Monday, July 31, 2017

Emily Rose is 12 Months Old!

20 pounds, 14.5 ounces
30.25 inches tall
17.5 inch head circumference
0 teeth
size 4 diapers
size 12-18 month clothes
Nicknames: Em, Emmers, Em-Bem, Fanny, Baby, Rosie Posie

We celebrated Emily's birth by flying to Utah! We spent the weekend there and were able to get together at a pizza place for pizza and cake!We didn't get a big group picture because timing was really off, but we got one of our core family, and that's good enough for me!

We love Emily! She is such a funny girl! She has the loudest and most distinct voice. She's excellent at tantrums, and loves walking as much as possible, though she'll always prefer to be held by her momma. Gwendolyn is her very best friend. These two are my favorite friends. Emily loves playing hide and seek with Gwen, and is really quick and clever! She has the biggest and best gummy smile I've ever seen, and even though I'm anxious for her teeth to come in, I'll miss that gummy smile so much!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

June 2017

I love the summer, and I love the summer even more now that we have Gwendolyn and Emily! It's so much fun to see them play in sprinklers, swim, and explore!

We started the month out by working on a project for Gwen's room. She needed a larger dresser, and we found a really great one at Ikea! I put it together, and Gwen did a lot of painting! Emily was the project manager, and we did a great job together!

Gwen did her first and second sessions of swim lessons! This was her first time, and her teacher was Miss Hannah. She taught Gwen and three other students in each session, and I loved being able to watch! I took away some great things, too. At the end of swim, Miss Hannah had all the kids put their hands in the middle and they'd all say, "Swimming is awesome!" That is now one of Gwen's favorite activities. Dinner table, car, church, wherever we are, she loves putting her hands in with our and counting, "1, 2, 3, Swimming is awesome!!!"

Gwendolyn is very aware of when Jake and I go on dates. She notices when I put on nicer clothes, do my hair and my makeup, and has now taken a liking to also going on dates. She used to ask Jake to take her on dates, but she's been asking me a lot lately, and I always agree! I'll take a date night any day, any family  member, any time! For one date, Gwen  put on her favorite pajamas and I was okay with that! At another, she chose a pretty dress, and for another a nice top. She always puts on her chapstick for our dates, and I'm pretty fond of the conversations we have.

We had the opportunity aka FREE DAY to go spend some time in Tucson to see the new LDS temple. We went with some of our most favorite friends, and it was so fun! The temple was beautiful, and we had the most delicious salsa at lunch!

We've been able to watch my parent's dogs for them while they've been out of town lately, and Gwen is in love with them. She loves Fred, but my mom's dogs are so small and Gwen chases them everywhere calling to them, "Here little cuties!" She's such a kind and gentle girl!

EMILY CAN WALK! She began in June and just gets better and better! She sometimes shakes her hands as she walks and I've never seen anything cuter than that!

Jake and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! We went and saw Wonder Woman and ate dinner. That movie was incredible and I want to watch it 1,000 more times.

We also celebrated Father's Day! We have such excellent men in our lives, and it's so nice to celebrate them!

She's a hard worker.

Curtis, Gwen, and Ren!

Swim lesson jock.

She's so brave and independent!

Little Gwen and Big Gwen.

Coloring at church. Church with little children is not for the faint of heart.

Emily is the best!
She was trying to scare me!

Date night to the mall!! We rode the Merry Go Round!

Tucson temple! It's beautiful! Also, baby heads covering adult heads. . . classic.

Farris and Gwen:friends forever!

Sleepy baby!
Look at those tans!

Sunblocked up and ready to go!

Best picture of Gwen ever! Gabe is the best photographer with his go pro!

We went on a date night to Toys R Us and G met this friend.

Pink ice cream and sparkles.