Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014!

For a while, we had decided to be UP for our costumes because we'd be able to do it easy!

Jake was Mr. Fredrickson.
I was Kevin.
G was Russell.
The stroller was the house.

We got lots of candy at our ward trunk or treat, and we gave it all away to trick or treaters after we picked out the best ones.

Gwen's newest fear: Balloons.

Also, she's holding my mascara. It's her fave.

She was intrigued by my beak.

We're the best.

Friends forever!

The tip of the beak is wet because G constantly gummed it. She was working on her tooth.

I just love this. She also shows her belly.

We love this girl.

Month 7.

Gwendolyn is the best 7 month old ever.

Her sleep has regressed. She takes short naps, and wakes up throughout the night. We're hoping that having her own room will help taper her out of this, and so far she's slept all night twice since being in the new house.

She is mobile! Gwen has been scooting for nearly a month now, and she recently figured out crawling! It isn't her norm yet, but she's getting more and more used to it, and it's her main mode of transport.

From sitting up, Gwen can get to the crawling position. She hasn't been able to purposely sit up by herself, but she sometimes does it on accident.

Mini endured her first move! We moved from our 1 bedroom/1 bathroom to a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house. We're just renting it, but the space is insane and we can all have our own spots to be!

We discovered that Gwennie LOVES beans. Jake was out of town with work, and I was eating a bean and cheese burrito, and Gwen was not thrilled about her carrots and she was telling me about it, so I decided to let her try my beans. . . she. was. hooked! Now beans are in our daily diet. I love that our little Arizona babe is a bean addict.

G survived her first trip to Costco, and also went inside the Phoenix temple for the open house.

Gwen likes touching faces. She loves to touch hands, as well. Also, she is a dancer, 100%.

Mini's learned how to open drawers, and that is a game she cannot get enough of.

Her favorite toy is her green toothbrush and the backscratcher Jake brought home from his mission to South Korea.

Miss D does not like to be cuddled at bedtime. She wants to be put to bed while still awake, and if we try to cuddle her to sleep, she gets crazy!

Gwen has a stuffed animal puppy named Duke that lives in her crib. She loves to play with Duke, and often times will laugh and play with Duke in her crib for 30-40 minutes after a nap before being bored.

G loves to make eye contact and smile. J and she will have staring contests, and her squeels of laughter are the best.

Gwennie knows if she is doing something she shouldn't be. We have an outlet with a surge protector that has a few cords with it, and we'll block it from her, but if she accidentally sees it and goes for it, we can say her name and she will stop so fast and look at us like she has no clue what's happening. It's adorable, and frightening.

Gwen loves to be near me when I'm doing my hair and makeup, and she loves that I let her hold on to the mascara tube.

She LOVES dogs. We visited my parents when we were going to the temple, and Gwen could not get enough love and attention from their two dogs.

We gave Mini fruits for the first time and she hated it! She spit the fruit out so fast! It was so sweet, but now she is getting used to it. She still only takes it in moderation.

She LOVES drinking water. She always sees us drinking from cups, and would reach for them, and we let her try water, and now she is hooked. It's cute to see her drinking it, too.

Gwen has 2 teeth! Her first popped out last month, and now her second is coming to join! It's extra cute because Jake has crowded teeth on the bottom, and Gwen's is crowded the exact same way!

She loves the ABC's, and loves Peekaboo.

Gwen hates getting dressed. Any time she has to get jammies on or clothes for the day, it is a tough few minutes!

We've been blessed to find great new sitters. Our regulars went back to work/had a baby, so we were on a search, and we've been able to find great people for the rest of the semester. We're so thankful, and they've all been a humongous answer to our prayers.

We've transitioned to using formula in conjunction with breastmilk. We are all happy about it, and have no complaints!

Her favorite toy--the Korean backscratcher.

She was trying to escape and didn't think I could see her.

She used to get stuck here, all the time.


On our way to the Phoenix Temple open house. She didn't know how she felt about it.

But then she realized she was excited!

This babe loves beans, and sucking on her lower lip.

Two teeth! The second one is farther out now.

Gwen was ready for the Homecoming Parade, but she fell asleep (milk drunk) and we didn't end up walking.

Who DOESN'T eat leaves?

This is where she discovered the magic of opening drawers.

This was her first time eating beans. Also, that's our new house!

Gwennie knows she's good looking. And look at that bum!!!

That basket holds all of her toys.