Sunday, February 18, 2018

January 2018

This new year has already been so fantastic, and it's probably because we started it off with a dance party!

Morgan, Maria and their kids came and visited for New Year's Eve! We ate a lot of food, played with poppers, and danced partied our tails off!

I saw the movie "The Greatest Showman" with some girlfriends! It was so spectacular that I was able to go again with Jake and my parents! I can't wait for it to come out to Blu Ray because I'll buy it, even if it's full price! Such a good, sweet story and the music is awesome!

The same girls I saw the movie with started a bunco group! I volunteered to host the first game, and it was great! We had treats at every table, sweet pulled pork and all the fixings, and (in my opinion) some top notch prizes! It's been fun to get to know more friends, and it has been so fun! Bunco is a dice game, takes ZERO skill, and is easy to talk during, so it's ideal for a mom's night out! There are 12 players that meet once a month, and each person hosts one time per year. As soon as my bunco night was over, I was already anticipating the next event in February! I can't wait!

Jake went to his national sales meeting in San Antonio, Texas towards the end of the month. He was able to bowl, eat out, sleep in (sleeping until 7 am is considering sleeping in!) and watch basketball during his free time, and he loved every second of it! Jake hustles at work, and he loves what he does. He tries his best every single day. He works very long days, and then comes home and pulls weeds outside, plays with his babies, and still manages to be the best friend I could ask for. He's the champion.

When we first moved back to Mesa from Flagstaff, I met a girl at a park who quickly became a soul sister to me! Chelsea is the best, and I've gotten the chance to watch two of her girls on Sundays! The two I watch are the same ages as Gwen and Emily, so they're all best friends. Gwen and Berlyn go to Sunbeams together! I can't believe Gwen (and Berlyn) is(are) in primary! Holy smokes! They have the very best teachers and I love them! Emily and Reagan go to nursery together, and Emily is a train wreck of sadness. She just cries and cries, and I feel bad but I've got things to do on Sunday so I just let her cry. The nursery leaders are our neighbors across the street who I've loved from the second we met, so they are very kind and understanding! Reagan is so friendly and helps Emily chill out. . . sometimes.

We are really settling into our new home and ward. We love our neighborhood, we love the people we go to church with, and we were both really excited to get some opportunities to meet people through visiting and home teaching recommendations! These "teaching" opportunities are really just a chance for us to go visit people we might not normally run into (we are both busy in primary during church, so if you aren't directly in primary, we don't typically know). I just love that we have so many chances to meet friends! Family and good friends make the world go round.

This year, our motto is "Keep on keeping on!" We have the goal to pay off all student loans, and are anticipating that it may be hard to stay focused, so keeping on our path of simplicity is the plan.
Gwen ♥ George

Gwen and Berlyn with Sister Tolman and Sister Clements

Post church picture

Bunco Night!!!!

More Bunco!

Gwen saved up $5.00 and wanted to spend it on a train ride at the mall. It was great!

Emily and Ender+Allisa

Carolyn's bachelorette party!!!!!!!Mary, Carolyn, Me, Shauni and Shalae

Going to a park is one of our favorite Sunday afternoon excursions.

Gwen at age 25. Baby in tow, cat purse, and sunnies. When did she get so big!?!

Emily really enjoys touching Ender's cheeks and dimples!