Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random ramblings.

Glee is on tonight. Jake is a closet Glee fan. He will never watch the show with me, but at night he'll start coincidentally singing the songs that were on the latest episode. I love it. And more than that, I love being woken up by him singing at 6:30 a.m. in the shower. There's something about the bathroom that makes everyone a diva!

Today I colored and cut the sister missionaries hair. They asked me why I hadn't decorated the house much, since all the newlyweds they know had everything decorated a week after their honeymoon. I laughed. Then I looked at my walls. They're naked but I figure I get a pass on decorating since we're moving anyway. Hooray!

Netflix is the dumbest. Amen.

We want a dog. We want that dog to be a puppy first so we can potty train it how we like, but then we will still love it as she grows up. (I guess a lot of people hate dogs love puppies. We're not like that.) Mr. likes dogs that shed. That doesn't fly with me. I love animals but if they shed they are on the shun list. Obviously this semi hurts me too, since I love English bulldogs, but if we have a dog for 12-15 years, that dog has to be clean for whatever allergy-ridden childrens we will support in the future, which means no. shedding. fur. Gross. And sad. So there goes our bulldog named Meaty. Either way, our prospective addresses all have yards so this is great news.

Riding a bike with a flat tire is seriously hard work. I thought I could manage, but a mile after realization of the fact, I got a ride home. Don't try that.

Our neighbors tree practically fell on their house and the repercussions we're seeing comes in the form of creepy creatures. At least we aren't getting any roaches. Those things make me have hissy fits!

Two of my sisters are having babies. I love all my families babies. You know how there are some funny looking babies???? If you say no, you're lying. Well, their babies never look weird!!! It's remarkable and it gives me hope for my childrens. Knock on wood. . . Anywho, they're both due next year, but that's so close and fun to say! Hooray again!!!

We found 60 dollars in change in our house.

Jake's mission president and wife are on the cover of the September Ensign.
우리의 한국어 수업은 좋은거야!


The Dark Family said...

hahahaha I LOVE all your random thoughts! Hey where are you moving to?

Tori said...

Hey Ver--why no Net Flicks? Chris and I love it! PS--were buying a TV for Christmas :/ So much for my goal. No roaches at your place?

I'm all about the no-shedding doggie. Too much work! Love you. We need to catch up major. OK?

Anonymous said...

i love the structure of your post! kept me guessing :)

and my boyfriend does the same thing. he now is a full on glee fan and even has the songs on his iPod and laughs louder than me at the show!

and i love getting sick at the same time, too. it makes it that much better.


Emma said...

my husband and i have the same dilemma about the dog situation, i do not love a dog that sheds.

Melodie said...

I also love it when my husband sings. it's even more delightful when it's christmas songs!