Sunday, January 20, 2013


Jake and I both have the flu.

It's magical, really.

I got in on Monday, and then J smooched my face and got it on Thursday. It's not convenient at all, but hey. At least we'll get it over with.

In other news, we got our elk meat! Jake and Kallam got a tag for an elk, and got one! So we've been feasting on it, and we just got a dehydrator! When we finally kick this flu bug, we are going to be mass producing jerky!


Quilt planning. . . it isn't easy deciding what to do!

Normal people have good hair days. . . It's pathetic but this is my "long" hair day!

We picked up Maria from California and she started her applications to college!


We are just rad.

This chunky Bulldog/Pitbull was so happy about Chik-Fil-A opening and was modeling in the drive-thru!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I have been slacking in the writing blogs department. Here's the new news.

J and I both finished our semesters with A's all around. Impressive! We studied all the time and it was magical.

J has started an internship at North Country dental clinic. They work hand in hand with A.T. Still, and seeing as how he's applying to their dental school, we think it will be a nice touch. Added on to his externship he did at Winslow Indian Health Care, he'll be around 1300+ of public health hours.

I've been working for a local dentist and it is the best thing for me. I am able to still go to school full time (and get A's!)  and work enough to pay for school and the freakishly high rent of Flagstaff. I also started nannying for the dentist and his wife so that has been quite an adventure.

I'm doing another winter intersession class. They are so worth not having a break from school.

I taught the Sunbeams all year and now they are all grown up. . . or at least a good 4 inches taller, each. Now I'll be back where I started with the 9-10 year old class. I'm nervous because I'm used to teaching a ten minute lesson and singing the rest of the time, and I don't think that will fly with "cool", older kids.

J is still teaching every fourth Sunday, but really he teaches about 2-3 times a month. It's exhausting, but now our ward is going to meet later this year so we are at 11!!! Woot!

Lastly, a funny story.

Jake and I were walking into the grocery store and he saw a clump of snow and thought he would kick it. . . but it was ice. And he stubbed his toes. It was hilarious!