Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belated Wednesday and TV dreams

School is over. I know this has already been a subject of the blog, but HALLELUJAH! We didn't have to wake up for early labs and classes. We didn't have to go to bed after studying for 5 hours. We didn't have to stress about 1. Is the calculator in my backpack!? 2. Does the calculator have batteries!? 3. Where's my clicker!? 4. Have you seen my bike lock?? 5. Did I wear this shirt yesterday?

Another great thing. . . we actually EAT together! I didn't realize that sitting down to eat is such an experience! And and AND we have conversations about things totally NOT school. It's quite amazing.

One bad thing, I already miss school! I used to dream about being a high school teacher because then I could go to school. every. single. day. I'd love that but that's my backup plan now.

Now to something totally random.

When we first were engaged we made up some goals. Among these awesome goals was this: No TV the first year.

We did it! And now we are the proud parents of a too big TV! It's big. And even bigger than you're picturing it in your mind right this second. The best part is that we practically stole it. Best Buy was putting out their newest models and since this one is a year old, it was more than half off. THEN they gave us a billion rebates so we're getting a new printer and then a billion movies. It's quite fantastic, if I do say so myself. . . which I do.

Next week Dr.-to-be Jacob starts his internship. Funfunfun. He'll be "standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona." It's true.

Lastly. I love camping more than anyone in the world. This is also true.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I love summer. Summer loves me.

I am sooo ready for summer. This semester has been awesome, but we cannot wait to really enjoy our new home.

On another note, it snowed. Yes. Yesterday. And today. Sure, it wasn't enough to stick, but a fact is a fact. And it's weird, yet gorgeous.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I love my mother! She is the best, most fabulous girl ever. She is so true to her family and she would do anything for us. She supported me in my toughest decisions and she laughed with me at the funniest times. I will always remember being able to come home after a date and lay on her bed and tell her all about how dumb or awesome the date was. She is such a FANTASTIC homemaker. She taught me how to cook, sew, and clean. She is still teaching me to not sweat the small stuff! (I have a hard time there!) I love her for being such an amazing example to me. I remember always having an earlier curfew than my friends and being so bratty about it. It took me too long to realize that she only cared about me more! I love her to life!

That being said, I love my grandma! I was named after her! She is the epitome of class and perfection. She is so wise. She never lets me off easy. I have learned such amazing lessons of service from her. Also, she has given me advice that I will never forget. She reminds me often that taking easy classes is a waste of time and money. Anything less than an A is unacceptable. She is such a great listener and she truly hears what a person says. She is the best grandmother a girl could have. . . Oh yeah. And she is a Canook. If that didn't up her amazing ness, than nothing will!

Sarah. The oldest and wisest. She is the best. I remember her getting engaged. I started crying one night because she wasn't going to live with us! (I got over it...ha!) She taught me at a young age how to be the best baby sitter I could be. I am the youngest and she let me learn the basics on her girls! I love her and the time she took to talk to me. So many times I would sit on her old green (or blue??) couch and she would listen to my junior high problems. She treated me like a friend instead of just her little kid sister. I love you!

Maria, Maria, Maria. She is gorgeous, fabulous, kind, caring, humble, humorous. . . the BEST sister-in-law ever. She is such a great example of discipline! She is teaching herself to play the piano! I have never heard a crude word out of her mouth. She is great mother. She includes everyone. When Maria is around, there is never time for anyone to be left out. She has the most sincere compliments. I love her and I'm so glad she is part of our family.

Sweet Caroline. So stylish! The best hair dresser ever. I love her. She is a self esteem booster. She is witty. She loves banter. She'll stab you in the knee. Back to being amazing at hair, she can just look at you and know EXACTLY what will make you look your foxiest! She lives across the country. Whenever I was down, she knew exactly how to cheer me up. We bonded in that first car crash coming home from WalMart or EVIT. . . I can't remember which one it was. :) She introduced me to scary stories that played ever Sunday on the radio. She introduced me to Sublime. She taught me how to write in my journal and how to not care what people think. I love you MomBabe!

Oh Bear. I love my Bear. Berit is woman, hear her roar. She is a fabulous mother. Her two boys know she will always be there and I'm glad. Bear showed me that she'd always be there for me and I know she can only love. Her heart is huge! People that definitely do not deserve a part of her time get to experience her love freely. She is always trying to help out. Bear is so strong. She is amazingly smart and chooses when to use it!!! She has the most gorgeous soprano Broadway voice that I have ever heard. She sings loud and she sings proud. We went running together and the whole. entire. time. she was dancing and skipping and laughing and singing! I was tired just watching her! She has so much energy, so much love and so much joy. She handles unexpectedness like she was planning on it all along. I love Berit with all my heart. I miss you B!

And Merry-Death. A jolly kill. Meredith isn't a mother, but she just got married so now the possibilities are endless! ha! Just kidding Mom! Mer is my best friend. She fights for me. People always think SHE'S the sensitive one and I'm the fighter, but that is backwards! At school numerous times I'd find her and cry to her! And she wouldn't even listen all the way before she went and started screaming down my offender! I remember when we decided we could be friends. It was that family reunion to Canada that did it. All summer. Stuck in the van. We couldn't be mom and dad's friends, so we'd be each others! We are best friends. We could fight for hours and then want to watch the same show and at the end of those 30 minutes, there was no trace of a lingering fight. So many times Mom would call up the stairs to yell at us for yelling at each other and by the time Mom yelled, we were done being mad! We're best friends.

I love my family. They are all such great examples of motherhood and kindness. I love you!
Happy Mother's Day!