Monday, May 10, 2010

Some things totally gross me out. . .

. . .and lately they seem to be happening all at once.

1. Cockroaches gross me out. They have wings and they are fast and nasty looking. I'm seriously in love with spiders and scorpions and I have no problem with anything with a stinger...get me next to a roach though and I'm either super ticked off (when I'm alone and know I'm the one that has to take care of the demon) or I'm outrageously slightly irked and possibly scampering to another room.

2. That show that comes on at 1:00a.m. and I'm wide awake... "I didn't know I was pregnant." I am pretty uber grossed out by that show. . . no explanations necessary obviously.

3. The kid that tongues his girlfriend at the same time right by the hand sanitizer by the entrance of my math class. It's sadly easy to see the tongue piercings and the way they grope each other scares me a little.

4. All my Dixon Ticonderoga's have lost their erasers. Thank goodness semester is over. Amen!

On that note, just to be as prideful as possible, this semester has been a HIT for me. In matematicas my grade without the final was a 94% and then after I took that blessed cumulative final my grade jumped to a 97%. People. This means good things for my FAFSA this year! Plus plus I'll be married and we'll be so extra poor that we get more! I think we beat the system. :)

Off the topic of school now-- For our honeymoon, Jake is taking me to California to port off and go on a Mexican cruise. Today I was extremely offended by this and here is why:

I love Harry Potter. And Snape killed Dumbledore... but in Florida,on the very day after I join Jacob in wedlock, a beautiful place called the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" opens. Not only do they have Butterbeer in Hogsmaede (of COURSE its nonalcoholic! Only infidels think otherwise!) but they are prepped with Olivander's in Diagon Ally. . . people. They are making customized wands. This means glorious things. It means that dragons, hippogriffs and unicorns really exist. I think the wands start at $40 but I would totally get one with a unicorns strand of hair for a billion dollars. And a nimbus 2000. I want to go to Harry Potter world. *

I love French onion soup the most.


*I am going to be okay with the Mexican cruise. Don't worry about me.

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Lisa and Jared said...

verity- i went with all the Paynes on the mexican's seriously AMAZING! I do love me some Harry Potter, but you will NEVER want to come back home after having been on a cruise. All of us were literally trying to figure out ways to hide on the boat so we could live on it forever. seriously. it's the best. Eat the frog legs...i'm not gonna lie. I thought they were tasty