Sunday, March 12, 2017

February 2017

I had a whole entry written and then the blogging format I use wouldn't publish or save it! SAD! I'll do my best to remember what I wrote.

We are so blessed with the best February weather. We'd be outside daily and there were no complaints from anyone!

Emily started crawling and will go anywhere EXCEPT grass. She does not like that pokey stuff! Aw, the Gwen memories. They both hate/d crawling on grass.

Gwen is getting better and better with speaking and singing! She will sing us all of the words to "I am a Child of God" and "I Love to See the Temple" at bedtime, and it is the sweetest! We have the best daughters!

Fred is doing well. He loves chasing his tail and loves the garden we put in on Valentine's Day. He reminds me of my previous best dog friend, Cowboy. We've planted tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, jalapenos, herbs, and carrots! One of my patients is a master gardener and he told me the best time to plant tomatoes in the valley is Valentine's Day---so that's what we did! Anyway, back to Fred. He loves watering the plants and licking the water that drips out of the hose.

We occasionally lose Emily. She was new to crawling at the beginning of the month and was efficient at back crawling, but terrible at going forward. She would back herself underneath beds and would be hidden by bedskirts, or into closets behind hanging clothes and in weird corners of the house that we didn't know existed. Luckily, she is much more effective in her forward crawl and we haven't lost her since yesterday!

Jake loves cooking and his job keeps him VERY busy. He typically works 11-14 hour days, and that's if we're lucky! He's been able to get off at normal times on Fridays and has been loving the chance he has to make food again! He's really trying to get Gwen acclimated to kitchen stuff, and it's so special! Their favorite thing so far is pizza night.

My girls love errands!

Gwen was sad because I told her we weren't going to Target.

Trying on shoes almost made her forget how to crawl!

Gwen and Adam! We love our neighbors!

We spent so much time outside this month! Jake is trimming the tree for kindling.

The girls. . . and Fred. Gwen loves playing with this broom and "qweenin!"

Gwen also takes watching movies very seriously.

Gwen at the Mesa Temple! We love visiting here, and love Ninna's (our nanny!) photo skills.

Emily enjoying a cool carrot on a warm day, also at the Mesa Temple!

I love these friends!
Best sisters ever.

She loves ducks.

Pizza Night! And a sneak peak of my worst secret---my junk cabinet!

She's the best helper.

I don't even mind the big thing in my teeth.

We got to babysit Monte! He loved us and we loved him.

One of Em's many hiding spots.

On one of my lunchtime walks, I found this smiley face in the fallen leaves! I loved it.