Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finals are over!!!!

Glory hallelujah for me. I just finished my last final; it was 139 questions long, and ALL about genetics. I hated every second of that class!

I am SO thankful that I don't have to do anymore classes for a biomed degree. I've finished my biology minor, and I have a double minor in anthropology. I'm just so glad I get to start my hygiene courses next semester! Thank goodness!!!

As of late, I've been working more at the dental office, and I've completely stopped nannying. It's been nice to not have to drive everywhere, but I miss the kids I watched. Sad day!

This is a cross stitch my grandma started! It's my task to finish it, and it is incredibly time consuming!

Kayla and I made skirts! The left is a super simple one, and the right has a fold for the waist, and is the prettiest gray!

Let's be honest. Kayla is a serious and total babe.

Parks and Rec makes us want breakfast. Leslie Knope + Ron Swanson forever.

Swollen feet. I had a bad rash and I got a shot in my toosh. I have a giant bruise from it! What?!

We love our seedlings more than a normal couples like puppies.

I wanted a new blanket for our living room, and I bought some jelly rolls! SO so easy.