Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona

There is a small town in Arizona in the scenic White Mountains of Arizona. Of four thousand, five hundred and thirty-six (4,536) people, 2,302 are of the male species and 2,234 human beings are female. Of those numbers are three people.

This is JackDen. He is the shiz and has naturally arched and perfected eyebrows. He also is the human that likes me so much that he wants to change my last name to his last name. It's cool.

These is Sean and Maria. (Also known as Sergay and Maw-ree-ah.) These are the children siblings of said Jake. They both have braces and like listening to Rihanna while we roll on dubs with the bass booming in the Audi.

They make up a small 3 in a large fourthousandsomething, but they are really cool and I'm proud to have them as future sibling-things-in-law-or-nothing.

In Pinetop-Lakeside, the cool thing to do on a Saturday night is going to Wal-Mart aka the mall. (If you go and someone invites you to the mall, decline or you'll be on your way to the Show-Low Wal-Mart.)

Another cool thing to do is talk to people on facebook and take facebook profile pictures while acting all weird and emo. Little Sergay and Mahreeah love that second one. Jake and I came to their rescue, thank goodness.

We went to Pinetop to get stuff a little more organized for the day when my name changes, and I learned about Pinetopians.

The first thing to know is that ShowLow has the best fireworks ever.
The second thing to know is that where in the valley, stake dances are a weekly thing, in P-L, they're only on a month to month base.

Anyway, my fingers hurt from cutting hair and I'm bored of myself. Moral of the story, Pinteop-Lakeside is a really small town and unless you go to the Marble Slab and the Show-Low Wal-Mart, you really missing out.


Anonymous said...

I love your ode to the town I live in. I had no idea you were marrying a boy from the wonderful white mountains. I did. Best decision I ever made. Well actually he got me pregnant so he had no choice... just kidding. Kind of. Anyways I asked my husband if he knew your husband to be and apparently My husbands older brother got in a fight or fights with your said to be husband. Don't know if it is true... anyways. Have a good day.

Verity Kae said...

Oh my gosh! How ridiculously classy of the men we know! Who is his older brother?! I'm going to ask him if he knows him and I'll squeal it outta him! You have cute babies with that husband of yours so it's all good!