Thursday, June 28, 2012

You know you're a grown up. . .

-you go to bed at 9:30 pm
-you wake up without an alarm at 5:45 am
-facebook feeds are filled with partying friends and you feel exhausted just looking at the pictures
-cross-stitching becomes something you think about all. the. time.
-eating dinner at 6:00 is too late. Early bird dining+ Denhams = joy
-you drive 5 miles under the speed limit
-you're the one calling the police on parties a block over
-your garden is growing
-if you aren't the one to go get toilet paper, no one will have toilet paper at all
-the price of car insurance goes down
-the deli man knows exactly what meat and how thin and has it ready for you ever Tuesday
-you're older than kids getting drafted for the NBA and making more money that we can imagine
-all you want is a new Oreck and a new bookcase

Lately, these are the things that J and I talk about. Also, we talk about otter pop flavors and J likes to try to explain organic chemistry to me. As soon as that begins, I tend to doze off into a daydream about Slumdog Millionaire.

PS. It's 11:17 pm and I think I've fallen asleep multiple times writing this! I'm the life of the party!

Jake and our was-neighbor. We love them.

J and his bestttttt fran, Chris.

Chris is a dentist. J wears purse necklaces. No big deal.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating two of my favorite guys!

Today is Father's Day and while mine is the absolute best for me, it's also my and J's second anniversary!

When we were planning the wedding, it never even occurred to me that these two fantastic days would come together every once in a while! I didn't even realize it until the week we actually got married.

My dad is such a fantastic man. I love his kindness. At times when nothing could calm me down, my dad had the ability to feel my need for him. All he'd have to do is sit by me and I'd instantly feel so much better. To this day when I find myself stressing, he always seems to pick up the phone when I call to tell me to just breathe and that everything will work out. I love his example to me.
We like to groove. 

We're strange but we love it.

Jacob is the best. I love being married to him and I love that we have such randomly strange adventures. I love that he likes to serve. I love his joy at seeing the tomato we happened to sprout. I love how he finds simplicity in such a complicated life. I love that he buys the stuff for me to make cheesecake and that he doesn't mind letting me have more than half of it to myself. He is kind and patient and he is really great at jumping things on his bike!

See the similarity? Still boogying!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


We LOVE to garden! It's our hobby. Every Monday, Jake would come home from school and tell me this story, but with different people inserted!

 "Today, Nick told me how he went drinking and crap over the weekend. Then he asked me what I did, and guess what I said!? I told him I gardened!"

It always makes me laugh because that really is all we seem to do.

We both come from families with pretty intense gardening backgrounds. Grandma Uchytil has practically her whole backyard  converted into a humongous garden; her berries are the best in the world. Grandma and Grandpa Denham had apple orchards near the cabin before it burnt down, and they could grow rows of corn every summer. Jake's momma's garden is always impressive. She grows potatoes! I didn't even know that was possible, but she somehow does it. My mom and dad are the queen and king of artichokes, tomatoes and types of squash. They have almond trees, and a lot of other really weird things that I can't remember. I subconsciously stop listening sometimes when they tell me about their garden because I'm jealously in awe of their stuff!

So last year, we semi attempted a garden. We got some seedlings, planted a few onions. . . and then we were over it. It snowed right after we transplanted in May and we were so discouraged! This year, however, has been miraculous!

We've got broccoli galore (just ate some today, and it was the best EVER! Mom, you would die at the color green they turned!) Our lettuce is just so sprout-happy so we munch on salads daily. Our onions are the strongest things I've ever had. And our peas are the sweetest peas south of the San Fransisco peaks. Our favorite thing is pruning the garden and watering. In fact, we have to take turns with who gets the water pail (we have no hose. Apartment living in its glory!) and if one person has two days in a row, we usually have to sit down and re-establish sharing. We're hardcore.

We're so happy with the garden, but we know things to keep in mind for next year.
1. We WILL NOT attempt tomatoes. We've been so unsuccessful and we'd rather buy them than be depressed about our babies not growing.
2. Onions, onions, onions! We love them, so next year we're doing 10 times more!
3. Try squash. Our landlord, Jim, told us that it is so easy to grow and we'd get a lot from it. Next year we'll be hoping on the squash bandwagon.
4. More broccoli. It did so well and was so delicious, but we weren't sure how it would do here. Perfect, it turns out!
5. No cabbage. Takes up too much room, and doesn't ball well. We'll stick to lettuce.
6. We gave this year's lettuce too much space. We'll compact them and have more.
7. Plant artichokes earlier.
8. Jake wants to attempt corn. We'll give it a go.
9. Attempting watermelon was our joke this year. It dies, then comes back, and dies and comes back. It's almost as moody as our car.

Don't mind the wild grass growing around the garden. Also, we love love love our mish mash array of pots and planters, so you should love it too. 
The green hanging thing is our make shift compost pile! You can see the broccoli and the lettuce here.
J's attempt at watermelon in the gray pot and bucket! HA! Also, notice our super lame tomatoes.

Broccoli and Peas!

Artichokes, green onions, and cilantro.

Summer school and naps.

Summer school is a doozy. I wake up at 5:30, study, eat and try to wake up, go to class at 7:45. Statistics till 10:30 and then go to anatomy till 1:30. Then I come home, watch an episode of Ghost Whisperer (I just discovered that randomness...I love it), eat lunch and do homework. Then at 6 pm I go back to school most nights till 8:30, but on Wednesdays till 9:30. It's exhausting!

J goes to Organic Chemistry at 9:45 and finishes at 12:30, but then he has lab from 1-4. After that, he goes to a study group for an hour.

All in all, we're learning that summer school is exhausting.

So exhausting that J actually fell asleep in one of the final games of basketball!

I fell asleep in the bathtub.

Naturally, we're just really tired.

1 week down, 9 to go!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jacob the Entertainer

J is quite the guy. When homework time is looming, he is always in the kitchen. I don't know how it happens, just that it does. The thing about this is that he'll get something started on the stove or in the oven and then start homework again. All of a sudden I'll smell some retched and without skipping a beat, J is up and running to the kitchen to smooth over what ever is going on. Since we've lived in Flaggy, he's lit the oven on fire twice. It's a truly frightening ordeal, but he using the fire as a teaching moment for chemistry.

Today the oven didn't catch on fire. Luckily water just boiled all the way from the pot to our kitchen floor. Either way, we're both slap happy from being in summer school for 6 hours.

Gotta love his Sunday pants, vans and a t shirt. Also, our unhappy baby, Camy. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pre-Anniversary Date

Since J and I will both be doing full time summer school courses, we (I) decided to have a pre-day date! Our anniversary is on Father's Day, and we would rather study for the classes we paid $6,000 for! So what did we do??


Sunsplash is only the best waterpark in the state of Arizona. While they don't have the best wave pool (props to Big Surf!), they have the half-pipe slide and new toilet bowl slides, plus the cool slide that pushes you upward...if that doesn't make sense, you need to get yourself to Sunsplash, asap. 

I have no pictures whatsoever, but we spent Memorial Day at Sunsplash and it was only the funnest thing ever! The lines were short, the water was cold, the sun was out, and with the help of frequent applications of SPF 75, no was just perfect!

I did get upset with J, though. He was scared too cool to go on my favorite slide which is like a half-pipe and so we didn't go on it, but I got over it when he tried swimming in the wave pool. He's so cool and floats vertically because he doesn't really know how to float horizontally.

All in all, it was so fun! We got to visit some friends that we miss more than Costa Vida and Pete's , which is A LOT.  And we also got to grow insane jealousy towards my parents for having the most incredibly fruitful garden ever.

To top it off, while driving home on Wednesday, the body shop called for Camy and she finally got her appointment to get plastic surgery and a paint job. We couldn't be more thrilled. Hooray for not driving without a bumper!