Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a really relaxing last Christmas for just the two of us!

Because of all the festivities that happened in December, we took it really easy.

We went to bed late on Christmas Eve because we were watching Netflix documentaries.

We woke up late and made orange cinnamon rolls.

We saw The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug! It was really great! We liked it a lot.

Since Flagstaff had beautiful weather, we went on a hike.

We had casserole and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Things got a little crazy when we got out the gatorade.

It was just a really great day. We looked at Christmas lights with hot cocoa. Jake sang songs about being stress free, songs about his shampoo, and songs about Sister Wives. It's just been a fun day. I'm so thankful for J. He is the best fit for me and I can't even begin to describe the love I have for him, because that would be too mushy for a blog post.

Waiting at the movies.

Our baby will be stinking cute. Let's be real. 

Graduation Celebration

Jake wanted to go to a Sun's ball game to celebrate graduation. We love supporting the Sun's, so we found the tickets for the soonest game, and headed down to Phoenix.

We left for Mesa the day after graduation. We slept in and began the drive after a nice and long lazy morning. When we got in, we did our routine of In N Out. No shame.

Some close friends were going to be sealed in the Mesa temple, and the invited us to attend! We loved being able to watch their sealing! And we got Pete's after. . . we didn't even stay to talk to anyone because I was starving from doing a session right before and not having any snacks to munch on! ha!

The basketball game was great! We had fantastic seats---because when your man graduates and wants to see a game, you go big! So we had great seats and could see sweat dripping off the players faces. We saw Mark Cuban, and if you know us, you know that's a big deal. One of our Sunday traditions is to eat lunch while watching "Shark Tank." Mark is a bajillionaire that we love from the show. When we saw him, I seriously didn't think he was himself because his jeans fit so poorly! You'd think a richie would have super fancy jeans, but he's just a normal dude. It was fun!

 At the games, Jake and I always look forward to the contests! There's a certain one that gives one person in the arena the chance to shoot from the free throw line for $777.00, the three point line for $7,777.00 or half court for $77,777.00! We love it, but hate it because the knuckle heads always try to make it from the half court shot. So this time the guy down to the court. I'm yelling at J (because that contest makes fans go nuts!) telling him, "I hope he makes it!" We always want the person to make it. So the guy chooses the three point shot! So then the whole crowd is going even crazier because this guy actually has a shot! And then he grabs the ball, lines up, and shoots. . . . and he makes it! The arena went crazy!!!!!!! Jake and I were jumping up and down and hugging because this random guy made the shot! I've been to several games with Jake now, and that was the best thing I have ever seen at a game! It was awesome. I'm laughing just thinking about it! It seriously was wild! We talk about it all the time!

We had to go home right after the game so Jake could speak in church the next day. It was a great trip to celebrate Jake! He told me later that that was definitely a favorite trip because everything we did was to celebrate him! It was great!
We have a problem.
He loves this place so much!

Next time we go, we're getting onion rings.

Oh heyyyy, Mark! You're rich!

Jacob is a graduate!!!

 Jake graduated!!

We came up to Flagstaff for him to get a science major for dental school in January 2011 and he finished his degree December 2013!

His actual major is seriously a mouthful. He graduated with a bachelors of science in biological science with a major in biomedical science and a minor in chemistry. Whew! When we were getting his announcements set up, he opted to go for a simpler way of stating it, but I like the way that long title sounds!

We had a fiesta for him prior to the commencement ceremony, and it was a blast. Once again, I have no pictures. Friends and family from out of town made the long drive to watch him walk, and it was definitely one of the best things I've ever watched happen in my life. I am so proud of him. He worked so hard and he studied so much. He has put in so many all nighters and he got his first gray hair, but it was so worth it!

His plan now is graduate school. We originally wanted him to apply for dental school while I was still in my hygiene program, and if he got in his first round, he and I would live apart for one year while he starts dental school and I finish dental hygiene. We realized that that wouldn't work for us and would, in fact, really suck! Plus, now with Mini coming, there is no way we could be apart.

He was accepted at ASU and NAU for biology and got "teaching" positions at both, and A.T. Still for public health. After a lot of decision making and praying, he decided to go with A.T. Still. He's been on the campus numerous times and talked with students in the dental school, and each time he speaks with current students they told him that they'd done a semester of public health prior to applying to the dental school. He's done so much work in the community (and A.T. Still lovesss that) and his GPA is over what they're asking for, so we feel like he has a good chance, and already being a student boosts him a little.

This is after his very last final of undergrad! It's blurry because it was 8 am and we had just had an epic dance party celebration.
 He is applying for dental schools this round, and he's planning on applying to any and every school he qualifies for. Applications aren't due for quite some time, but Jake's getting an early lead. It's so exciting!

This is before he had seen me! I love it so much! I was shouting his name forever!!!

He finally saw me!

Ashley and Jake have been in so many classes together! We love her!

We will always love Katrina Rawr! She also was in a million classes with J!

Walt, Vonnie and Becky all drove more than 2.5 hours to celebrate with us!

Jake had walked and wanted to leave. This is right before he left to "go to the bathroom."

He's so happy!

All of our smiles look forced, and I don't know why! We love my family!


Justin is one of Jake's best friends, and he came up from Mesa to celebrate! We love you!

I'm slouching. My orange bag had so much stuff in it!

The wind and snow were making his garb all funky!

He is so fancy!

Laughing like fools because it's graduation!

Jacob will always be a lumberjack!

Thanksgiving 2013

I love Thanksgiving. It's worked out for us the past 3-4 years to see both families, and this year was no exception! We especially loved having the break this year. Thanksgiving was later than usual, so school had dragged on like melting glass! We welcomed that break with open arms (and bellies!)

We started the trip off by leaving Flagstaff on Wednesday afternoon. We stopped at the Anthem Outlets (it's a routine. Phoenix = outlet shopping, plus they have the best bathroom!) and looked around at Nike and Columbia. Those are our favorites, so we have to stop every time.

Another routine we have when traveling to Mesa is stopping at the In N Out burger in Anthem. We tend to not eat before the trip so that when we get to town, we have ample room for burgers and fries!

When we finally got to my parent's house, I realized I had completely misunderstood my mom! She had given out assignments and we were supposed to be in charge of the sweet potatoes. For some reason, I had it in my mind that the sweet potatoes that I was assigned would be purchased already at the house. Wrong! Luckily, my mom wasn't deterred by me and those sweet potatoes got done! Next time I will not fail!

The day of Thanksgiving panned out with us going to the Uchytil lunch at noonish with pies (that I didn't forget about!haha!). Roxanne always goes 110% with that lunch, and she makes up the best and funniest games ever! Everyone ate as much as possible, and then we started the funtivities! Sadly, I don't have many pictures, and the ones I have are taken by Jake, meaning that I have no idea where they are! I seriously need to get better with taking pictures!

After an afternoon of games, we headed over to my side of the family for dinner. I'm a lover of home cooked food by mom, so I was in HEAVEN. The weather was perfect, so we ate in the backyard and had the cutest, fancy name plates done by my nieces, and possibly a nephew or two.

Somewhere mixed in to this trip was a family outing to see "Frozen" and a guy's golf trip! I'm soooooo thankful I at least have pictures of the boys before golfing because that sight was just magical!

Everything about this is incredible! I love my golfing family!

My mom also spoiled the heck out of me and Mini! She took me shopping for fabrics to make quilts. It was a process, but we eventually found everything, and I'm thrilled about the fabric. I made a quilt in high school that turned out WAY pinker than I expected, so with this collection I really wanted to stay away from too much of any one color, and we found the perfect piece! I look at it every day, and I love it more and more! I haven't started cutting yet because I can't decide what kind of quilt I want to do. So many choices, so little time. . . seriously.

I love this. I love this so so so so much.

We were gifted a crib from a woman in my ward! Angela's kids had all used it, and when she found out we were expecting, she offered it to us! We graciously accepted it, and then realized we might not have room for a crib in our apartment. We loaded it into our car to take to my parents for safe keeping. While there, we wanted to go to Ikea because I assumed they had small cribs since everything else they sell is miniature sized. Surprise! Their cribs were the same size as the one from Angela. After coming home, we got the crib out of the storage shed and my dad and Jake got to work. Dad filled and redrilled all the holes for screws, and Jake has been sanding the heck out of that sucker! The crib was gorgeous to begin with, but it's going to sparkle when we're through with it!
Before going to Mesa! That's the crib behind us.

Our Thanksgiving trip ended too soon, but we were glad to get back home to Flagstaff. We love love love seeing family, but there is nothing like being in your own bed!