Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fortune Cookies. . .

. . . we do what they say.

I got a new desk to spruce up and hubs got a new desktop. Yes people. 24 inches of monitor. Lovely news!

Fun fun fun!

My nephew hates the hubs. . .

. . . and it is the most enjoyable thing to behold. Since Curtis has met Jack, it seems that he's hated him. He ALWAYS stares at him when way more interesting things are going on. See wedding photo proof. . . (ps. Jake is holding the Curtis)
#1: Notice Jack just smiling at the photographer and the Curtis is staring.

#2: Jack's noticed and is smiling back at the angry Curtis!

Curtis's distaste has been growing for months and since this is one of the most enjoyable things to my heart, I captured it on camera! Things to note, Josh is the Curtis's dad and he's playing with him to make him smiley. When he hands him over, it's to Jake. The movie is blurry, but you'll get the general idea! And my voice is not as decrepit as it sounds on the video!

This is one of the reasons I enjoy the Curtis so much! I just think he is the greatest source of entertainment! Here is a picture of his studly self!

I love him.
The bad news is that today at our families weekly get together for dinner, the Curtis actually tolerated Jack! I was heartbroken. I hope this new tolerance ends asap.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The best videos ever.

We were playing at our friends house and they showed us this little gem!!! The first video is the real news reel and the second is the remix. It's the best. (Don't listen to the last minute of the song. It's some weird kids. . . . ha!) LOVE these.

Video One

Video Two--THE REMIX!

I'm going to work at the DMV. . .

. . . because I enjoy listening to stories from people. Today the hubs and I went to the magical DMV so that I could change the very last item that was still missing my newest last name. (By the way, MOM! They fit ALLL five names on the card. You'll be so happy :) While we were waiting in the actually super short line, we heard the following conversations.

Red-shirted worker-"I can't do that for you. Sorry to te..."
Brotha from tha hood-Obviously angry-"I just want you to take off that record of the last DUI! What do you mean you CAN'T? Isn't this what you do!?"
RSW-"Um, no. . . "
PS. He was DEFINITELY a brotha and he told her he was from the hood so if he reads this ever, he won't be mad at his story name.

Scene: A couple is at the very end of the line, when a semi-familiar face shows up.
Man with lady- "Well, what are youuuuu doing here!?"
Entering lady- "I love Wal-Mart! I love you guys! Why aren't you wearing your walmart shirt?"
Lady with man- "He's applying for disability today. No walmart shirt."
Entering lady -"Are you hurt?"
Man- "No, just seeing if I can get it. . . "

Now the next part will seem like a lie, but it's seriously such good truth that I almost passed out of happiness next to the hubs. The lady who they thought looked familiar from somewhere--the one that walked in-- guess who the heck that lady was!?! IT WAS DEBORAH from the time I decided I hated Wal-Mart! It was oh-so fantastic. I would have taken a picture, but I was too impressed with coincidence.

Another reason I want to work at the DMV is due to the upset employees. I asked the lady who was "helping" me if she hated her job. Jake kicked me in the knee under the table, but I needed to know. She replied, "Your new license will be four dollars." Jake didn't hear right and was getting TICKED. He thought she said forty and he was about to have a hissy fit! I like him! (I added hissy to my online dictionary so now I won't have to say "Ignore Once" anymore! Success!)

I got a new picture at the DMV, a new address, and a new name, but I think the most successful part of the trip was that on my new license you can see that 1. I am two inches taller, 2. I weigh 15 pounds less than usual and 3. I have brown eyes and brunette hair. SUCCESS times a million! I always thought it was weird that that stuff was on the card anyway, so why not be a whole new person!? Awesome.