Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Remembering Grandma and Stealing

Tonight I was in the shower washing off a long and severely hot day of work(the AC in our dental office went out, and it was a HOT day!) when I opened a new bottle of shampoo.While I was lathering my hair, the smell of the Biolage filled the bathroom, and I was filled with memories of Grandma! For as long as I can remember, Grandma had used Biolage shampoo. In fact, when Meredith and I were younger, Grandpa and Grandma would pick us up from the bus stop and take us to their house until Mom could get us and take us home. We would always go straight to the cupboard with cereal and store-bought cookies(and then the freezer in the garage for Popsicles. . .we love treats) Inside of this cupboard were always two bottles of Biolage shampoo/conditioner, and when I was around 16 I started taking a bottle every time I saw an extra!

The thought of me taking bottles of shampoo from Grandma led me to thinking of all the times I've taken full sleeves of lifesavers from her.

And huge bottles of mixed nuts.

And this is when I realized I have been stealing from my grandparents for years!

This led me to thinking about a comment my favorite oldest sister said to me while we were in Mesa for Grandma's funeral. I was poking around Mom's house and seeing all the new things I hadn't seen before, when Sarah said something to the effect of "You notice when things are new," but there was more to it. The reason I notice when something is new is because I like to take things that won't be noticed.

And this is when I realized that I have a problem.

All throughout my life, I've taken things that aren't mine, and noticed when things are new.

I've taken a million of Berit's and Meredith's clothes.

Berit would buy magazines and candy, and they would somehow get "eaten by the dog" and "lost."

Meredith never had any secrets because I would look at her cell phone and pretend I was calling my boyfriends.

I've overheard numerous dates of my siblings because (I was creeping before it was cool) I would sneak into the room and just sit there silently.


Luckily, I was never really secretive to my family because I knew there was no such thing! HA! To prove this point, here is a story: I had a box of old "love notes" underneath my bed, and one day I came home, and my mom said, "We found some really interesting notes underneath your bed. . . " and I remember thinking, "Well, that's awkward!" Never angry! Just. . . awkward. . . I'm still sorry about those, Mom! HA!

Anyway. I've only stolen one thing in my whole life from someone other than my family, and I did when I was twelve. I remember stealing a little charm for a bracelet, and the next time we went, I brought $11.00 to hide at the register. I talked to my bishop and I'm sure he laughed because I was later the Beehive president, but I kept the charm I stole and whenever I see it, I'm like, "NOPE. Never doing THAT again."

And that is the thought process I had while I was in the shower tonight.

PS. The charm was less that $5.00, so I felt like a six dollar increase was sufficient. Plus, I was an excellent babysitter in the glory days, and I worked hard for those eleven bucks.

PPS. I think Grandma knew what I did, but if she didn't then, she for sure knows now and it's okay.

I didn't choose the thug life; the thug life chose me.

Me (Verity Kendra-Aenone) and Grandma Aenone holding Cassidy Aenone! We probably all used Biolage this day.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

July 2015

We had a very busy July.

To celebrate Independence Day, we went to the Flagstaff parade and it was great! After that, we had naps and then went and played at Susie's house! 

 Jake and I were planning on a camping family reunion, but when that got changed to next year, we decided to go to Utah to visit my brother and his family. The day before we would be leaving, my sweet grandmother passed away(July 6). After calling my dad and mom, Morgan and I were immediately in contact to discuss whether or not the planned Utah trip would be able to take place. The funeral was determined to be the next week (July 18), so we went to Cedar City.

We got to Cedar City late on Wednesday, and the next morning we started playing! Basically, we got to play with Megan, Kate, and Jeremy for the weekend, and it was great! We went to the park and got free lunch every day, had a movie night every night, and found a "secret" stash of Otter Pops to eat all day, every day.

Jake, Gwen, Fred, and I returned to Flagstaff on Saturday, and we all went to bed really early because all the fun we had tuckered us out.

I work every Friday at the pediatric dental office, but I was able to get off work at 3:30, and we immediately drove down to the valley for Grandma's funeral. We didn't make it in time for the viewing, but we got to visit with the entire family, and it was so much fun.

On Saturday, we woke up early to get dressed for the funeral. It was a beautiful service. All of my aunt's and my mother spoke about Grandma's life and legacy. One thing that I especially loved was that after Grandma and Grandpa met, there were no stories where the two of them weren't involved. My grandparents love each other so much! We are certain there was a fabulous reunion between them when she passed from this life! Back to the funeral--Grandma LOVED pink, and her casket was white with beautiful pink flowers. Also, at the end of the service, the pianist (Sister Peterson) played the Canadian National Anthem, and that was great! Grandma could always be heard singing her national anthem when the opportunity presented itself (namely, Organ Stop Pizza!!!) While we miss Grandma so very much, we are happy to have the Plan of Salvation to know that we will be united again!

All of my siblings were in town for the funeral, so we took family pictures! The photographer (Jessica Drew) was fabulous! Considering our group was so massive and had a million children, it could've been terrifying, but she was so excellent! I don't have any pictures saved on my laptop, but the photos turned out beautiful. There was a massive storm front coming in, and we were rushing to get certain shots, and it was just a comical riot! I loved it! That kind of chaos is my favorite! All in all, the pictures are great and even though the weather flattened my hair, they are just fantastic!

On Sunday, we all went to church together and Gwendolyn went to nursery!!! IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING OF MY LIFE. Usually I teach primary in Flagstaff, and since Gwen is under 18 months, she comes into class with me. She is a great sport and my class loves her, but being in Mesa meant I was just going to drop her off with cousins, and I don't regret a thing! She loved it so much, and I only took her out because Meredith told me she was sleeping, and I'm pretty adamant about her not sleeping in church so that we can all get naps after church! HA! I'm greedy when it comes to Sunday naps!

After church on Sunday, we immediately left back home for Flagstaff. We wanted Gwen to sleep on the way home, and she didn't disappoint so I got a nap too. Poor J. No naps for drivers!

We've been struggling with a pest problem. We have mice, and have caught/killed multiple, but there was one we couldn't get! When we got home from Mesa, we found the mouse! He was SO big! We must've fattened him up with all the peanut butter, and then when we resorted to poison, he must've eaten it and run out! Thank goodness he did because he was so big that he would've stunk up the whole house! Anyway, we have no more mice now! HOORAY! Now if we can stay like this until next summer we will be happy!

One of my very best friend's texted me that she would be in Mesa for a while, and so Gwen and I made another trip to the valley to see her and her sweet baby Gideon! They live in Utah, so we don't see each other often and when she told me they'd be only two hours away, the trip was made imperative! Gwen LOVED Kyli. She would stare at her and smile, rest her head on Kyli's chest, and she also loves Gideon! I love Kyli so much!

We got Bahama Bucks a million times. Best decision ever.

Overall, July involved many, MANY trips. We are all so happy for the fun times those trips gave us, but we are also completely okay with not driving anywhere for a little while longer.  :)

Why my toddler is crying: because she hit Fred on the nose so he left.  Also, my eyebrow was having a problem.

Gwen loves her Baby.


Twinning 2.0

BAHAMA BUCKS. 1/2 birthday cake, 1/2 sour strawberry bahama rama mama.

Enjoying the soccer game!
Playing with Heidi/Sunblock in the eyes. HA!

Fred was having biting problems.


Gwen's favorite place to chillax.

Gwen and Gideon!

She loved him so much!

She loved Kyli even more.

She's cleaning the floor. Bout time! Work, lady!

Paying the bills.

She found a cookie, and didn't want anyone to know.

Gwen in nursery!!!!!!!!! YAAAASSSSSS!!!!

Sleeping in the hotel crib.

My krew and I in the minivan. #cedarcitylyfe

Megan and her fan and parasol, and Kate with Pink Puppy

Gwen pushing Jeremy. SO helpful.


They loved each other!

This isn't from July, but it's Gwen and her bestie! We miss you guys, Elia!

Gwen's reading tupperware.

Keeping her entertained on the drive to Utah.

4th of July Parade!!!!

After the BBQ at Susie's I played the piano while these ladies sang the night away!

Independence Day 2015

Britt, Gwen, Caleb, Heidi, and Eli

We played a lot in the hose and pool.

Fred has been loving watching the storms like this.

Watching J play basketball.


Four generations. Gwen was 5 or 6 weeks.    
 The last picture is the only 4 generation picture I have. From the left, me, Grandmother Aenone Woolf Christensen holding Gwendolyn Yvonne, and my mother, Marilyn Christensen Ellsworth. We're a mighty good looking group, if you ask me!