Sunday, February 1, 2015

Month 10!

Little Big Gwendolyn turned ten months on January 28!

Gwen has learned how to hold one thing in each hand simultaneously! This is a big deal because she now can hold two veggie sticks at a time, and that equals a lot of joy to Gwen.

Mini's hair is getting long on the sides. This is awkward because there are very short hairs on the back of her head, so her long side hairs don't match. No haircuts will be happening here, though!

Gwen loves food. Just tonight, we had homemade chicken lo mein, and Gwen loved the noodles, carrots, celery, red bell peppers, and chicken.

Gwen loves food so much that she gets frustrated if she doesn't have cheeks full of food!

She learned how to undo the velcro on her shoes, and it is her favorite hobby.

Gwen always sneezes if the sun is in her eyes. It's hilarious, and sad--sad because it's mostly in the car that she sneezes, and there's not much you can do in there to help her.

Gwen's first word was "Dad."

She learned how to kneel.

She has been a little fussy at times, but she is growing and teething, and she's had a cold.

Gwen loves playing in her crib. Before she is ready to wake up in the morning and from naps, she plays by herself for at least 30 minutes! It's adorable

She has 6 teeth.

She doesn't enjoy tv.

Mini LOVES the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and she loves the David Archuleta song, "Glorious." We all dance to "Glorious" every evening, and she loves the song and dancing.

Gwen is FAST! She is crawling so quickly that we actually lose her!

She took a step about 2 weeks ago, but she hasn't done it since.

Lately, Gwen learned a new smile! She'll crinkle her little nose, and it is ridiculously cute!

Gwen loves dog food. It's a great treat at an easy level to reach. Hahah!

We just love Gwen so, so much. I cannot believe we are only two months away from having a one-year old!

The struggle to get a quality picture was real.

We facetimed baby Ren!

Gwen and Ren were having a serious conversation.

Gwen is the real money maker in the family. She types about 3 words an hour.

We had a long review for boards, and were at school on a Sunday. It was a long day.

We were all up early for an appointment with the oral surgeon, and Gwen wasn't pleased.

This is the best view I could ever see walking out of my school building.

Gwen fell like this. I couldn't stop laughing!

When she saw me taking a picture, she stopped crying and smiled!

Gwen eating lunch at the Watkin's house!

Gwen loves showing us her claw.

Fast times with the Watkin kids!

She shuts us out of our bedroom.

G(squared). This is Gwen and Grayson. He's 6 months old, 20 pounds, and her boyfriend.