Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Emily is One Month Old!

Weight: 10 pounds, 14 oz
Length: 21.5 inches
Clothing Size: 0-3 months
Favorite Food:Milkies!
Favorite Sister: Gwen, hands down.
Likes to snuggle
Nicknames: Em, Emmy, Sister, Little Momma, Baby, and Fanny. Gwen just calls her "Cute!"

Emily is so funny. She is very vocal and loves to complain before the fully wakes up. We always hear her in her room groaning about having to wake up. Her hands are her worst enemy. They always try to attack the poor girl. She can sleep through anything, and she has been sleeping in her own room since day 4. Having her in our room was giving keeping me awake with every noise and movement I'd hear, and since she's been in her room we've all been happier!

We have a witching hour here. The air conditioner will shut off at some point in the evening, and then Gwen will start fighting and Emily wakes up TICKED off and Jake and I will be hot a sweaty after that period ends! It's terrifying and we're already phasing out of it, but it was a common occurrence in this first month of Emily-life.

Fred LOVES Emily. If she cries and I don't immediately pick her up, he will come up to me, cry, and then run back to her until I come. Every time I change her diaper on the floor, Fred will come lick her head. He loves laying next to her. I'm convinced his favorite thing is sitting on the couch with Gwen, Emily and I. He is a protective guy to our girls.

Emily has a swing that sometimes she likes. When she likes it, I praise the swing gods. When she hates it, I curse them. That's she same situation with her pacifier.

E was born with a strong neck! She loves tummy time.

This quilt!!!!

and THIS quilt!!!

This is Barry. They have a love/hate thing going on.


Gwen is so in love with Emily. They melt my heart!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Emily Rose was Born!

On Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Gwen and I went to my 39 week appointment. At this point, I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant. At the previous couple of appointments, my doctors wanted to check my progress with dilation, but I always refused because of my schedule(I always work Thursdays and schedule appointments for Wednesdays, and I didn't want to have contractions at work!) Since late June, I had experienced really intense Braxton Hicks contractions, and I didn't want any pain more intense than those to affect me at work! I had every intention of working until you were born, and I definitely did just that!

My doctor at this appointment checked my cervix, and told me about stripping membranes. She said that the last time she had done this on someone as similar as me, the woman went into labor the next morning at 3:00am! She also told me that if it worked, I would go into labor within 48 hours; if it doesn't work, I'd know that by 48 hours, as well. I opted to have my membranes stripped with the thought that it wouldn't work! It was fast and painless, and Gwen and I left the office a few minutes later!
The doctor's office(Valley Women for Women) and the hospital(Mercy Gilbert) were located 30 minutes away from our home, and it was typical for Gwen and I to go to McDonald's for an ice cream cone after every visit. When I got her loaded into the car, I decided to not go to the McDonald's and to call Jake immediately, instead. I called and told him what the doctor had told me--"If it works, it'll be within 48 hours; if it doesn't, we'll see you next week." He, very quickly, told me that he had to get off the phone and rearrange his schedule and get back up for his next day's surgeries because he felt like we would have a baby pretty soon. I tried to convince him not to rearrange work because I didn't want to end up NOT having the baby and waste a day at home, but his mind was made up and we hung up so he could make preparations. In the car, I felt different, but I'm not sure HOW. My stomach felt weird, but I was convinced that the membrane stripping wouldn't do anything.
After we got home, Gwen and I ate lunch and had rest time. When Gwen woke up, we went to Brimhall Junior High School to swim in the pool. We played and swam for about two hours. I should also add that before my appointment, Gwen and I had gone to a trampoline park with a group of moms and played/visited for close to two hours. Anyways, while at the pool, we got a dinner invitation from some new neighbors, and gladly accepted! At this point, I knew the procedure was useless. I felt completely normal and was relieved because I wanted to go to work the next day!
We got ourselves together and cleaned up, and Jake came home from work. We walked over to our neighbors home and had blueberry pancakes. We visited and watched our kids play together. I started to feel some gentle contractions after laughing hard at a funny story. I cut our visit short to go home at this point.
Once we got home and got Gwen in bed(7:30pm), Jake and I relaxed and started watching a show. Not long into it, I started having more consistent contractions, but nothing that walking around couldn't fix. Jake decided to go to bed(8:30pm) because he saw me trying to work out the contractions, and wanted to get as much sleep as possible if a baby was going to join us soon.
The SECOND I heard Jake start snoring(9:00pm), my contractions started. I did a number of things to ease the pressure: baths, stretching, watching TV, laying down, tried sleeping, walking, reading-- and none of it made them go away. I decided to download an app for counting contractions, but I was terrible at trying to figure it out, so I deleted it. I did this for a few hours and was pleased at the result. I knew I was having contractions, but knew I wasn't in labor so all was well!!!!
I think it was close to 12:30am when I made the decision to call my mom because I was getting nausea. I was getting to the point where I couldn't make the contraction pain end, and I wanted her to know we MAY visit the hospital, but it would definitely be a short trip because I couldn't be in labor. I think my mom made it to our home by 1:00am. In this half hour time span between our call and her arrival, I had gone to wake up Jake. He took a shower, shaved, and changed into normal clothes. He also loaded up the car. My mom had come in, and I was telling her where Gwen's things were located and she insisted that we just go to the hospital. I was feisty from the pressure/pain of my contractions and lack of sleep, so I assured my mom that we would go and be back. While Jake loaded the car, and I was talking to my mom, I had a bend-over-and-try-to-hold-in-the-pain type of contraction. This was the point that I decided the membrane procedure had worked. I went to the bathroom, and I could hear Jake as my mom where I'd gone. I heard her gently say, "I think she needed to throw up..."HA! She was so gentle telling him. I laughed in the bathroom hearing it, and I laugh now remembering it. I didn't throw up because soon Jake was at my side picking me up and guiding me to the car.
He had a bag in hand as he tried shoving me in the car. I was being too stubborn for my own good because I didn't want to go to the far away hospital just to drive home again. We started on our way, and the most intense pressure I've ever felt started on my back/bum. Every contraction had me telling Jake, "I just can't get comfortable." and then the contraction would end, and I'd rub my back until the next one started. About 10 minutes into the drive, my contractions were coming on. I told Jake, "Speed. If you get pulled over, I'll call 9-1-1 and tell them I'm in labor and they can follow us to the hospital." Jake also went through one red light because there was no end in sight to that red light, and there were no cars in any direction. NO SHAME.
We got to the hospital that we had never been to before, and found the emergency room. Jake wanted to drop me off, and I was like, "NO WAY, JOSE!" So I very slowly started my way to the check in desk while Jake went to get a wheelchair---I wouldn't let him bring it to me because that's embarrassing for someone to use who isn't in labor!

After a long check in, we make our way up and over to the maternity triage, and as I'm changing into a gown, I had a contraction that I thought was going to end me. During it, I clearly thought, "I'm going to fall over and no one is going to know because I'm just in the bathroom and they'll think I need a long bathroom break. How sad!" Luckily, I made it out! Our triage nurse asked me to rate my pain, and I told her, "I just can't get comfortable during contractions!" She decided to check, and THAT is when I realized we were going to have a baby. Her eyes were wide open, her mouth was wide open. . . I said, "What? Am I only dilated to a 4?" And she replied, "Nooo, honey. You're a 9. I need to get a hold of everyone." She ran to the hall for an extra nurse to start wheeling me to a different room. She got on her phone to call my doctors, but her phone kept dying. Her conversation took maybe 10 seconds and was this exactly, "You have a patient. 9cm, she's not going to make it much longer. Come" and hung up the phone. I looked at Jake and was like, "Whuuuuuu?!?! We're having a baby!" And then I told him I couldn't get comfortable again!

I was taken to the room just next door(2:30am). A flood of nurses came in. One to start an IV (I still don't know why that happened but I don't care), one for the baby, and an extra nurse for me. Her name was Anna and I loved her. She has 6 children and was so kind. Dr. Wellington walked in and I immediately started pushing. Dr. Wellington broke my water and at 2:42 am, our dark hair beauty arrived!!!!! The doctor commented on her hair, and I loudly exclaimed to Jake, "We did it! We got our Mexican baby!!!" Everyone in the room was laughing, and the mood in that place was just lighter than air. Emily scored an 8, then a 9 on her Apgar tests. She was perfectly pink, with a little remaining jaundice. She was born on Thursday, July 14, 2016, weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and was 19.5 inches long.

Gwen came and met Emily later in the morning on the 14th. Gwen got up on the bed with me, and Grandma Ellsworth gave us the baby. The first thing Gwen did was kiss her baby! I almost died from the sweetness! They are the best sisters, and will be best friends forever--minus the possible angst-y teenage years!!

We've loved every second of you, Emily! It took us a long time to figure out your name, but when we saw you and got to kiss and love on you, we knew who you were. Your name means industrious, and striving. It is Latin, just like your momma's! We love you. You are so vocal, and you are very thoughtful. You only ever smile on purpose at your big sister Gwendolyn, and she sure loves you. We are your biggest fans and are so thankful for you to be with us!
Emily Rose


Meeting on July 14, 2016

Squishy everything.
This picture makes me laugh. Ridge was Gwen's baby, but Emily is definitely Delaney's baby.

I love this!! My girls have the best grandmas! Gwen is having a tantrum. It happens!

July 17, 2016