Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving Randoms

My brother is the best. Hands down, best brother ever. So when he told us he was doing the Mesa Turkey Trot, I decided that J and I needed to do it too!

We signed up and decided to get ready for it by running, but then we remembered that we have so much school work that running had to be on the back burner. . . weeks passed and then it was Thanksgiving and we were both so not ready!

Morgan, my brother, is so fast. And he does rim to rim to rim hikes at the Grand Canyon for fun. And he did a 24 mile hike and kept saying that it would be fun too. Anyway, he just likes that. He was talking to us the night before about what we needed to pace for a good time, and it was just hilarious because I knew I would do so so bad!

Anyway, so it's the morning of the race and we all meet up. Morgan gave me my new favorite advice ever. He said that because it feels really good to pass people, if you wait to start you'll have a self-esteem boost when you get ahead of others! That was good enough for me! So the race starts, and J and Morgan are both gone. . . gone as in I never, EVER saw them again. They are both so fast.

But so there I was. At the back of the race. And then I passed people. And it was awesome.  Near the end of the race I heard numerous concourses of angels cheering for me and it made my heart feel so great. And then I realized that they weren't cheering for me, but for a little, old man dressed up as Santa. Oh my gosh this old man was passing me! So then and there I decided that as long as I beat Santa, I'd be fine. Luckily I did by pretending that everyone cheering for Santa was cheering for me.

All in all, Turkey Trots are fun and it is so hot in Mesa that I wanted to pass out.

Here is a short list of remarkable people who passed me in the race:
A 10 year old girl.
2 boys who jumped over weeds and hopped all around the whole time. Ages 10-12ish
80 year old grandma. She did the dang thing.
Santa Claus, but I ended up beating him.
A man with a double stroller and no shoes.

Also, my old man and Morgan's oldest daughter did the fun run! They are the best. I love it.

The best part of the race was finished because my sister was waiting at the finish line with my nieces and they were so happy to see me! Oh my gosh. It was great. Morgan and J both said I did great, but Maria was the best.

After the race, we went to our places and cleaned up and prepared for food. It was so crazy but that is a good thing.

We saw The Rise of the Guardians. I liked the Yetis but it was a seriously long movie and my legs were cramping the whole time.

Jake and I saw Skyfall and he loved it. I loved it too but those movies stress me out! I never know what's happening and I get invested in characters so it's quite tiring to watch them!

That's about it. Hooray!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie/Play Week

This past week we went out for more dates than usual because we did awesome on our school tests and needed to celebrate.

First we went to a local company's showing of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. That is my most favorite play ever. I love everything about it! Here's the bummer: it wasn't all that great. The actors spoke too quickly, too softly, and too fake-British-accenty for Jake and the friends that came with us to understand a thing! And the production had a weird, loud siren thing and I still cannot figure that one out. The first time I saw the play a few years ago, when Todd would kill people, he'd pull out a red scarf to be the blood but in this one, there was never any indication that people even died. It was sad. But I loved it. I just feel bad for the group that had no idea what was happening!

Then we saw Breaking Dawn: Part 2! It was so fun. We were able to see it earlier than the midnight showing because a local orthodontist rents out theaters for a 6:30 pm showing. We went with the same friends that we went to Sweeny with. Amy and TJ are so fun and we love them, plus they love Yuma, so I like them even more!

Now Jake has a man-date to see Skyfall and I have a woman-date to get our craft on!

In my family, holidays mean movies. I am so so so excited! I cannot wait to see Rise of the Guardians! I mean, seriously. A movie with a tatted up Santa!?!? Done. And the tooth fairy?! Happening. Also, we're dying to see Life of Pi! So fun. Plus, the trailers for The Host were released and I'm so excited for it! I loved the book!

I wish I took more pictures. I'm going to get better at that! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

These are my confessions.

1. I eat food on J's side of the bed. . . that was his side is all crummy and not mine. No hard feelings though, he falls asleep so fast anyway!

2. I watched two hours of Netflix, and wrote three letters in my bathroom today because that's the best heater in our house. 

3. We went to Sam's Club yesterday and got two massive bags of Baked Lays. The confession part is that we ate a whole bag in the car and during a play we saw. 

4. I did a top knot today, and I rested my head on J's shoulder for half a second and then had a unicorn for the rest of church. No one told me.

5. I love, love, love peeling off my nailpolish. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anniversary photo session, 7 months late!

When J and I got married, we decided it'd be a fun tradition to go on a vacation every odd year for anniversaries, and that we'd get our pictures taken every even year.

For our first anniversary, we took a day trip to Sedona and rode our bikes, ate really bad Korean food, and saw some incredible hippie action.

Then our second came and went. . . I reminded him of our deal and he finally gave in! Hooray! Our photographer is so great. She once did a pre-engagement shoot for us, complete with matchy-matchy shirts, pants and shoes. It was delectably cliche. Sarah had an opening in October and I jumped for joy! Hooray. We love her and she is so fun and great at what she does. And her blog and website are so cute.

Anyway, these are my favorites.

It's tradition to do the raptor dance.


Monday, November 5, 2012


  I have irrational fears. I fear that some kind of insect is going to crawl into my ear and lay eggs and I'm just going to have a million roaches in my ear. . . or my eyes. Both are equally scary. At the same time, I am not afraid of spiders or scorpions at all.
  I was just in the bathtub, taking my nightly bath when I washed my face and felt something move past me! But it was only water re-arranging because I'd just moved. Any one from Mesa that gets irrigation will know of the fear I had when I thought a sewer roach had joined my bath.

  Jack remembered my birthday! It was so fun! I work in a dental office, and when I got into work on Thursday, there were flowers on the desk for me! It was so fun! And it made me shy. And then I loved it again. 
  Also, speaking of J, he is taking the DAT so soon. I cannot believe that the time is already here! How weird.

  Lastly, I've mentioned before that there are these dogs down the street that we love. Their names are Alice and Olive. . . but a few months ago we found a new dog. . . a new, obese and nearly dead dog! We've named him Chunky Puppy and he's only outside sometimes, but he is so so fat! We think he has heart attacks every time I call him to come to the fence for some pets! He is so so so fat. Chunky Puppy, Alice and Olive. We love them. Also, Chunky Puppy is super, super fat.