Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Confessions

1. Last night we had friends over at 9:30 pm. Usually we go to bed around 10, so around 10:30 J and I got a little slap happy and we all ate way too much candy which caused a sugar frenzy and ended around 1:30 am with the upstairs neighbors (our Elephants) stomping on the floor to tell us to shut up. We don't feel bad, seeing as how their favorite activity is waking us up to their favorite activity, if you get what I mean. Gross, and true.

2. I thought Pitch Perfect was the stupidest movie ever. Not as bad as Country Strong, but a close second. The best parts were Fat Amy, and she wasn't even the star, so Pitch Perfect=lame.

3. I keep seeing people posting things at the state fair and all I can think is, "Since WHEN did the fair become 'cool'!?!?!?" Seriously, for as long as I can remember, driving to the middle of ghetto Phoenix, Arizona was not awesome, but now it's all anyone can talk about. . .I'm all about a good county fair, but seeing all these posts about how awesome the rickety rides are is making me want to go to the fair, but I know better! It's tricking me into wanting something I completely don't!

4. Yesterday there was a spider on our wall. I'm truly not afraid of spiders, but was in the middle of doing something, so I asked J to take care of it. He didn't. Now it's gone. And my ears keep itching. Logic has it that the spider is in my ear.

5. My 23rd anniversary of being born is occurring this Friday. Also, in 4 years, this is the very first time I think J is going to remember on his own. I'm not counting on it, but I've gotten my favorite cereal and wrapped it up. I also wrapped a new shirt for myself. OH! And also, joining every restaurants birthday list is probably on of the better things I've done in my life. I'm wonderfully excited for all the freeness that keep popping up in my inbox!

The end.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday confessional.

I like how people do confession posts and I want to confess truths also.

1. My sunbeams are the best and we rocked at the primary program. We basically stole the show. . .

2. We forgot to pick up our bikes from the shop. They were getting a tune up, and now I have to wake up earlier to walk to class since the shop doesn't open till 9. I'm debating how fast I can walk because I would rather speed walk than wake up earlier than I do right now. I am a fast speed walker. . . even better than Olympians. . . and who knew that speed walking was a real event!? Awkward. But I'd win.
The key is to not bend the knee!

3. I got a new backpack. With the old one we're making 96 hours preparedness bags, and we've already got a few set. The confession here is that I keep eating the beef jerky in them! Why is jerky such a delicious feast!?

4. I hate bacon. That's right! I hate it. This is fairly recent, and it's because I surprised J with some awesome and expensive bacon, then proceeded to make the entire pack and then my house smelt like it for days and it made me nauseous, so I now despise bacon.

5. My workout class is filled with hippies and I am really working on growing my hair out longer so I can be a hippie too. It's my goal to be a Mormon hippie, but I'm still going to eat steak and snowboard on the mountain.

The end.

Friday, October 19, 2012

That one time where I was more afraid than anything.

So I'd gotten home from class later than usual and but was really excited because I knew J had ordered from our favorite Thai place some yellow curry, spicy level 3. I had just gotten to the door, and opened the screen. The door was locked, but J was inside because our car was still at our place, so I rang the doorbell and knocked a soft knock before looking over to the mailbox to see if we had anything.

And there. by the mailboxes. was. a. skunk.

Skunks are so fun when you're far away from them, but this little devil was feet away from me!

I'd heard from my wise friends what to do if you see a skunk, so I stopped and stayed completely still. I started knocking more on the door because J hadn't let me in yet. I couldn't get my keys out of my backpack because that was too much movement. . . I was calm and so still. . .


I have never, ever been so afraid in my life! I started pounding on the door and screaming asking J to open the door. . . milliseconds passed and the skunk was even closer and all I could do was yell and pound on our door!

When J finally opened and let me in, I dropped my bike and ran in screaming "SKUNK! SKUNK!!!!!" J shut the door fast and his face was the best I've ever seen. . . in my moment of absolute terror, he looked just as scared and horrified as he tried to determine whether or not I'd been sprayed. Luckily, my banshee screams and loud fists on the door sent him scurrying the other way and I was not the recipient of a skunk scent.

After we calmed down and I told J the story, he was nervous to get our Pato Thai, but eventually the thought of curry and rice was enough for him to not care and the skunk was gone.

The end.

PS. I am sure I scared the heeby jeebies out of all the neighbors.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bugs in my mouth.

When I ride my bike, I breathe through my mouth rather than my nose. . . I just need more air than nose breathing allows. This hasn't been a problem in our time living here until just recently.

I don't know what it is, but I come home everyday after being assaulted in the mouth by bugs!

Big bugs, little bugs, bumble bugs. . . they all fly right into my mouth! I thought I could fix this by riding with my mouth closed, but if I nose breathe, they'll still hit my lip and go up my nose.

I can't figure out why they want to be in my mouth or even how they manage to find ME out of a sea of bike riders. . .

Either way, bug guts are closer to my heart than ever before.