Monday, April 5, 2010

"But I marinated the hamurger!" . . .

. . . is the first thing that Jake said to me when I told him I wanted hot wings for dinner. Since we in college and trying to gain our college weight, we would eat out numerous times a week. We cut it down to going to a nice place once a week and I wanted Native New Yorker (amen) and when I let him know about the delicious honey hot and suicide wings we'd be ordering, he reminded me that it was family home evening night.

Since I met him in the singles ward around 15 months ago, it was in our flirtation cycle to attend all day church on Sunday (more time to "bump" into each other), fhe on Monday nights (to accidentally look super duper awesome by coincidence) and then whatever ward functions were available. . .hiking trips, camping trips, fireside--you name it! Back to family home evening though; it's really important to us both for different reasons.

My idea of family home evening includes singing opening, closing, and any "rest" hymn we could because my family loves singing and playing the piano. They included a lesson, a family plan for the week, two prayers, and ALWAYS a treat. I l.o.v.e. treats.

Jake's family home evening consists of everyone being home, in their own rooms, playing their own games. But, nonetheless, they are together and that's what matters.

So we decided early on that we would always have family home evening and that he would teach my future sons what they need to know, etc etc etc.

Tonight, after meeting at the closing of math for me and physics for him, we ventured to his house to partake of the "marinated hamburgers."

Let me tell you what.

When Jake wants, he can make some yummy foods! Holy cow. Punny! So these burgers were marinated in Jake's one-of-a-kind sauce--it is super good. He makes it often, but not enough for me to get tired of it, but not enough that I'm always dying to eat it! So in his sauce was this slab of meat. With mushrooms. And bellpeppers. And potatoes. And tomatoes. Pepperjack was the choice of cheese. Toasted buns. Mountain Dew that was still bubbly! WITH ICE! Amazing. And our vegetable was the corn. . . baked hot cheetohs. He is so nice! I like him!

We both ate two of those fat-tastic things and then it was lesson time. I wasn't aware that I'd be the lesson, so I remembered how in conference I found out that we're basically celebs to Heavenly Father and we talked about how to make other people feel like the VIPs that we happen to be.

Then came our first activity. We went back and forth about things we thought the other had that was super celebrity like. It was awesome and shallow for a few minutes, but then it got less shallow. Then Jake yelled "BOO!" in my face and I decided family home evening was over. :) *haha that made me laugh because I was mad when he did it since he was being serious and then yelled it and I got scared and actually jumped, but now it's funny*

I went home and when I got there my mom told me about the mission I had. Mission:Hit up all the Wal*Marts and get the cheap Easter candy because it's the colors of my wedding and super duper on sale.


I called Jake and the plan was set. I drove to get him because it was my mission (if it would've been his mission, he would've driven). Seven Wal*Marts, four hours and 70 dollars later, I was home. I'm proud of the candy that will be at my reception because it was on super sale and it was a fun time.

Also, I'm really good at scaring Jake, so for payback at yelling boo! to me, I hid behind a trashcan in Wal*Mart and jumped out and he is such a scaredy cat!

I love Monday.


Annie Citrine said...

You are the cutest thing on this planet.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

You are the awesome. That is all.

The 231 Girls. said...

Okay, so I am stalking your blog now and basically every single one of your posts make me laugh out loud. Wish i wrote like you!! Haha..