Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everything is . . .

. . . finally coming together in our new house. You'd think that living in one room practically your whole life would somehow make moving easy. . . but truth sets in pretty quick!

Anyway, I got harassed by Deborah at Wal-Mart today. I had a small shopping list. Bleach, one set of hangers, a toothbrush holder, laundry detergent and a 3 drawer storage thing for our closet.

Before I go on too much, I want everyone to know that I WAS a Wal-Mart lover. I'd choose Wal any day over Target but today that changed DRASTICALLY. Back to story.

First I went for the toothbrush holder. No story there or for the drawer thing and hangers. But lo and behold when I went to pick up the detergent, it was nowhere to be found. Alas, neither were any of the employees! I'm not okay with this because Wal-Mart always has the employee to customer ratio that I dearly love.

I settled for some Gain because I was not in the mood to find someone and then continued to find some bleach. To understand my disdain, you must know that I was at Target (before I realized I loved it, of course) and the bleach was a measly $0.92. I prompted Jake of the situation because we were partners in crime while tackling Target, but he said we could grab it at WM later. So here I am at Wal-Mart. Staring at the bleach in a smaller bottle. For a whole. Dollar. MORE. Guffaw!? So I stared at the price for a good 3 minutes expecting the price to change. And it didn't. But I bought it.

So I checked out and the usually friendly staff were obviously very unfriendly. And some crazy in line touched my bum bum. . . I was super nastied out but then she got caught on the conveyor belt and I laughed so I'm not sad at her anymore.

Now comes Deborah. Deborah needs a new perm because hers has grown out about three inches and I would give her a free deep condition because I like people like that. So I say, "Have a nice day!!!!!" and you know what she says to me?? She says, "I need to see your receipt."

I was not in the mood! Number one because I couldn't remember if the receipt was in my purse, wallet or a bag and number two because, hi! Three people just walked past me and they didn't get asked for a receipt. So I told her, without smiling this time, that, "No, you can't see my receipt because I don't know where I put it." **** side story at bottom **** So she asks again and I say, "I don't think this is Costco, so no." And then her face got scared like she thought I was going to beat her so I said again, "I don't know where I put the receipt, okay??" And then her wrath of Satan came out. "We have security all over the place and I want to see your receipt and if you don't show it to me. . . and the security is always by the door. . .(at this point I'm looking for the security very absurdly which is making her feel like a dumb dumb). . . and at other Wal-Marts they don't have security like we do!!" I finally find my receipt during her novella and when I handed it to her she slapped my face!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!

Just kidding. She didn't. But I would've pushed her and taken her name tag and run out the door if she would have. But so I finally leave and I say, "Have a great day, Deb!!" And I smiled very honestly and left.

So with that whole security issue, which I felt so humorously about, and the expensive bleach, the side story girl that you'll read later, and annoying Deborah and bum bum touching girl, I think I'm changing forces and moving on to Target.

All in all, I am going to eat pizza, asparagus and otter pops with Jake.


****Side story**** In junior high and high school there was a girl in my gym class who wasn't as good as me. Now I relish in the joy that P.E. was my best class. So this girl who I NEVER talked to and was never more than acquaintances with (she started doing weird things with other girls and I thought she was yucky but I always said hi to her) went to Westwood too. Now, at Westwood I only ever saw her when choir would be in the auditorium practicing for a concert which was probably 8 days each school year. She was, I think, in the group that did lights or something. Well she was at Wal-Mart and I felt someone staring a hole into my brain so I looked. At first I didn't recognize her AT ALL but I have no shame and kept staring! I eventually remembered and smiled and waved at her. She just glared at me. Now, I had no makeup on because I'd been working hard and sweat it off and my hair was in a messy ponytail, but SHE was staring at ME so I don't get the hostile looks! But when she glared I was like. . . "Uh, weird..." So then when Deborah was being crazy this girl from school walked by again and glared and laughed at me. . . What tha?? She ended up parking near me so when I got to my truck she looked at me and then got a weird look and drove away quick. Like, what the heck. The end.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I got married and. . .

. . . it was the grandest occasion ever.

After we were promised eternity, we went to our new home.

After we went to our new home and to Jake's old home in Pinetop, we went a-honeymooning. . .on a cruise. . . to Catalina and Mexico.

Now we are home and back to work and school in a few months and we both figured the same thing. It is THE BEST idea to get married in the summer! Hallelujah to my smart mom!