Saturday, February 27, 2010

I feel so. . .

. . . embarrassed when I look through people's facebook photos.

Not because I feel badly for "stalking" or because I think people are

cuter than me or anything like that, but because it is ALARMING

to me that nowadays, young women are trying to look like pubescent

boys and that young, supposedly-stalwart men are trying to look like


Maybe I'm crazy-- it's very true that i've never been in fashion, but I

have ALWAYS had style. My mom taught me that "it is more imporant

to have style than to be fashionable." Perfect lesson for preparing for

junior high and high school. I knew my best features, and I knew the

ones I had to work on. IE, I always have lo.v.e.d. my back (thank

you, 17 years of swimming!) and I've always tried to hide my unusally

large feet. By the way, i'm very proud of my size 11 feet-- i'm tall enough

to look grand and I can still find remarkable high heels.


What I do not understand is why in the world are the youth of this world

so deeply pressured to dress like their opposite gender! Holy moly!

A lesson we learn about ourselves through hell school is to be proud of who

we are, what we can become and what we can do!

But then you get on facebook and you see these young men with peirceddddd earssssss.


Doood! I totally went to high school with this kid! He's two years younger than me. Wanna know how he got he's ears peirced? He went on a vacation and while he was gone with some girl, she paid for him to get both ears done.

Now, we'll talk about the fetcher girl that supported this chaos in a minute, but I want to further expound. A lot of boys in my graduating year went and peirced their womanly man ears after walking in graduation.

Savvy, no. These boys all were preparing for missions! Apparently, they "doubted not that their mothers knew it" but I'm sure that those boys got a beating! Now. I have my ears peirced, but I'm a girl. Equally as amazing, it's kinda expensive to have it done!

So the boys are spending money they should be spending on food and oakleys on EARRINGS! I feel so embarrassed for these boys trying to look more feminine.

On to the young women.

Dear girls,

It's understandable to not know how to dress for your body type, but truly you have no mind when you are spending hundreds of dollars on "menswear."

Menswear: (pronounced mehn * z * wayr) noun- clothing option; adj- baggy, mens like clothing that women like to wear for odd reasons. Origin- stupidity in Hollywood.

Girls aren't naturally happy with their bodies. It takes a long time for a young women to grow into the mindframe in which she learns to love herself.

I understand fashion. I am a hairstylist and it is NECESSARY for me to keep up with trends, no matter how absurd they be. HOWEVER. I would rather color a woman's head of level 1, b.l.a.c.k. hair to platinum blonde than to see another pair of slouchy trousers, baggy and hole-ey jeans, oversized tee shirts and dirty skin. . . and from a level 1 to a level 10 is puh-retty tough.

Girls need to be proud! In no way am I supporting cleavage, bare tum-tums and bum-bums, jeans so tight I can see you VPL and shirts so skimpy I can see you leopard-print bra.


Fitted, tailored, beautiful pieces of unique and affordable clothing are just as available as your brother's boxer shorts. So what do you pick? Boxers, or style?

Just because trends are "in" doesn't mean they are "in to stay." Welcome, personal style. Ecletic, funky, classy, bohemian. . . or boyish?

Basically, I'm going to get back to stalking now and I can guarantee that I'm going to be embarrassed a whole lot more.

I love boys that try to be girls and girl striving to be able to wear boyish clothes.

Oh to be young and high schoolish again.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Bells and School Bells. . .

. . .are constantly in my head. Tsk tsk, this is not beneficial to any part of my education nor my actual relationships. The only constant thought in my head is, "Huh, I wonder why I hate my computer class so much!" Then I remember why and get back to life.

Back to bells ringing, I have a quarter jar that seriously has like. . a thousand quarters in it! I'm too busy (lazy) to count them out but I would easily guess that there are a thousand. The jar is as big as a little jam jar too so it's pretty legitimate.

Lately I really love purple avojuice, my quarters, my Christmas Presence senting candle and still mi diccionario de espanol y ingles. They bring me great joy.

This blog is random because I'm waiting to do homework while something for the dumb comp class flipping downloads! Curse you, comp.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, you see, when two people love each other. . .

very, very much, they engage one another. Jake, who decided his best friends call him Jack, (what the odd!?) engaged me this past Monday with a glorious, shiny Sparkly. Alas, the most funnest news to me is that I went from being a plain, old girlfriend to a brand-spanking-new fiance.

So the story is simple. He said, "Verd, will you marry me?" to which I replied, "Oooh well that's pretty!" And then I asked him to put it on my finger and he did and then I held his hand so it was a mutual understanding that the answer of "yes" was just implied.

Backround to the simple story: Our first date on November 22, 2008 was simple. (See the trend? We like simple.) We went to QuickTrip and got deluxe hot cocoa. Fast forward to Monday, February 8, 2010. Monday night, FHE, singles ward. . . that means food, fun, and friends. We like that kind of stuff, too. I don't usually see Jake much throughout the week. We both have semi-conflicting school schedules, both full-time students, bogged down with homework pretty much daily. . . we live a few tough lives! Anyway, today I saw him at school! Hooray! It was fun so walk across the walk and high five him as he went to a break before his next physics class and as I went to my computer class. He texted me after something about getting hot cocoa. Now I have been BEGGING for some cocoa because it's uber cheap and easy on the wallet AND Jake finds it more appropriate than ice cream this time of year. So I slyly reply in my text message, "Oooh la la! yes Yes YES!" So. . .obviously I wasn't too sly, but it's good. No worries.
So now it's a few hours later. FHE starts at 7:30. My math class ends at 7:00, Physics ends on Monday at 7:00. I had a test (which I dominated and got out after 30 minutes=45 minutes early!) and after I went home. Jake called and told me that he'd go home and then come over with the cocoa mix so we would have to be late to FHE. I absolutely abhor tardiness unless it is to my class from 7:10-9:50 on Wednesday with my safari professor. . . so Jake tries his best to keep me on time. He came over, we made some cocoa and then headed to the magical Family Home Evening. We were driving along and he got into the wrong lane! I'm going a little nuts here because he swerved quite possibly to kill me, but he'll never admit that's the motive. . . but I know. . . and we turned onto Main Street where the Mesa, Arizona temple is located. We have really good friends that live around there, so I just thought we'd be icing FHE for a few minutes. I asked what the plan was and he said, "You know, I just want to go to the temple for a bit."
Now. This is very understandable and not suspicious for two reasons. 1, we love to get our picnic on at the temple in the middle of the huge, green grass pit. 2, because I always make fun of people that get engaged at the temple (it's okay, one of my best friends got engaged there. Don't stress) So we get out and we walk around. Mindless chitter chat happens, "Look, how weird are blue flowers!? Soo fake!" and "Why are those two men so close to each other on the grounds?! The sister missionaries need to get over here!" We turned and we near the baptistry door and I heard the mysterious fountain. I've never taken the time to really look at this fountain but I wanted to because I love Aslan and I love C.S. Lewis and that's who the marble lion looked like. So we're up the ramp by the lion and I'm hardcore about looking at this marble Aslan. (I stroked him because that's what Lucy does. . . ) and had my back to Jake. When I was getting out of the fountain, because I was quite literally, IN IT practically, I turned back around to see NO ONE! But then I looked down and there was Jake on his knee with a little, black box and something glimmery. Then the story is just how I said earlier.

So, again. Jake has engaged me and it's pretty fantastic if you wanted to know. Already I've seen the benefits of Sparkly because I can sit in institute for a solid 5.673 minutes and not get hit on by creepy people. (Somehow I always give them my number thinking it will make them go away. . . but that's another story. . .and ps: this method DOES NOT WORK!)

Last, but not least, I'm very proud of Jake for not saying anything super sap-tastic. The only sappy-ish thing he said was "I love you." and that's totally normal. But yes. In a matter of time, Jacob Denham will officially change my name and I feel pretty good about that.

The End.

*birds fluttering around your head. . .too bad if you're indoors. . .*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lately I've. . .

. . been busy watching all the episodes of The Hills! It's dramatic and I lovess it. I also love that winter is ending. Amen amen amen. I have had it with the whole my-feet-are-cold-at-six-in-the-morning!

School is kicking me in the toosh!!! I have full time night classes so that I can work full day time, but these classes are seriously hard work! oooooh Most annoying thing??? Internet classes. Oh brother! Let me say this about internet classes. I GO to school so I don't have to do internet coursework! Alas, it's just my luck to be enrolled in two classes requiring internet work. Hi, my name is Verity and I can't figure out No big deal, it's only a quarter of my grade. Response: Hey, I'm your grade of 'C.' Nice meeting you. See ya on your report! Oooohheccckkkkno.

Mishmash. Next week is Valentine's Day! I went out on a super hot date with that boyfriend of mine. Jake is super cool because he loves A1 sauce just as much as me! I l.o.v.e. A1. Best birthday present, best housewarming present. . . its grade is as high as you can get AND it's number one! I gladly welcome A1 onto most of my food. --Back to my date izzle. So Jake and I went on our unsaid Valentine's Day dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We're very tough critics of our steak. In the words of Jake, "Outback has the best steak, but Texas has all the best accessories." It's so crazy to me that we know this factor but 329 people DON'T know this. We waited for an hour. A party of two! Parties of 12 were seated minutes after they came! It was good, we are fast people anyway! Nevertheless, dinner was fantabulous! I ordered my favorite steak, a delicious sweet potato and my new favorite way to get full fast, a salad with ranch! I was converted to this when Jake ordered a salad with ranch a whole year ago! I used to disgust ranch, but Texas. . . they know what they're doing! So we ate our peanuts, our sweet rolls, sipped on out super strawberry lemonades and got outta there in record time! We went to our favorite redbox and went back to my house. Our movie dropped f-bombs like it was as normal as saying A1, so we passed on it and watched a movie with MerryDeath and our friend who cannot drive legally, Karie! Their movie was way, way better and plus they bought tons of candy and let Jake and I stuff our full little mouths with it! It was super!! I just realized that I said super a lot, but psh. Super is a fantastic word so I feel great about using it to the maximum!

Now, today, is the superbowl. MerryDeath's birthday usually hosts the superbowl party, but the game is later this year. The NFL wanted her to have her very own 22nd birthday! They're so good to us! We always have a big family party, but this year alone we cut out 15 people! It's smaller, but who doesn't love an opportunity to each that much more!?

So back to weather, even though I am a summer person, I really did enjoy this winter. Mostly because it involved a few nights of hot chocolate, warm fires, old school kickbacks, and a new pair of flats. Be that as it may, I am easily ready to enjoy some things! Swimming, blonder hair, bronzed skin, shorts and sandals, bright colors on my toes. . . and come to think of it, SPRING BREAK, the end of school, and Disneyland. . . Say yes to dehydration!!!!