Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Chemistry is a pain in the toosh. I work work work so hard, and then I do mediocre on my weekly quizzes. So then I'll workwork workwork workwork and it's test day and I do just fine. J and I were talking about family home evening yesterday, and we decided we missed the days when we had teachers who didn't care about attendance, and the days when we could miss class and still get A's on all the exams. School is tough, and it should be, but I will be so happy when I go to work someday rather than school. . . and then when I got off of work on that same day I'll wish I was back in school. It's such a cycle!

Speaking of cycles, other than our neighbor Chris, and some other random people in our ward here in Flaggy, I've decided to dislike anyone with a Specialized brand bike. They think they rule the world and try to pass me on my old boat bike! They speed up and try to look all jazzy on those expensive things, just to get stopped at a red light to be caught up by ME. And then I loudly proclaim how dumb they are. And Jake gets embarrassed and I just laugh. But really. I slap them in my mind all. the. time.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lady Rules

Today was Flagstaff Mountain Oktoberfest. . . in the park right next to our apartment. . . it reaked like donkey breath (I seriously do NOT miss that part of being in a salon) and it made me have a conversation with myself.

How do people not smell how stanky they are?
They aren't stanky to them self. So when people kiss and they're drunk, do they smell it? Or taste it? Yesh, but they loves it like you love the smell of acetone nail polish remover. Ooooh.

And when that conversation to myself in the bathroom mirror ended, J walked in the door coming home from his conference sesh. He knows I talk to myself, but when he actually sees me do this it's like we've crossed a weird line that shouldn't have been crossed. It's really hilarious.

In other news, school was el horible this week. I think I ate a bowl of double chocolate fudge ice cream every single day. . . not that that's unusual or anything, but dang. Anyway, I'm now a week ahead in every class (minus bio and chem labs) and a week ahead on homework so this coming week is going to probably see me riding my bike to school Monday morning and run away scared by the sight of me, but a I'm-going-to-kick-school-in-the-bum kind of way.

J has a hard time staying awake for all of conference. I love it because I can say really loud, "J!" and he opens his eyes and looks at me in a ohmygosh, I wasn't even closing my eyes way.

Speaking of Jack's eyes, he got elbowed in the face this morning during basketball. The kicker? It was a guy....on his same team. That's what you call teammmwork.