Friday, September 2, 2016

Emily's Blessing

Emily was blessed on Sunday, August 28, 2016.

We have been so lucky to find the friends and have the families we do. So much love surrounded our family, and we know we are so lucky.

Counsel for Emily from the blessing
  • Nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Be valiant in her friendships and schooling
  • Rely on family and friends during hard times
  • Serve those around her 
  • Be kind
  • Serve in the temple often for ancestors

Also, I'm missing a picture of Jake, Vonnie, and Grandma Uchytil with Emily. It is so sweet, but I don't have it! 

August 2016

One of my most favorite things about having a newborn baby is also, at times, my least favorite. August was a really simple month for us. No big outings, no big news, just day to day simplicity.

I struggle in feeling like a good enough mother when we just stay home. I blame this feeling on how much I've always valued working/having a job. I've made it a point to go on a daily outing. Whether we accomplish anything major or not, those trips are good for my brain! We like to roam around the grocery stores and Target, and Gwen is the best partner! She will put everyone's shoes on, makes sure we have drinks, and pet Fred on the way out.

I love how fun Gwen is. When we lived in Flagstaff we would go on hikes and bike rides a few times a week. We'd explore our neighborhood and backyard. I complain about how hot it is here in Mesa, and I am resolving to stop that! It's hot, and that's okay! Also, I realized that playing outside in the hose is my back up plan/solution to everything. HA! I like that activity and so does Gwen, so we stick to it! Although I'm newly satisfied with the weather, I can't wait for it to cool down. I laugh when we go to Target and see boots and long sleeves. . . how did I ever think it was cold in the winter?! Now I know better.

Emily is a beautiful baby. She is so different, personality-wise, than Gwen. When Gwen was a baby, she didn't cry unless she needed to eat. Miss Emily doesn't "cry"--she yells! She'll yell in her sleep while trying to break out of her swaddle. She yells when she wakes up, but stops the second she hears someone coming! She loves being talked to, and always smiles at Gwen and Fred.

I have the best video of them from this encounter! Gwen kept saying, "She's cute!"

She wouldn't sleep, so I brought her into our room to keep me company while I did some work, and she passed out!

Root beer ice cream cones!!! Love her!

Jake took Gwen on a date, and she loved it!

I mean, that miniskirt!!!!

Emily and Ender!
Gwen and Ian!

Emily loves tummy time and working out.

First day at church!

We send pictures to Jake on long work days!

This makes me smile/laugh so hard. After a big crying spell from Emily, Gwen sat down with a book and had some much needed quiet time.

Gwen likes to hide eggs. Finding them is always a surprise to me. That frying pan was filled, and so was the pot under it.

Gwen and Berlyn playing in the irrigation!

She was doing some serious doodling.

Her hair is fine, but she has so much of it! Hooray!!