousers, baggy and hole-ey jeans, oversized tee shirts and dirty skin. . . and from a level 1 to a level 10 is puh-retty tough.

Girls need to be proud! In no way am I supporting cleavage, bare tum-tums and bum-bums, jeans so tight I can see you VPL and shirts so skimpy I can see you leopard-print bra.


Fitted, tailored, beautiful pieces of unique and affordable clothing are just as available as your brother's boxer shorts. So what do you pick? Boxers, or style?

Just because trends are "in" doesn't mean they are "in to stay." Welcome, personal style. Ecletic, funky, classy, bohemian. . . or boyish?

Basically, I'm going to get back to stalking now and I can guarantee that I'm going to be embarrassed a whole lot more.

I love boys that try to be girls and girl striving to be able to wear boyish clothes.

Oh to be young and high schoolish again.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Bells and School Bells. . .

. . .are constantly in my head. Tsk tsk, this is not beneficial to any part of my education nor my actual relationships. The only constant thought in my head is, "Huh, I wonder why I hate my computer class so much!" Then I remember why and get back to life.

Back to bells ringing, I have a quarter jar that seriously has like. . a thousand quarters in it! I'm too busy (lazy) to count them out but I would easily guess that there are a thousand. The jar is as big as a little jam jar too so it's pretty legitimate.

Lately I really love purple avojuice, my quarters, my Christmas Presence senting candle and still mi diccionario de espanol y ingles. They bring me great joy.

This blog is random because I'm waiting to do homework while something for the dumb comp class flipping downloads! Curse you, comp.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, you see, when two people love each other. . .

very, very much, they engage one another. Jake, who decided his best friends call him Jack, (what the odd!?) engaged me this past Monday with a glorious, shiny Sparkly. Alas, the most funnest news to me is that I went from being a plain, old girlfriend to a brand-spanking-new fiance.

So the story is simple. He said, "Verd, will you marry me?" to which I replied, "Oooh well that's pretty!" And then I asked him to put it on my finger and he did and then I held his hand so it was a mutual understanding that the answer of "yes" was just implied.

Backround to the simple story: Our first date on November 22, 2008 was simple. (See the trend? We like simple.) We went to QuickTrip and got deluxe hot cocoa. Fast forward to Monday, February 8, 2010. Monday night, FHE, singles ward. . . that means food, fun, and friends. We like that kind of stuff, too. I don't usually see Jake much throughout the week. We both have semi-conflicting school schedules, both full-time students, bogged down with homework pretty much daily. . . we live a few tough lives! Anyway, today I saw him at school! Hooray! It was fun so walk across the walk and high five him as he went to a break before his next physics class and as I went to my computer class. He texted me after something about getting hot cocoa. Now I have been BEGGING for some cocoa because it's uber cheap and easy on the wallet AND Jake finds it more appropriate than ice cream this time of year. So I slyly reply in my text message, "Oooh la la! yes Yes YES!" So. . .obviously I wasn't too sly, but it's good. No worries.
So now it's a few hours later. FHE starts at 7:30. My math class ends at 7:00, Physics ends on Monday at 7:00. I had a test (which I dominated and got out after 30 minutes=45 minutes early!) and after I went home. Jake called and told me that he'd go home and then come over with the cocoa mix so we would have to be late to FHE. I absolutely abhor tardiness unless it is to my class from 7:10-9:50 on Wednesday with my safari professor. . . so Jake tries his best to keep me on time. He came over, we made some cocoa and then headed to the magical Family Home Evening. We were driving along and he got into the wrong lane! I'm going a little nuts here because he swerved quite possibly to kill me, but he'll never admit that's the motive. . . but I know. . . and we turned onto Main Street where the Mesa, Arizona temple is located. We have really good friends that live around there, so I just thought we'd be icing FHE for a few minutes. I asked what the plan was and he said, "You know, I just want to go to the temple for a bit."
Now. This is very understandable and not suspicious for two reasons. 1, we love to get our picnic on at the temple in the middle of the huge, green grass pit. 2, because I always make fun of people that get engaged at the temple (it's okay, one of my best friends got engaged there. Don't stress) So we get out and we walk around. Mindless chitter chat happens, "Look, how weird are blue flowers!? Soo fake!" and "Why are those two men so close to each other on the grounds?! The sister missionaries need to get over here!" We turned and we near the baptistry door and I heard the mysterious fountain. I've never taken the time to really look at this fountain but I wanted to because I love Aslan and I love C.S. Lewis and that's who the marble lion looked like. So we're up the ramp by the lion and I'm hardcore about looking at this marble Aslan. (I stroked him because that's what Lucy does. . . ) and had my back to Jake. When I was getting out of the fountain, because I was quite literally, IN IT practically, I turned back around to see NO ONE! But then I looked down and there was Jake on his knee with a little, black box and something glimmery. Then the story is just how I said earlier.

So, again. Jake has engaged me and it's pretty fantastic if you wanted to know. Already I've seen the benefits of Sparkly because I can sit in institute for a solid 5.673 minutes and not get hit on by creepy people. (Somehow I always give them my number thinking it will make them go away. . . but that's another story. . .and ps: this method DOES NOT WORK!)

Last, but not least, I'm very proud of Jake for not saying anything super sap-tastic. The only sappy-ish thing he said was "I love you." and that's totally normal. But yes. In a matter of time, Jacob Denham will officially change my name and I feel pretty good about that.

The End.

*birds fluttering around your head. . .too bad if you're indoors. . .*