Monday, January 13, 2014

January and third trimester updates.

January is already nearly half way through. Seriously, it is insane how quickly time goes by!

After Jake's graduation, we both wanted time to remember that we have hobbies. He went shooting and tracking in prep for getting an elk, and I just wanted to clean/organize and sew. I'm happy to say that we successfully hobbied the break up!

This house is now so so so organized. Someone could live under our bed, in our kitchen cabinets, in the closets. . . and they'd have space! I never realized how much we'd accumulated in being here for 3 years, but I felt like I filled up an entire dumpster! (I swear I didn't. Amen.) We're still trying to figure out where to put her crib, but we have time before needing to cross that bridge, and we're both putting it off. Woops.

 I was able to make Mini a quilt over break. It's just a simple one, but I feel good knowing she has SOMETHING. My mom gifted me all of this beautiful fabric during Thanksgiving, and I intended on getting started on the main fancy quilt, but every time I'd go to the quilt shop, they'd be closed. Finally, I decided to just try JoAnn's, but that was a huge mistake and they didn't have the triangle I needed. Now that school has started up again, I'm limited in time, but I vow to finish the bigger quilt before M gets here. Funny story about this blanket; our friend's had their babe last March, and I made her an exactly similar quilt. I was so happy when I realized I'd gotten enough material to possibly make one for a future baby. When we found out that Mini was a girl, I immediately thought about how I could make her this quilt! Hooray!

Jake's aunt Roxanne makes incredible doughnuts, and when we got married, she shared her recipe with me! We made them for the first time, and while I know they weren't anywhere near Aunt Roxanne-delicious, they were pretty good for a first run! We're going to try again, but when I say we, I mostly mean J. He has been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey shows, so he kicks me out of the kitchen whenever he thinks I'm doing something fun. I like it because it gets me out of cooking! Case in point, when we started mixing the dough, he declared me his assistant. We constantly joke (and I legitimately worry!) that he is going to finish dental school and say, "I'm not happy. My passion is cooking." If that happens, I'll laugh sort of. But not really. ha!

We were able to go to an NAU basketball game with the dental office I work for! Rachel is the best hygienist ever, complete with a southern accent. Her husband, Vic, is a coach there, so she got us all free tickets during the winter break! It was so fun to go together. The Doc got on the big screen, and now we all make fun of his dancing moves. It's fantastic!

We've been taking advantage of the dry and warm winter in Flagstaff with hikes galore and abundant walking. There are so many parks here that have urban trails that turn into hikes. . . it's great. Weather has been warm enough for a light sweater and sometimes not even that! You know it's warm and dry when they dirt trails aren't muddy at all! Anyway. Jake took a picture of me because I'd just walked into a world of elk poop, and there was no way out! Later the same day, we went and played (aka walked. I'm boring) downtown.

Pregnancy has been good to me. I was so stinking sick for so long that now I feel like a magical fairy from not vomiting! At our last appointment, the girl was weighing in at three pounds! I started having Braxton Hicks contractions. That was a fun discovery to have. We were at the doctor's office, and I was explaining the feelings I'd been getting, and I had one while in the office! Thankfully they aren't painful, just inconvenient.

Ew. Also weird. I've always had an innie belly button, but it's evening out with the rest of my tummy, and it is so so so weird to me. I hadn't had any cravings up until a few weeks ago, but lately I really have taken a liking to chocolate. It's only at night,so when it happened I'd just go to bed, but Jake came home with chocolate syrup so now I'll drink a glass of chocolate milk at night and I'll be happy! Oh my gosh! HEARTBURN. ACID REFLUX. Those two jerks are the bane of my existence right now. I don't eat anything spicy or late at night (unless it's my choco milk fix, but even that doesn't cause it), but I get insane heartburn and reflux. I love reading wives' tails, and if they are right, this means Mini is going to have a full head of hair! We'll see in a few more months!

Hooray for cute fabric!

J and Aunt Roxanne's doughnuts!

Woop woop!

We are the best.

NO SNOW!! Flagstaff is so hot right now.

Poop. Everywhere. And me completely blind to it.

Downtown. That's my belly at 30 weeks. Woop!