Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Life

Today is perfection! Jack and I were both able to pick up an extra shift, but he came and visited me at the salon with such great news!

We got an apartment!!!! We have been calling Jim since September! September, people!! He called today and told us that he had an opening! We're so excited because finding a home was turning into a nightmare! We're so thankful and super blessed! That is a LOT of exclamations. We even got to go to lunch together which, let me tell you, never happens! Life is so fun and scary and exciting!

To celebrate the affordability of our new home and it's necessary deposits, after Hubs gets off work and after delicious dinner, we're going to spend money on a dead Christmas tree! This brings my heart happiness and it brings tears to Jake's eyes but he's only crying with allergies. No biggie.

Wednesday, thank you. I love you. Thursday, if you could just try to compete with the fabulousness of Wednesday, that'd be awesome.


kylee said...

congrats on the new place! thats so exciting!

Diana Smith said...

Your blog is so cute! Congrats on the apartment! I hate looking for apartments, they are sooo frustrating and it seems like you never get everything you want, but I am glad you got it!!!

The One Klar said...

VKAED. I love you so freaking much. And miss you probably even more. And I love when you post on your blog. And I love your good news. And did I tell you I miss you? Cuz I do lots. and I have news for you. So. I think I'm going to call you very soon. Vewwwy soon. Anyway. Good story. And good luck with the rest of December. I get home in a week and a half. Can we play? The end.


Mike and Esther said...

YAY!!!! We haven't even seen your new car yet. Well we have from driving by... but you need to give us a tour! Also you and your words make me laugh.

Caroline said...

We're crying with allergies too. Big, mucousy, boogery tears.

Tis fun.

nicole ...given said...

6 months. sooo long still. yay i am happy you blogged and found an apartment!