Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving Randoms

My brother is the best. Hands down, best brother ever. So when he told us he was doing the Mesa Turkey Trot, I decided that J and I needed to do it too!

We signed up and decided to get ready for it by running, but then we remembered that we have so much school work that running had to be on the back burner. . . weeks passed and then it was Thanksgiving and we were both so not ready!

Morgan, my brother, is so fast. And he does rim to rim to rim hikes at the Grand Canyon for fun. And he did a 24 mile hike and kept saying that it would be fun too. Anyway, he just likes that. He was talking to us the night before about what we needed to pace for a good time, and it was just hilarious because I knew I would do so so bad!

Anyway, so it's the morning of the race and we all meet up. Morgan gave me my new favorite advice ever. He said that because it feels really good to pass people, if you wait to start you'll have a self-esteem boost when you get ahead of others! That was good enough for me! So the race starts, and J and Morgan are both gone. . . gone as in I never, EVER saw them again. They are both so fast.

But so there I was. At the back of the race. And then I passed people. And it was awesome.  Near the end of the race I heard numerous concourses of angels cheering for me and it made my heart feel so great. And then I realized that they weren't cheering for me, but for a little, old man dressed up as Santa. Oh my gosh this old man was passing me! So then and there I decided that as long as I beat Santa, I'd be fine. Luckily I did by pretending that everyone cheering for Santa was cheering for me.

All in all, Turkey Trots are fun and it is so hot in Mesa that I wanted to pass out.

Here is a short list of remarkable people who passed me in the race:
A 10 year old girl.
2 boys who jumped over weeds and hopped all around the whole time. Ages 10-12ish
80 year old grandma. She did the dang thing.
Santa Claus, but I ended up beating him.
A man with a double stroller and no shoes.

Also, my old man and Morgan's oldest daughter did the fun run! They are the best. I love it.

The best part of the race was finished because my sister was waiting at the finish line with my nieces and they were so happy to see me! Oh my gosh. It was great. Morgan and J both said I did great, but Maria was the best.

After the race, we went to our places and cleaned up and prepared for food. It was so crazy but that is a good thing.

We saw The Rise of the Guardians. I liked the Yetis but it was a seriously long movie and my legs were cramping the whole time.

Jake and I saw Skyfall and he loved it. I loved it too but those movies stress me out! I never know what's happening and I get invested in characters so it's quite tiring to watch them!

That's about it. Hooray!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie/Play Week

This past week we went out for more dates than usual because we did awesome on our school tests and needed to celebrate.

First we went to a local company's showing of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. That is my most favorite play ever. I love everything about it! Here's the bummer: it wasn't all that great. The actors spoke too quickly, too softly, and too fake-British-accenty for Jake and the friends that came with us to understand a thing! And the production had a weird, loud siren thing and I still cannot figure that one out. The first time I saw the play a few years ago, when Todd would kill people, he'd pull out a red scarf to be the blood but in this one, there was never any indication that people even died. It was sad. But I loved it. I just feel bad for the group that had no idea what was happening!

Then we saw Breaking Dawn: Part 2! It was so fun. We were able to see it earlier than the midnight showing because a local orthodontist rents out theaters for a 6:30 pm showing. We went with the same friends that we went to Sweeny with. Amy and TJ are so fun and we love them, plus they love Yuma, so I like them even more!

Now Jake has a man-date to see Skyfall and I have a woman-date to get our craft on!

In my family, holidays mean movies. I am so so so excited! I cannot wait to see Rise of the Guardians! I mean, seriously. A movie with a tatted up Santa!?!? Done. And the tooth fairy?! Happening. Also, we're dying to see Life of Pi! So fun. Plus, the trailers for The Host were released and I'm so excited for it! I loved the book!

I wish I took more pictures. I'm going to get better at that! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

These are my confessions.

1. I eat food on J's side of the bed. . . that was his side is all crummy and not mine. No hard feelings though, he falls asleep so fast anyway!

2. I watched two hours of Netflix, and wrote three letters in my bathroom today because that's the best heater in our house. 

3. We went to Sam's Club yesterday and got two massive bags of Baked Lays. The confession part is that we ate a whole bag in the car and during a play we saw. 

4. I did a top knot today, and I rested my head on J's shoulder for half a second and then had a unicorn for the rest of church. No one told me.

5. I love, love, love peeling off my nailpolish. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anniversary photo session, 7 months late!

When J and I got married, we decided it'd be a fun tradition to go on a vacation every odd year for anniversaries, and that we'd get our pictures taken every even year.

For our first anniversary, we took a day trip to Sedona and rode our bikes, ate really bad Korean food, and saw some incredible hippie action.

Then our second came and went. . . I reminded him of our deal and he finally gave in! Hooray! Our photographer is so great. She once did a pre-engagement shoot for us, complete with matchy-matchy shirts, pants and shoes. It was delectably cliche. Sarah had an opening in October and I jumped for joy! Hooray. We love her and she is so fun and great at what she does. And her blog and website are so cute.

Anyway, these are my favorites.

It's tradition to do the raptor dance.


Monday, November 5, 2012


  I have irrational fears. I fear that some kind of insect is going to crawl into my ear and lay eggs and I'm just going to have a million roaches in my ear. . . or my eyes. Both are equally scary. At the same time, I am not afraid of spiders or scorpions at all.
  I was just in the bathtub, taking my nightly bath when I washed my face and felt something move past me! But it was only water re-arranging because I'd just moved. Any one from Mesa that gets irrigation will know of the fear I had when I thought a sewer roach had joined my bath.

  Jack remembered my birthday! It was so fun! I work in a dental office, and when I got into work on Thursday, there were flowers on the desk for me! It was so fun! And it made me shy. And then I loved it again. 
  Also, speaking of J, he is taking the DAT so soon. I cannot believe that the time is already here! How weird.

  Lastly, I've mentioned before that there are these dogs down the street that we love. Their names are Alice and Olive. . . but a few months ago we found a new dog. . . a new, obese and nearly dead dog! We've named him Chunky Puppy and he's only outside sometimes, but he is so so fat! We think he has heart attacks every time I call him to come to the fence for some pets! He is so so so fat. Chunky Puppy, Alice and Olive. We love them. Also, Chunky Puppy is super, super fat. 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Confessions

1. Last night we had friends over at 9:30 pm. Usually we go to bed around 10, so around 10:30 J and I got a little slap happy and we all ate way too much candy which caused a sugar frenzy and ended around 1:30 am with the upstairs neighbors (our Elephants) stomping on the floor to tell us to shut up. We don't feel bad, seeing as how their favorite activity is waking us up to their favorite activity, if you get what I mean. Gross, and true.

2. I thought Pitch Perfect was the stupidest movie ever. Not as bad as Country Strong, but a close second. The best parts were Fat Amy, and she wasn't even the star, so Pitch Perfect=lame.

3. I keep seeing people posting things at the state fair and all I can think is, "Since WHEN did the fair become 'cool'!?!?!?" Seriously, for as long as I can remember, driving to the middle of ghetto Phoenix, Arizona was not awesome, but now it's all anyone can talk about. . .I'm all about a good county fair, but seeing all these posts about how awesome the rickety rides are is making me want to go to the fair, but I know better! It's tricking me into wanting something I completely don't!

4. Yesterday there was a spider on our wall. I'm truly not afraid of spiders, but was in the middle of doing something, so I asked J to take care of it. He didn't. Now it's gone. And my ears keep itching. Logic has it that the spider is in my ear.

5. My 23rd anniversary of being born is occurring this Friday. Also, in 4 years, this is the very first time I think J is going to remember on his own. I'm not counting on it, but I've gotten my favorite cereal and wrapped it up. I also wrapped a new shirt for myself. OH! And also, joining every restaurants birthday list is probably on of the better things I've done in my life. I'm wonderfully excited for all the freeness that keep popping up in my inbox!

The end.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday confessional.

I like how people do confession posts and I want to confess truths also.

1. My sunbeams are the best and we rocked at the primary program. We basically stole the show. . .

2. We forgot to pick up our bikes from the shop. They were getting a tune up, and now I have to wake up earlier to walk to class since the shop doesn't open till 9. I'm debating how fast I can walk because I would rather speed walk than wake up earlier than I do right now. I am a fast speed walker. . . even better than Olympians. . . and who knew that speed walking was a real event!? Awkward. But I'd win.
The key is to not bend the knee!

3. I got a new backpack. With the old one we're making 96 hours preparedness bags, and we've already got a few set. The confession here is that I keep eating the beef jerky in them! Why is jerky such a delicious feast!?

4. I hate bacon. That's right! I hate it. This is fairly recent, and it's because I surprised J with some awesome and expensive bacon, then proceeded to make the entire pack and then my house smelt like it for days and it made me nauseous, so I now despise bacon.

5. My workout class is filled with hippies and I am really working on growing my hair out longer so I can be a hippie too. It's my goal to be a Mormon hippie, but I'm still going to eat steak and snowboard on the mountain.

The end.

Friday, October 19, 2012

That one time where I was more afraid than anything.

So I'd gotten home from class later than usual and but was really excited because I knew J had ordered from our favorite Thai place some yellow curry, spicy level 3. I had just gotten to the door, and opened the screen. The door was locked, but J was inside because our car was still at our place, so I rang the doorbell and knocked a soft knock before looking over to the mailbox to see if we had anything.

And there. by the mailboxes. was. a. skunk.

Skunks are so fun when you're far away from them, but this little devil was feet away from me!

I'd heard from my wise friends what to do if you see a skunk, so I stopped and stayed completely still. I started knocking more on the door because J hadn't let me in yet. I couldn't get my keys out of my backpack because that was too much movement. . . I was calm and so still. . .


I have never, ever been so afraid in my life! I started pounding on the door and screaming asking J to open the door. . . milliseconds passed and the skunk was even closer and all I could do was yell and pound on our door!

When J finally opened and let me in, I dropped my bike and ran in screaming "SKUNK! SKUNK!!!!!" J shut the door fast and his face was the best I've ever seen. . . in my moment of absolute terror, he looked just as scared and horrified as he tried to determine whether or not I'd been sprayed. Luckily, my banshee screams and loud fists on the door sent him scurrying the other way and I was not the recipient of a skunk scent.

After we calmed down and I told J the story, he was nervous to get our Pato Thai, but eventually the thought of curry and rice was enough for him to not care and the skunk was gone.

The end.

PS. I am sure I scared the heeby jeebies out of all the neighbors.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bugs in my mouth.

When I ride my bike, I breathe through my mouth rather than my nose. . . I just need more air than nose breathing allows. This hasn't been a problem in our time living here until just recently.

I don't know what it is, but I come home everyday after being assaulted in the mouth by bugs!

Big bugs, little bugs, bumble bugs. . . they all fly right into my mouth! I thought I could fix this by riding with my mouth closed, but if I nose breathe, they'll still hit my lip and go up my nose.

I can't figure out why they want to be in my mouth or even how they manage to find ME out of a sea of bike riders. . .

Either way, bug guts are closer to my heart than ever before.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

That one time J fell off his bike into an intersection. . .

J ROCKS. Let me tell you why.

We just got new bikes. They are beautiful and magnificent and we don't leave them outside because that would be Stupid with a capital S!

J loves himself some upgrades, so he bought clipless bike pedals and cleats. (if you haven't tried the magic called clipless pedals, you are missing out on some fine action.)

So back to cleats and clip ins. He got them all adjusted, nice and tight. He then decided to ride to the bike store and get his bike oiled or something. SO. There is J. Pumping his legs on that bike so hard because with clips you get speed pulling up the pedal! He is going so so so fast. I'm behind him on my bike, on my way to school . . . oh no. The green light turned yellow. We start braking. I stop. J doesn't. And then he and his whole. entire. grown. man. self and bike included fall over onto the road!!!! He couldn't release from the clips and since the light was red, he couldn't balance on two tires while staying in one spot and he literally fell over!

I laughed so hard. I can't even tell you how much I was crying from laughing. There we were, in front of city hall and the car rental place, J trying to get up from the asphalt. It was one of the best things my eyes will ever see. Jake was able to unclip once he hit the ground so he was picking himself up. He is so cool because he was laughing harder than me! And people were just staring at us. . . there were probably thinking something about how mean I am for not helping him, but it was just one of those things that happens so fast that there's no point in trying to help!

Nevertheless, J was able to get himself fixed up. Turns out, his actual cleat hookup was too loose, so he tightened that up and has been fine ever since.

I took a mental picture of that.

PS. I love him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rivals on Cherry Street.

J and I have neighbors that dislike us. We don't understand why, but we also seem to have a rivalry. It's really fine; we could care less, but today things got a little crazier than normal!
I was riding my bike home from school. Usually I'll get home around 6:30pm, but today I didn't get out until 7:30. The problem with this is that Flagstaff has these weird street lights that don't shine bright because of the observatory. The other problem with this it that it's completely blacked out on some streets leading in to our apartment.
There I was. Cruising down the pitch black street. No cars were coming so my bike reflector wasn't useful. I thought to myself aloud, "I hope no one shoots out from the library parking lot right now because that would hurt!" The library is right by our house and has a horrible view of the street so we live in constant fear that we're going to get hit right there. Alas, no cars were there since it was so late. I sighed in relief because I made it to the American Legion. They were having a party. . . like always, but I saw no lights! "Hooray!" I thought! I've made it home and then


The neighbors that dislike us were in their car, lights off and mere inches from hitting me! I kid you not! Oh my gosh. I've never been mad at them before, but I imagined a few scenes in my head: 1. I jump off my bike and start hitting their car with my 30 pound backpack and helmet and yelling SLOW DOWN! You are in a parking lot! There's no reason to speed! and 2. They actually hit me (just enough for my bike and me to fall and get scraped). Luckily, neither of these things occurred. In fact, the only thing that happened was me giving them the most evil look I could but it was dark so they probably didn't see it anyway! I mean, how could you with your lights off in Flagstaff!?

*edit* I DID have a bike light on my bicicelta, they just didn't see that either! And it was flashing and everything.

 This has brought our rivalry to a new level!

In other news, J and I are getting our pictures taken! When we got married, we decided we'd do pictures on the even year anniversaries and go places for the odds. We didn't have time in the summer, but now we do and we are  I am so so so so excited. Sarah tends to help us look better than we normally do . . .

I love this picture of us.  We got stuck in a rainstorm after church.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

As of late. . .

J and I both finished our summer sessions at NAU! I've now decided that summer classes are the way to go because they are so fast that you don't have time to forget and they are surprisingly well-paced!

We both earned the grades we worked hard for, so we celebrated with a mini trip to Mesa. It was so nice to be able to not wake up at the crack of dawn to study and even nicer to not fall asleep with textbooks on your mind!

While we were there, we went to see my grandma. She is awesome. We took her out on Sunday for some hot fudge sundaes! It was so fun because she recently got 17 (I think that's right??) stitches on her arm and it's all bandaged up, but she wanted to show us her arm! J and I were both telling her "NOOOO" so she finally gave up on showing us and told us we were scaredy cats! I think I choked on my sundae laughing when she said that! Anyhoo, my grandma is best.

After our stay in Mesa, we were visited by Jake's parents and one sister. It was definitely a treat because we hardly see them. The boys went to look at dental offices while we watched "The Phantom of the Opera." We all gathered again for lunch and then they left. We all definitely had a good time.

Since then, school has started up. J is taking his final semester of math, along with molecular biology, genetics, physics, and something else I just can't think of. I'm in general pathology and I'm not going to lie. . . it is scary! Holy cow. We only meet once a week and on the first day of class, students were already throwing around terms like hypoxia, granulation deposition and I just know that the class might kick my booty.

I started working at Flag High School as an assistant coach for the swim team! It's so fun and exhausting! Yesterday we ha our first meet. I'm used to having public pools on every corner, but here we have two pools. . . and both are indoors. So, if you can, imagine a number of high schoolers, extremely supportive parents and an indoor pool-- what do you get!?  Me with a ringing in my ears, scratchy voice and really tired feet! I really love it!

We also went up to Show-Low for a day to visit my sister and her husband. She's in beauty school and needed to get some things done for graduation so I was able to get a facial and some scalp massages and treatments! It was fun to be back in a beauty school and talk to little ladies getting their hair set for church!

Oh my gosh. I cannot forget to tell of the magicalness that joined our family. So we were gifted a vacuum and it was a lovely friend to us. One day I said to J, "I cannot wait until that thing explodes so I can get an Oreck!" He retorted and said he would only purchase a Dyson, but I pshaw-ed that thought right away. Not even two days after the conversation, guess what??!! Our vacuum had an emotional breakdown and stopped working! Less exciting than an explosion, but I'll take what I can get! We immediately went shopping. J was searching for the Dyson, and I was on a quest for my Oreck. It all came down to the fact that my grandparents and parents both have Orecks, and J's parents have a Dyson and I hate it. . . it wasn't a competition at all! So we got the Oreck and my house has never had better clean-carpet-lines. You know what I'm talking about.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Semi-painful growths.

You know how you can feel a nice, big, undergrounder pimple beginning to sprout? Well, 

I am growing a boil right now. It's more painful and weirder than a pimple, but also pretty awesome.

If a new boil pops up over night then I'll have a carbuncle of boils! That makes it worth it.

I don't know why this has happened. . . Even more, I don't know why this happened to my face.

Luckily my hair can cover it.

And luckily it doesn't just look like a big fat whitehead. That would be awesome, but nasty.

In a week it should get full of fluidy stuff. . . right now it's just working on getting large.

When I saw the Doc about my boil, he told me to not pop it. . . and if it starts draining he wants me to call him. I think he thinks my boil is cool so I like him.

The moral of this story: Boils hurt more than underground pimples. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

stupid foamy soap

I hate foamed soap. . . you know: the kind in the public restroom that comes out pre-foamed. It makes me feel dirty because I can't get a lather.

It's also in every public restroom that I use.

I get frustrated every time I use that foamy-ness.

The end.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grand Falls

The Kruses invited us to go off roading to Grand Falls near Leupp (loop) which is northeast of Flagstaff. It finally rained, so the thought we had was that water would be gushing down the falls. . . but in reality it has been so dry that there was just sand! Because it was so dry, we were able to hike right down to the bottom of the falls and we climbed and explored. . . it was just fantastic! We'd never even heard of the place, but now it's definitely a favorite!

We ate Taco Bell before the adventure, and being in a jeep that is rumbling and grumbling doesn't help bellies trying to digest. On the way there J and Kayla had un-fantastic feelings, but once we got there they were both great.

We also got lost! Kallam got out of the car on the Navajo Reservation to walk to a house and ask for directions, and some seriously stupid dog was so afraid of him, but once he turned around to walk back to the car and he had his back to the dog, the dog started coming at him! Luckily Kayla had pepper spray, and luckily he didn't need to use it!

Kallam and Kayla

Leupp, Arizona

Arizona has the best scenery!

We love them!

J is so excited!

Ow ow!

We take awkward pictures, but at least we're okay with that! 

This lighting happened on its own!

Road where the water flows.

We are friendssss.


Team Work!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Independence Day

Our traditional Independence Day with the Clarks was fantastic! They were able to come up to Flagstaff and spend the night and day with us. We watched a hot dog eating contest, and I decided there is nothing nastier than that, but we are SO doing one next year! We knew that fireworks in the White Mountains would have a chance of not happening since the weather has been so dry, so when Kayla and Kallam extended an invite to witness "fireworks way better than Show-Low" in Winslow,  we absolutely took them up on the offer! Oh. my. goodness. I thought Show-Low was great, but now Show-Low is nothing! Winslow's show was so long that they had an intermission. We almost died of joy. I think we lost our hearing for the night, and the next day I had firework dust-junk in my eye that had me writhing all day, but it was so worth it! Oh my gosh. I just can't even explain them! We love Winslow. Next year we've decided to barbecue there, bring a truck with a  in it to swim, and an air mattress to watch with. The Kruses have forever changed our firework-ing lives!

We love the fourth of July so much!

Michelle and Zack

Hot dog eating contest of awkwardness.
The abnormally large crowd watching the contest.

Happppppy men.

We were so impressed with the sparklers! Michelle and Kayla are babes.
 Oh my gosh. I forgot a story. Michelle, Zack, Jake and I went to the downtown stores to window shop and grab lunch. At one of my favorite stores, there was a KILLER necklace, and I only admired it for a few minutes because we were only window shopping. So we window shop for a few more stores after the one with the necklace, grab lunch and go to a sweet shop for some caramel apples. When I looked into my bag to grab my wallet, the necklace was in my purse. . . staring at me. No bag, no receipt. I had just stolen a necklace and I didn't have any clue how it happened. I was having a nervous breakdown to myself when I looked across a fudge bar and J was LAUGHING HIS FACE OFF! He had purchased it when I was smelling soaps, handed it off to Michelle, who then distracted my by asking how heavy my bag was. . . oh my word. It was the most frightening moment I've experienced in a chocolate shop! Nevetheless, the necklace is flipping awesome. I love its gaudiness and the story makes me love it forever more!

Dingy lighting, FANTASTIC piece