Sunday, November 10, 2013


We have been waiting a LOOONG time to announce it, but coming late March 2014, our duo is becoming a proud trio!!!!

We are thrilled that our baby is a girl, and J and I are both steadily increasing our obsessions with ruffly socks and headbands!

We've been calling her Mini. That is NOT her name, and we don't know what her name is. Mini originated from us wanting "miniature Denhams." Before we knew the gender, we called the babe Mini.

As for me, I was sicker than a dog for 18 weeks! Whoever says this nonsense about the first trimester ending and feeling glorious immediately--well, they lied. But I do feel pretty marvelous now!

School was pretty rough to start with. We have 8am-5pm schedules and that doesn't leave much time for feeling awful, and I feel like Heavenly Father really blessed me. I was able to get up at 6:30, get all my sickness out, go to school all day without issue, then come home and be sick all night. I'm thankful that I had the strength to get through homework and clinicals, and I know it's because of our faith.

Funny story. One of my sisters, Merry, moved to Flagstaff, and her timing was impeccable! There was a day when Jake was in late lab until 10:30pm, and I was home alone, with no car, and unable to eat or drink anything. I called Merry, and the sound of her voice made me cry like a crazy woman (because I am one, duh.) She brought me chicken and soda, and then sat with me until J got home. It was incredibly pathetic of me, but super awesome to get her all to myself!

Mini likes to kick. She kick, kick, kick, kicks, and then crosses her legs. After a little break, she starts right up again! It's awesome. She also likes to move. It makes the ultrasound techs a little anxious, but no one else minds!

 In other news, Jake is graduating in 40 days! He is going to be a decorated graduate. He earned Latin honors, and is graduating magna cum laude. He's brilliant. Oh also, we always laugh at the title of his bachelors. He's graduating with a bachelors in science in biological sciences with a major in biomedical science and a minor in chemistry. If that's not a mouthful, I don't know what is!   He's applied for a few different master's programs, and each of them have pros and cons.

We just love Flagstaff. Thinking about leaving here makes me so sad!!! I know we still have a full year and six months to go, but I just can't even stand the thought of it!

Our original announcement.

Woop woop!!! PS. Jake was all about my jazz hands.