Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My business cards. . .

. . . were supposed to come in 20 days after I had ordered them. Well, voila! Guess what was waiting in the mail for me, 15 days early!? Yes. It's true. They are a magnificent sight. I'm so proud of them. They say my name and my phone number. It's pretty rad.

A few things have been consuming my newlywed life with the mister. In order of importance is 1. Prison Break, 2. The Office, and last but not least, 3. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Clearly our priorities aren't in order. Our favorite hobby is waiting at blockbuster for Prison Break. We have the jazziest friends that lend us their seasons of The Office and the LOTR series. We love them.

Another news break: we are no longer hiding from the Newlywed Radar. This radar is salvation. It's what keeps you from giving talks, getting huge callings, and being called to clean the church for funerals. Well people, ALL of those things have happened to us. It started with us getting married and going to church only one week afterward! Next thing we know, we're ushered into the clerks office for a calling in the young men with the deacons and an activities director or something. Soon after we are just minding our own business and Jake volunteers to pray. Later we're at home when a unknown number phones us. Oh goody! We get talks this week! Sadly, we declined the invite for cleaning the church because we were in San Diego. Anyhoo, I figure this just means I get the next year off! I find our circumstance laughable.

A cricket has been plaguing my sleep. It is our new pet, but he's very rude and barks all night. We continually have to yell with sharpness at him so hush up, and he will, but he starts being rude minutes later. Jake seems to blame me for not taking his life when I first spotted him, but I was too tired and I didn't mind the little booger. He was a different cricket then. Now he's harsh and rude and very offensive. I can't bring myself to find him again or I would have to be brutal so we're having a minor dilemma with our new pet.

Glory, glory to finding the cricket and ending our miserable nights.

On a side note, we went to California for a quick break before school starts! We did a session in the San Diego temple and played at the beach. We dug holes. One in particular. And all the guys were a beautiful mermaid. Sadly I don't have any proof of the masterpiece but it was wondrous! We both look superheinous, but humidity is more of a foe than a friend. I don't know how to work that wet, muggy air!


Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Sounds like the married life is going well for you!! And I like that picture, and in no way do you look 'superheinous.' Love you!

The Lucas Gang said...

you crack me up.
and as for humidity. BLUGH!

Stephannie said...

At least you're not the Relief Society President! >:-(