Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interesting things. . .

. . are collecting in my room. For instance, the real weasel stole thing. . . a lava lamp with a broken lamp. . . a Spanish/English dictionary. . . a large pinecone from Palm Springs, CA . . . 1920's black fringe. . . nerf gun shields. . . oh and yeah! That pile of books and homework and the list of books I still need to buy!

I'm not a neat freak--but I can't have messiness around me. It drives me nuts! If I have a messy bed, I'll have a messy head and that's the way it's looking to be at this moment. Seriously, I have no idea how I got to be this bad. . .I need an intervention. Tomorrow I will begin the purge. As for tonight, I think I'll take a look at that homework now :) :) :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teachers to NOT Take and to Switch your Youngsters Out Of to Prevent Self Esteem Issues

franklin west elementary
Mr. D

kino junior high
Mr. D- biology. He will make your child's life miserable like unto himself! (different than ^)

westwood high school
Mrs. DeLair- math. She doesn't care if you pass or fail, "it's easier for you to fail and she'll still get paid."

mesa community college
Marion Crotty- Eng102. Comes to class disheveled, doesn't offer office hours, students don't matter till the last week and by then there's nothing you can do. She's nice, but she makes she course completely miserable for 12 long weeks
Chuy Carreon- Mat142. Goes off on rants about how his son's are addicted to math, drugs and alcohol. Tells disgusting personal stories. If you don't understand and ask a question, he won't know the answer either so instead of trying to help, tells you to work it out. Students are the last thing he cares about.
Sharon West-Cre101. Worst.First.Impression.Ever. Two students had been added to the class by the front office. She asked if everyone had pre-reqs. When they didn't, she proceeded to let them know how unintelligent THEY were for an office mistake and yelled at a man because he asked he what she thought he should do to resolve the problem. Before they even left the room she made snide comments on how annoying they were when they said only kind things before.

First Impressions...

...are massive. Today I had an idiotic fiend of a teacher yell at two adult students when they asked a question about the syllabus. Mind you, the only reason I'm in the class is because I wanted to hate my life on Wednesdays from 7:10-9:50pm as much as possible and I feel like this awful woman will assist me in doing so. I don't understand how an old lady could be so vile! Wretched filth. The best part is after she yelled, they were very polite and left her classroom and as they were leaving she started telling us how much she hates teaching, students, and everything in between...all so these two people could hear! If you abhor something so much, why in the world, at an age like that, are you still doing it!? Utter confusion. She is being added onto my list of "Teachers to NOT Take and to Switch your Youngsters Out Of to Prevent Self Esteem Issues" For said list, there will be a post for every teacher I mention, and yes. There will be many. For elementary, I will name the school and the first letter of the last name. They should be retired by now, but we'll use a safety precaution. High school and college, there'll be absolutely no mercy. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Monday, January 18, 2010


-i never-
took a dance class
learned to mastered the piano
have been in fashion
liked really cloudy, glum days
learned to cook delicious meals
went on an adventure after high school
mastered my handwriting to a "tee"
was popular
like Twilight (i see the movies, i'm just a movie kind of gal!)
watch scary movies and enjoy them
swam fast enough to be able to score sweet scholarships
aspired to be famous, rich, or beautiful
got a summer vacation after may 2008

~instead i~
taught myself all the greatest dance know the YMCA?
learned how to play all my favorite hymns because who cares about the other ones :)
have ALWAYS had my own style
love and appreciate the sun and all it has to offer my happy heart
watched my mom and learned all her secrets to take to my own family someday
went to beauty school so i can support my fh (future hubby) while he schools it up
learned how to scribble legibly so i can copy the best quotes
knew everyone and always had friends
two words: harry potter
stayed up till midnight under forts watching disney
learned how to swim so my babies will be little frogs and fishes and mermaids
decided i already was beautiful and rich and famous could wait till forever
made my weekends count, my weeknights worth it and my school days glamorous

and i think i turned out just fine.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bed Bugs

One of my very best friends that I met in my ward growing up just got married! Actually, it was like two months ago. . . Anyways! So she lived up in Utah because she went to BYU and when she came back down to Air to the Zone-ah, she had these weird lumpy things on her arms! I asked her what they were and EVER SO SILENTLY she said, "Verity, I have bed bugs." Fast forward to today, right now. On my bed is a sheet. Through this sheet, there is a MASSIVE tear. It started like any other tear, but now it is basically a tattered...wash cloth--but it's really really REALLLLAY soft so I love it to death and now it's dead so I love it more....But under the sheet is an extra mattress softener thing...and it's itchy to the M.A.X. So. Dilemma, super soft sheet, really itchy thingy underneath! Alas, methinks to myself "Pfft. Wouldn't that be so funny and gross if I had bed bugs!?!" And I started laughing stinking hard. And then I remembered my dear, sweet, lovely married friend and I had somber thoughts of her sad arms. . . but then I laughed and I'm still laughing. buahahah. I love my Mrs. Melodiah!

PS. If this photo isn't heinous enough, you should just see us in real life. Now, three years after that picture was taken, we've MORE than perfected the art of a super heinous photo. Awesome? I think yes.

Love Letters

Dear String Cheese,
I'm sorry I ate your brother, cousin, sister, niece, nephew, uncle, grandpa-once removed, and Aunt Millie. I just love you so much and when I open Mr. Fridge to see you I can't help but get excited.

Dear Deoderant,
You make my armpits smell so good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That time I tried to use you as lotion and smother you all over my body was on accident. . . Please forgive me.

Dear Chicago Spanish Dictionary,
You are still my best friend. Especialmente cuando yo quiero a jugar futbol con los mexicanos. Te amo.

Dear Recipe Book,
Please stop haunting me in the middle of the night. I knowwwww you want to play with me, but I'm busy.

Dear ScrapBook mess in my room,
I apologize for neglecting you. Don't worry. I'll call you in the morning and work on our relationship lots and lots.

Dear Winter,
We're breaking up. I never really liked you that much anyway. You do nothing for me. And you don't even smell good. At least my other seasons smell good. Seriously, it's probably best for you to never call and never show your dirty little face 'round these parts ever again.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


.. I realized that I can blog-follow myself! I have a fan!!!! Thank goodness it is Wednesday. After Wednesday, even my slowest week speeds up!

<3 vkae

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My First Post.. going to be somewhat of an awkward mess! I have to introduce myself to get things properly started! My name is just like I say, Verity. It means "truth" in Latin--my parents are brilliant. I'm the youngest of six kids and in a family of five girls and one boy, I grew up with my very best friends. Some funny facts from growing up: Whenever we would apply for jobs or sign on for surveys and we were asked if we were Native American, African American or Caucasian, Mom would always tell us to check the OTHER option because we are NOT caucasian, we are European :) Dad hides...still to this any dark place he can when he hears any one of his girls coming. He LOVES to scare us and he will never, ever let up! My brother is one of the biggest influences in my life. I've always wanted to be cool enough to impress him and I think I'm getting there!!! My sisters and brother are my best friends. We hear from each other some weeks, every other day and others not for days on end! We range in age from 34 to 20 and from the East Coast of Virginia to the Snowy sight of the Shakespearean Festival in Utah to the Valley of the Sun in Mesa and Yuma. My oldest siblings have expanded their own families into what we now have--A Fantastical Zoo of Happiness! This blog is for logging my own personal adventures in my life that is constantly changing. It'll be a fun and bumpy ride, so sit down and get ready...I'm on my way!

<3 vkae