Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Right this second. . .

I am
Listening to a car that sounds like a dying animal.
Wondering why the dying animal has made the noise for over 25 minutes straight.
Smelling skunk that sprayed behind our house, but is flourishing our home due to our window fan.
Debating whether or not to go have a hissy fit outside about the ridiculous noise.
Scared to go into our bedroom. I'm home alone and Voldemort is scarier than ever.
Scared to go to the bathroom because we watch WWZ and there could be a zombie in there.
Confused at how I can be afraid of such wonderful things.
So glad I get to wake up at 8 tomorrow, rather than 6:30.

Really though. This sound outside is not helping with my fear that Voldemort is about to walk in this house. Oh my word.

To get my mind off of my impending doom, here is a picture of Jake with a twizzler. He ties them in knots, and then uses it as a rope to knock things down at our house. It's always fun.

Oh my gosh! Jake just got home! Now I can stop being a wuss in my own house! Hooray!
Concentrated work.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anniversary number 3

On Monday we got to three years of marriage. J got me the prettiest flowers, and we got burgers at Wendy's for dinner to accompany our errands. We needed to drive to Snowflake, pick up a car, and then drive back, so we decided to celebrate a few days later.

Jake and I got a piece of junk mail that had a key on it. The dealerships send a million out, saying that one key will open the door to a car. If you're the person with that key, you win the car. J didn't want to try the key because he knew we'd lose, but we did the scratch off thing on top of the coupon, and we won a gift card for food!

We decided to use it and go to a local place here in Flagstaff. It's a steakhouse called Black Bart's, and the servers sing!! We thought it sounded like a version of Organ Stop Pizza with a few tweaks, and we planned it for our anniversary celebration!

Today, after work, we went to Black Bart's. To start off with, it seemed sketchy. We pulled up, and I immediately wanted to go somewhere else because you park in a trailer park. But we went in those doors, and it was magic. If anyone has seen The Red Green Show on PBS, this place made you feel like you were in the lodge, reciting the man's prayer of "I am a man. But I can change. If I have to. . . I guess."

Mounts of elk, deer, and a million other things were everywhere. The place was dimly lit with mismatched chairs at each table. A huge stone fireplace was right at the entrance. It just was great!
We got seated immediately and ordered our waters and sasparillas, and when the server brought it back, a piano started playing. . . and every.single.server. went and stood by the piano and sang to us! We were welcomed with "Consider Yourself" from Oliver, and it was fabulous.

My steak came out rare instead of well done. The rolls weren't all they were cracked up to be. But the sweet potato fries. . . Best things ever.

Our server and his gang of singing coworkers congratulated our anniversary-ing with a song of Happy Anniversary, sung to the tune of Happy Birthday, and our favorite Happy Honeymoon. It was seriously the best. And the deep fried ice cream was Jake's favorite.


Even with food, they still sing while they pass it out. Notice the South Pacific sign.

Stargazer Lilies. Day One.

Day Three. So many more lilies opened!

This story is mainly for Bear and Mom. See the South Pacific sign in the background of the blurry picture? Jake said, bless his heart, "I think Hugh Jackman was great in that movie." I laughed and said, I'm calling my mom right now to tell her what you just said. hahaha!

Remember, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together. -Red Green.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To My Dad.

 Dad, happy father's day. I love you, and you are the best there is.

PS. We love you, Old Man.

Friday, June 14, 2013


I like to sew. I like to quilt. I don't like to bind quilts. I tried to learn how to bind from YouTube and the directions weren't too clear, but I did it, and it turned out alright. There's  something I like about quilting that drives others crazy: mistakes. In the first quilt I made with my oldest sister Sarah, I can see places where my seams don't line up perfectly and I know that's because I wanted to read the new Harry Potter book more than I wanted to sew at the moment. I think the mistakes are fun to remember. This quilt was SOOO easy since I just bought a jelly roll of precut strips, but figuring out that binding was a mess . . . and if you look hard, you can see it, but I love it! I love that someday I can show this to my mini's and say, "This is where I learned to bind. Can you tell!?!?!" And then we'll laugh and eat popcorn.

Somehow or another, this "throw" ended up being massive. Amen.

I love gray. I bought these because they were cheap! Hello, Clearance!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Jake and I had been talking about going on a vacation to California to celebrate our semesters of straight A's, but when it came down to it, we both thought it would be better to work and save money. Then, on a Monday after family home evening, he told me that we were going on an adventure! It turns out, Disneyland would be having a 24 hour event, so the parks would be open all day and night, and J wanted to go! My dental office isn't open Fridays, and the Thursday before our doctor was planning on being out, and Jake was able to get all of his hours in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so we drove out on Thursday!

On our drive we listened to Ender's Game! It is crazy, and we're so excited for the movie now!

Our cheappppp hotel sold the room we reserved and they upgraded us to a suite! It was fancy!!

On the trolly!

We got to Disneyland at 6:00 am and Jake wanted to catch up on local news.

I love him!


Cars Land looked JUST like Sedona. We would hang out in there a lot because we felt like it was home.

Anything J saw that said "Aladdin" immediately required a photo. I had no clue until now how much he seriously loves Al.

I wanted a picture by the California Adventure "D", but apparently those don't exist anymore. Sad day!

Our invisible stamps for park hopping!

We like weird faces!

This couple was yelling, swearing and shoving one another. At Disneyland. At 7:00 am. In front of children. It was great.

Cakes of pan.

Our best friends told us to eat at this place. Niki, Jake regretted his breakfast the second he saw mine. Thank you!

J's mother raised him on lentils. We laughed.

"ALADDIN! Take my picture. . . "

We were so entertained with these ducks!

Waiting for some ride.

We went over to some place where you get Mickey Mouse doughnut things and sat for a true hour. We were wiped.

He wanted that churro more than you could imagine.

Our 2013 BioMed Man!

Random people sleep at Disneyland. I never knew.

We asked some teenager to take our picture. He told me the camera wasn't working so I was going to help him. Apparently, it was fine.

In Flagstaff, we have pink trees. Anaheim has purple!

Taking a Disney break for some Korean foods.

YUM. First, cold and sweet cooked potatoes, cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi.

He's happy when he gets to speak to Koreans.

Back to Cars! I felt bad for the lady next to me because she sat by herself, so I talked to her the whole time. We're BFFs now.


We had a million fast passes. We only waited a few minutes for Indiana Jones, and I told Jake how surprised I was because whenever my family would try to go on it, the ride would always be broken! Imagine my shock when we are getting in the cars, and they tell us to get out for repairs. We stayed for 30 minutes, and then they told us to leave, and offered everyone MORE FAST PASSES!

In this picture, I am my sister Berit's exact lookalike.

DOLE WHIPS! Kacie, thanks for telling us to go around the back! We didn't even wait in line!

Again, food break. J loves In N Out. It was crowded and smelly. We loved it.

I got a blister from wearing stupid shoes, but I knew I would so shame on myself.

We finished up with going to the Newport Temple. It was soooooo fancy. This is a mini museum in a church next door!

Seriously. The Newport Beach Temple is fancy. All temples are fancy stuff, but this one was f.a.n.c.y.p.a.n.t.s. stuff.

This was my most favorite part of Disneyland! We got free pins!! I loved them! When people saw the anniversary one, they'd walk right over and shake our hands and tell us congrats! We even got a few hugs! It was so fun!!!

All in all, our trip was great. We didn't take many pictures because taking pictures starting taking over our trip. Also, I highly recommend Audibles! And Ender's Game.