Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poor, poor Camy.

Our Toyota Camry is named Camy. Camy is a new girl on the block, but she's so sensitive. Last summer, some roofing flew onto her back and side and she needed a whole new wardrobe of grey-sparkle paint to get her groove back on. This summer has been no less of a trying time for her.

We were on our way to California with our friends, the Kruses. We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a quick weekend trip and it was so fun, but more on that later. Anyhoo. On the way there, maybe 45 minutes into driving, J got pulled over! He was speeding on the highway and a copper was hiding behind a mountain and caught him! J definitely has a lead toe, so no one was surprised, but when the police officer let us off with a warning, we were all so happy!!!!

Fast forward 3 days and we're on our way back home to good, old Flaggy. We had just gotten out of Kingman, Arizona. All of a sudden, my face started tickling from the car vibrating. I mentioned it to everyone, and we all stopped again to take notice of Camy freaking out. Not even minutes later, she blew a tire! It sounded like gravel and rocks were hitting the under carriage of the car, and cars behind us were swerving out of the way to avoid a collision, all the while J is trying his best to not drive into a ditch and maintain control of naughty Camy!

We pulled over safely (good job, J!) and the news was SOOO bad. When the tire popped, it somehow ripped up through the back bumper, causing it to literally tear! Like PAPER, people! It scruffed up the paint job on the door, the light and the whole back, but then when we were getting out the spare, we noticed that the tire had punctured a hole right through the trunk! It was so bizarre!

Luckily, we all were safe. Luckily, Kallam was in the car to help calm angry J down. Everything just really worked out for our good on that trip. Even with the insurance too! Since Camy's only 3 years old, her tires were under warranty so we'll get that taken care of and it'll only take 4 days for Camy's plastic surgery to finish! Hopefully, with new tires and a new wardrobe (again) and some plastic surgery for her tooshy, she'll feel good enough and stop being so moody!

The tire that had had enough!

Kayla is a broken bumper model! She's such a babe.

Kallam and J discussing how naughty Camy is!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Six Flags

We took a trip to California with our amazing friends, Kayla and Kallam. They are so jazzy and just have the swellest names ever. Kay-luh and Kay-lum. It's just my favorite thing ever. We got a great discount on tickets -go online before ever buying full price tickets, my friends!- and Kayla found a steal of a deal on a hotel, plus with us needing some heat, we were all for it!

We left Friday when Kayla was finished being a grown up (going to work). Within 45-60 minutes of driving, we got pulled over! So fun! But alas, the officer was kind to J and let us go with a warning! Woot woot!

We got in to Barstow and had ourselves some Denny's where we were the minority. We drove into LA to witness some beautiful bumper to bumper traffic at MIDNIGHT! Seriously, so late, but so many cars. Cali, you are one weird place!

When we got to our hotel, we saw a nice stripper-looking girl and her boy. Random, but still.

On Saturday morning, we ate at the hotel and then got our sunblock on, our directions out and our adventure going! We got to the park a bit before 10:30 am, so we had a bit of waiting to do. Before the park even opened, there was a line for the women's restroom! It was so wonderful!

J and I went on so many fun rides! We didn't do nearly as many as the K&K because we're wusses, but we took a nap in some grass and it was perfect! We also collected money at the park. . . pennies mostly, but silver dollars and quarters every once in a while! I got some great photos of Kayla, Kallam and J on the Tatsu. I was too woozy to go on it, but I made friends with a 5000000 pound man who couldn't fit on the rides and we talked about food, California and TV shows, so it was great company! Kayla and J like the Tatsu the most, so I'm glad I got the random pictures that I did.

I learned things about myself on this trip. One, I just am too wussy for roller coasters. I get all lightheaded and weird.Hopefully Disneyland isn't too intense for me, or I'll be so sad. Two. I can talk to anyone! I always thought my old man was so crazy for being able to talk to anyone about anything, but I realized I have his skill! I'm so happy about that.

All in all, we had such a good time! We were able to spend time together doing nothing school-wise, and we were able to spend time with our friends that we love so it was just swell!

That said, I don't ever want to go on a roller coaster again! I got that allllll out of my system!

J is on there somewhere. I'm super proud that I thought of taking this!

We like to wait for rides when it's humid and sunny.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

April Fun

We seem to get random snow in April. It's deceiving though; one minute it'll be bright and sunny, and the next thing you know, you're scraping ice off your windows! When we woke up to a world of snow a few weeks before finals, we knew we needed to get our sled-on! No pictures of that; it was too rugged and adventurous to bring a camera. I would have lost it, I'm sure.

Outside our front door is a wall separating parking from the walkway, and we had so much snow that we would jump off the wall, do a 360 degree turn in the air, and land in the snow! It was scary at first, but after we got used to it, the scary part was watching J jump from the top of stairs. I know now that our kids will follow in the Ellsworth family tradition of getting stitches before the age of 2!

This is just from the separation wall and was the first jump. 
Sooooo fun, but weird watching someone jump and fall with their back to the ground!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

March Update

 These past few months went by so so so quickly, and school was overwhelming (something always is, right!?) so now that we have a month of summer and no new TV shows, blogging has a place in my life again!

In March, J and I drove to Colorado to visit my sister Bear and her family. They moved there a year-ish ago and we miss the heck out of them. Her husband Josh is in the military so we hadn't seen him forever since he had boot camp and training before they moved! We also have love affairs with their two boys, and we both were in desperate need of some slobbery kisses from them. So, 18 hours driving and 6 in a hotel in New Mexico later, we were on base and reunited with our Roller family!!!! We love the stink out of them. We explored the base, took walks to the mail box, and got lost coming home from church and it was so fun! We also got our exercise on daily by playing Wii, which J is now heavily addicted to. We want one so bad just to play tennis all day! I didn't get many pictures of the outing, so I'm stealing them from Bear, but the few I do personally have are hilarious enough to make me cry when I look at them! All of the pictures I snatched from my sister can be seen here!!

We like each other, he just is a model for the camera!
Getting his very first haircut!
He's so blonde!!!
He just didn't know how he felt about this!!
Curtis, happy, before he realized he was getting a haircut!
He's such a hide-er!
I was outside and he wanted outside!!!! This makes us laugh so hard!!