Sunday, September 19, 2010

My nephew hates the hubs. . .

. . . and it is the most enjoyable thing to behold. Since Curtis has met Jack, it seems that he's hated him. He ALWAYS stares at him when way more interesting things are going on. See wedding photo proof. . . (ps. Jake is holding the Curtis)
#1: Notice Jack just smiling at the photographer and the Curtis is staring.

#2: Jack's noticed and is smiling back at the angry Curtis!

Curtis's distaste has been growing for months and since this is one of the most enjoyable things to my heart, I captured it on camera! Things to note, Josh is the Curtis's dad and he's playing with him to make him smiley. When he hands him over, it's to Jake. The movie is blurry, but you'll get the general idea! And my voice is not as decrepit as it sounds on the video!

This is one of the reasons I enjoy the Curtis so much! I just think he is the greatest source of entertainment! Here is a picture of his studly self!

I love him.
The bad news is that today at our families weekly get together for dinner, the Curtis actually tolerated Jack! I was heartbroken. I hope this new tolerance ends asap.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA. All of Kyles nieces and nephews love him. They hate me. I started bribing with candy. IT WORKS GREAT!

Serena & Brian Brown said...

omgoodness Curtis is soooo adorable haha
thats a funny story

this free bird said...

hahaha!! this cracks me up!! for the longest time my niece referred to my boyfriend as "that other name". it was the most hilarious thing. then this last time we visited she suddenly loved him to pieces. he was relieved and it warmed my heart, but wasn't nearly as funny!!