Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Christmas!!!

Our Christmas this year was QUITE unlike any other we've had! We give new meaning to the saying "It's not a family gathering without a little bit of drama." Thankfully, J and I have successfully recovered from food-induced comas!
We were able to spend a week with the Denhams. They just moved into a new home in Taylor, and I think it suits them....even though they're already wanting to move again! We were able to go with J's old man to his dental office and work with everyone, which always puts J in a better mood.
My favorite part of Christmas is all the songs, and in Flaggy we were punished with absolutely no Christmas music. I always got annoyed how the holiday music started before Thanksgiving, but I learned my lesson and will never take blessed "Frosty, the Snowman" for granted again!
To ring in the new year, J and I were released from our primary teaching calling. To put things mildly, I was sad...J jumped for joy! I don't think he's realized that he actually really liked our class, but I think when he gets something new to do he'll put it together...and I'll laugh a lot to shame him.
Thankfully the holidays are over. We're excited for a new year and new family motto--and especially glad to put such a stressful holiday behind us. Here's to 2012 being our best year yet!
Our Denham Duo 2011
Can we talk about how J is a model? Seriously.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I love snow. I love trying to walk to class in it. I love watching people riding their bikes way too fast and falling over from not being able to stop quickly on the ice. I love when the snow looks like its hardened when it really hasn't and you step on it to short-cut, but then you actually drop in 6 inches. I love the way we had a final review with the professor on Sunday and that I didn't want to go, but was blessed to see some doofus try to walk on the frozen pond near the union. I was even more blessed for going when the doofus fell in to the pond sideways and was completely soaked. . . and then even even more so when he tried to make it look like he did that on purpose. When other kind passersby pretended not to notice after he was known to be okay, I gladly laughed aloud at him and called him a dumb dumb.

I love when driving how sometimes even though you go so slow from a complete stop, those back wheels are not going to connect with the road. Along with that, I love the embarrassment that comes long with that awkward slide. I love when the public buses go to far over in their lane and end up showering me while I'm walking on the sidewalk.

I love thermal underwear, wool socks, waterproof boots and ear warmers. I love being warm while walking to school. I don't love going to school so nice and toasty and finally getting in to class and not being able to take off enough layers to avoid sweating through all those toasty clothes nor avoiding frizzy hair when taking off ear warmers.

I love the way snow freezes on the car and forces J to go scrape it off with a snow shovel because he won't buy a scraper. It brings me joy to drink hot cocoa in the morning while peeking through the blinds to stalk him in his fury. I love trying to hurry away when he comes back into the house so frozen solid.

I love how the sky is purple when it's snowing. I love how staying in bed is so nice with such big, fluffy pillows and J. I love bringing the laptop in our room and watching Harry Potter while I cry uncontrollably because I love Snape so much. I love pretending to be asleep when J wants to watch ESPN.

I love how school is over in a matter of days. I love that we'll get to sleep at our house and not have to go to morning class. I love that we may get snow day tomorrow that would cancel chemistry finals. I love that we discovered the akwardness that is ChatRoulette. I love that Earth, Wind and Fire hate us so much.

I just am really liking this whole we-actually-have-a-true-four-season-life thing that happens two hours away from Mesa.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Lessons

Sometimes people are mean.
Sometimes standing up for your values makes other forget about their manners.
Sometimes you'll be alone when you're making a right choice.
Sometimes people will mock, taunt, and ridicule you.
Sometimes they can actually talk about you, quite literally, behind your back.
Sometimes friends don't stand up for you.
Sometimes they let you fall they hardest.
Sometimes the people you think are on your team are your biggest opponents.
Sometimes people think the meanest jokes are the funniest.
Sometimes it doesn't matter to others what's right or wrong, only what's popular.

Sometimes. Life. Sucks.

But if you don't show yourself faltering,
if you don't cry before you get home and jump in the shower so no one knows what's happening,
if you believe harder than you've ever had to believe,
if you love harder than you thought you could...

Eventually, you'll remember that life isn't that bad, hard, long or easy. It's just life, like it always is, and it's just one more thing you get to overcome to become the stronger person you were always meant to be.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Chemistry is a pain in the toosh. I work work work so hard, and then I do mediocre on my weekly quizzes. So then I'll workwork workwork workwork and it's test day and I do just fine. J and I were talking about family home evening yesterday, and we decided we missed the days when we had teachers who didn't care about attendance, and the days when we could miss class and still get A's on all the exams. School is tough, and it should be, but I will be so happy when I go to work someday rather than school. . . and then when I got off of work on that same day I'll wish I was back in school. It's such a cycle!

Speaking of cycles, other than our neighbor Chris, and some other random people in our ward here in Flaggy, I've decided to dislike anyone with a Specialized brand bike. They think they rule the world and try to pass me on my old boat bike! They speed up and try to look all jazzy on those expensive things, just to get stopped at a red light to be caught up by ME. And then I loudly proclaim how dumb they are. And Jake gets embarrassed and I just laugh. But really. I slap them in my mind all. the. time.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lady Rules

Today was Flagstaff Mountain Oktoberfest. . . in the park right next to our apartment. . . it reaked like donkey breath (I seriously do NOT miss that part of being in a salon) and it made me have a conversation with myself.

How do people not smell how stanky they are?
They aren't stanky to them self. So when people kiss and they're drunk, do they smell it? Or taste it? Yesh, but they loves it like you love the smell of acetone nail polish remover. Ooooh.

And when that conversation to myself in the bathroom mirror ended, J walked in the door coming home from his conference sesh. He knows I talk to myself, but when he actually sees me do this it's like we've crossed a weird line that shouldn't have been crossed. It's really hilarious.

In other news, school was el horible this week. I think I ate a bowl of double chocolate fudge ice cream every single day. . . not that that's unusual or anything, but dang. Anyway, I'm now a week ahead in every class (minus bio and chem labs) and a week ahead on homework so this coming week is going to probably see me riding my bike to school Monday morning and run away scared by the sight of me, but a I'm-going-to-kick-school-in-the-bum kind of way.

J has a hard time staying awake for all of conference. I love it because I can say really loud, "J!" and he opens his eyes and looks at me in a ohmygosh, I wasn't even closing my eyes way.

Speaking of Jack's eyes, he got elbowed in the face this morning during basketball. The kicker? It was a guy....on his same team. That's what you call teammmwork.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First day of school pictures.

Yes yes, I decided we needed to start a first-day-of-school-picture tradition, partly because it's fun to see the energy we have, but mostly I think it'll be a fun way to document J as he goes through the rest of NAU and then dental school. I think our future minis will like it someday.

Anyway! We have a biology class together. It's fun, but weird. Fun because hey! We're flipping married. Weird because we're married. Also, we've been having the worst bike luck! In the first week back, we got pulled over by a bike cop. He gave us a warning for going too fast. It was hilarious because he asked us for our drivers licenses, but then I let him know how we obviously didn't have our licenses. . . we're on bikes. Just another week later and Jake got a full our ticket for not stopping at a stop sign by the school. The particular area is a three-way stop and he was turning into the chemistry building. You have to see it to know how ridiculous it is! Lastly, this past week I was running a little late to chemistry, so I had to hurry and park my bike. I didn't even touch the bike next to me, but he wrote me a little note. I almost missed the note because it was on the ground after a storm blew it off, but I am so glad I found it! It really made me laugh due to the incorrect grammar. I love it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Awkward Hitchhiker.

Jack served his mission in Korea, and some of his favorite stories are the ones about a time he had to hitchhike. He thought it was the best because he and and his companion would be trapped with the driver and their company and they'd be able to talk all about the church and get investigators from it.

That being said, whenever I see people attempt hitch hiking, I always tell Jack that I wish we could take them somewhere. Yesterday I got my wish.

We were getting ready to go to Snowflake but had to stop by WalMart and Burger King on the way. After we'd gotten all settled, we began to drive to the freeway, and at the on ramp, lo and behold was a hitchhiker with a sign asking to be taking to Winslow. Before I even knew what was happening, Jack pulled over to the side, I got out and moved the cases of his guns to one side of the car, and she got in.

This situation wasn't scary. She was our age-ish, didn't look like she was coming off anything major, and we were going right through Winslow so why not!? We found out she is studying at NAU for social work, has a boyfriend who was at work, graduated from Winslow High, and likes hard-core punk rock music.

When Jack drives, Winslow is about 40 minutes away. She had a doctors appointment at the Indian Health Care clinic and since J worked there doing an externship all summer, he knew exactly where to go.

Around twenty minutes into the ride, after asking if she wanted french fries and then asking all of the above questions, we had nothing to talk about. I didn't want her to feel awkward, so I kept talking. . . Anything I'd see I would ask her opinion.

Exhibit A:
Me- "Oh my gosh! Look at that dust devil!"
Her-"Yeah. . . . it's cool. . . "
Me- "I know, right!?"

Exhibit B:
Me-"Do you want to marry your boyfriend!!!???"
Her-"Um, on our taxes forms we claim living together. . . "
Me-"Oh my gosh! Fun!"

Exhibit C:
Me-"Really, we totally have a ton of french fries. Are you completely sure you're fine?"
Her-". . . . . starts texting on her phone and doesn't look up till we're there. . . "

When we finally dropped her off and J and I were alone in the car again, he so sweetly looked at me and asked me why I was so nervous to have her in the car. I, shocked-of course, looked back at him and let him know I loved our experience of my first hitchhiker. J pat my head and said, "we don't have to ever do that again. I think you scared her. . . "

PSH! I probably did.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


It has been way too long since our last update, but today is the day!!!!

First of all, let me tell you about weather here in good old Flagstaff, Arizona. . . it is SOGGY! Rain is not unusual here, and a lot of people I've recently met actually hate it! I don't think that I could ever hate rain, but the rain has only been super cold so far. I don't know if I'm really looking forward to the frozen rain! Either way, now I also know what people mean when they say "Fall is in the air!" They mean, "It's getting cold, so stop wearing flip flops and shorts and don't forget 5 pairs of socks on each foot!" It's such a fun transition, but holy cow. . . it is sooo different from Mesa.

School has started back us for Jack and myself. We knew this would be a tough semester, but I don't think I fully comprehended it. I thought it was bad last semester, only seeing him a few hours a day per week, but this is worse. . .we'll be home at the same time, but we can't spare time to talk or grades will suffer. It makes Saturdays and Sundays really nice though!

Lastly, our children need an update. I have been trying to train Earth, Wind and Fire and today special little Wind reciprocated some wisdom! I've been doing a clicking noise with my mouth and that means to stand up on their mini-hind legs. Earth has better things to do, and Fire has her own dumb trick that involves unlatching the water bottle, but little special-needs Windy did it!!!!! I've conditioned them (thankyoupsychologyterms!) by clicking then holding food above them! Those little fatties see food and jump through hoops. Anyhoo, today I clicked with no food and Wind stood up! I'm so proud of her little cowlicked self! I don't think she realized she did it, but that's probably due to her lack of brain power and self control. . . I don't care though! I've trained a guinea pig!

PS. I tried Bountiful Baskets for the first time last week, and have decided that the bread they have is the best. thing. ever. Don't believe it? You're dumb anyway!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


School starts on Monday and the Denham household is loving it. . . 1/2 of the household actually! I love back to school! I love new folders, new pencils and pens, new 10-page syllabi, and people wandering around trying to not look lost, but being so obviously lost. (Since I've already been there, done that lost business, I feel justified laughing in my head.)

To prepare, I've been cleaning. . . and I mean deep cleaning. This translates to: cleaning out all the drawers in all rooms of the junk we acquired last semester so that we can fill them with junk from this semester. Jack has been preparing in the least obvious way; sleeping. His externship is over, but he has to prepare a gargantuous presentation for the doctors. Plus he worked the whole summer from six a.m. to 5 p.m. so he really does need to catch up as much as possible before he is slammed with his Air Force courses, sciences and maths- all of which are the classes of champions.

The pigs have been being very moody lately. Earth and Fire(Donna) attack Wind. . . literally! They bare their teeths and everything! It's weird, but Wind just loves her sisters and so she lets them do this to her. I put the dumb Earth and Fire in timeout (a kiddie pool with hay) and when Wind figured out she was alone, she just passed out from being played with too much by those mean girls. I feel like my pigs lately but not because I attack my sisters. That would be hilarious. . . no, they eat and eat and eat, then run around for maybe a second from happy full tummies, and then pass out sleeping for hours. I'm such a good mommy to them!

Jack rocks our primary class. He knows all the Articles of Faith already so he's definitely on the Peter Piper Pizza list! Woot!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

camping, new neighbors and weird conversations

This weekend Jack went to work extra early so he could come home and take his woman to a sweet camp trip. Clearly we took our gun because we are not in the mood for a bear attack right before school. We got to our sight around 2:00 pm and right after we set up our tent the rain started downpouring! We sat inside with all our bedding stuff which was good because it was stinking freezing cold. I discovered that foresty creatures like squirrels and skunks think they own the place after a hard rain. Luckily the skunks were never naughty towards us. We roasted marshmallows and ate steak tin foil dinners. It was nice to relax and not have anything we had to do! We were lazy the whole time!

Oh my gosh. Since Jack didn't have work on Saturday we watched movies and discovered our least favorite movie ever. Our super rad neighbors went to Oregon for the weekend and gave us their keys and so naturally we borrowed Country Strong. We had only heard great things so we were really excited. . . we hated it!!! Holy cow. Kelly (Gwyneth Paltrow) is the main character and every five minutes she was either 1.cheating on her husband, 2.having a mental breakdown, 3. cheating on her husband again, or 4.drinking! The worst part of the whole thing was that we had to finish the movie to find out what happened to Chiles! It was horrid. Oh my word. I looked up reviews on it after we watched it and someone said it was the best movie of the year. I almost cried laughing because obviously they didn't see Harry Potter, but really. And Jake especially hated it because dumb Kelly was drinking throughout her pregnancy and then fell off a stage and her baby died. But THEN she had a breakdown about how she missed her baby. . . like. . . it was going to have fetal alcohol syndrome from your alcoholism anyway. . . Jake loves telling people that the movie made his eyes bleed. I loves him!

Our complex just got three new couples and so it has been quite lively around here. One couple lives next to the Elephants, so first thing I did was warn her that the walls are literally dry-wall thin. I wish someone would've told the Elephants that when they first moved in. . . oh well.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I love Sundays

Today J and I challenged our awesome primary class to memorize all 13 articles of faith, and we bribed them with Peter Piper Pizza if they could do it. Let me tell you that my class is the. best. class. ever. We're friends. . . in fact, they think I'm a cyborg because they saw my heart monitor so of course we did the grown up thing and told them I was a robot. They are too smart to believe that, but they knew they truth about my being a cyborg. They are waiting for my laser eyes.

Anyways. Our class is the best. One of our class mates has been gone for a few weeks so the kids wanted to make him a card. J and I went on an adventure to try and find his house to deliver the letter and we ended up in Baderville!

We played games all day, watched movies, ate dinner, crafted, watched more movies, now he's watching car shows and I'm getting my blog on. . . Sundays are the best. Amen to that.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A vain post about my future mommy skills.

I'm going to be very vain for a few whiles right now. . .

I think I'm going to be a pretty awesome mom. Things keep happening in our lives and every time we come out of one of those situations, I always can tell Jake, "That is going to make me an awesome mom!" Therefore, here is vain example numero uno.

Reason #1: I hardly ever throw up and I only get really nauseous after important doctor's appointments. When I was 16 or 17 my age group of girls went to A-camp for a portion of girls camp. We basically did . . . nothing. We slept, gossiped, canoed, and hiked and ate. All over and over and over.
This is one of my favorite memories of my best friend and I. She had been feeling lousy since the sun went down. Her stomach was achey and she felt yuck-tastic. I am such a pro at having stomach aches so I decided I'd help her throw up! Now now, none of this disorder jazz, just sometimes throwing up when you're sick helps feeling better progress faster! So I gave her a tums. Actually I made her take two or three.
I love this memory to death. Then I convinced her to eat beef jerky. If I could have taken a picture of her face at that exact moment, there would be no words great enough to describe her confusion and sadness! So she took the beef jerky gladly, and ate it. And then she threw up. And I rubbed her back. And I buried her nastiness for her so she could sleep. Moral of the story:I didn't throw up or even get sick!

Now another story: Our neighbors are the greatest ever. They bring us the best treats and they are just fantastic friends. I'd link up to her, but she's private! Take that! Anyway, Jake and I were babysitting her boys once upon a date night. The youngest showed no signs of sickness. . . none. We were all just happy campers eating spaghettis and what not, when we decided it was bathtime. Of course we had to use bubbles. And of course he eats bubbles. Jake and I weren't worried because we got our bubbles at a Whole Foods where everything is natural and you won't get sick if anything gets into your system.
So as bath time progresses, and the little guy keeps chomping down on the bath water plus a few bubbles, he got too much water in his little throat! For the record, his life was never in danger and if it was, I am always current in CPR. Don't judge. So I'm going to grab him from his sitting position and once he's in my arms he starts spitting out all the water he just munched on. After he was done, I put him back in the tub and he looked at me soo happy with his big, cheesy smile. We were happy again. . . or so I thought. . . because the second he was done smiling, he projectiled that vomit straight on to my self! Jake walked in right when it happened, and walked right back out saying over and over "I have to leave, I think I need to leave right now!" And I'm sitting there. . . covered in his "ness" and I didn't get sick!

There are other examples of my newfound super power, but it's definitely not a delicious subject to talk about! But just know, that I will be an awesome mom because I will not throw up on my children when they do something gross.

The end.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adventures in being alive.

It's roughly 3:34 in the morning. I've been sitting at this computer since 11 p.m. I've come to understand that sleep is merely a casualty of war in the battle against worry.

I have an impeccable quality when it comes to worrying. It happens at the most convenient times, because, let's face it; when is it not convenient to worry?

It doesn't have to be about anything big either. No, just little things like, "If Mom shows up randomly at my house tomorrow, is it clean enough for her to come in and feel comfortable?" to things like "Is my pathetic little heart going to beat enough times while I sleep tonight so I will wake up in the morning?" Maybe that last one is a little less pathetic than the first, but I do the ranking here so what I say goes!

Just to be clear, my house is clean enough for my mom to drop in and feel comfortable.

Tonight's worries include the ones stated prior, but they span to this following week more-so. On Wednesday I'll be driving back to Mesa town alone. It's only two hours, but let me tell you, I can only sing Glee out loud to myself so many times! Jake has his externship in Winslow and work on Thursday so he gets to bow out of the Glee singing festivities.

Doctor's appointments are taking their toll on me. I think it's definitely more of a patience thing on my end than anything. At the last appointment I had quite the panic attack in the doctor's office when the specialist was an hour late getting in to our appointment. How crazy is that!? I knew he was busy, and I had two voices of reason (the Momma and Jake) trying to tell me to be patient, but I was not having any of their patience-ness! I'm a big pro at over reacting to things I have no control over at. all.

I'm to the point where I just want a pacemaker instead of all the yucky medicine I have. The kind that makes my skin crawl. The kind that kill my baby-baking eggs. The kind that make me stay away till 3:34 writing weird blogs that my neighbors will read and make fun of me for the next day (Please do, Karen!) But honestly. . . the meds that make my skin crawl makes my brain actually feel really great so I secretly loves them.

On another note, I was offered a stylist position just this evening before I even had my model in at Aveda in Flagstaff. That's so swell and made my day temporarily, but I would have to work on Sundays and I am in love with my primary class so I have to decline the position. After I thought about it for a while, Mombabe was right. It does kind of smell weird in there!

My primary class is the best. They love Harry Potter more than anything. I give them stuff when they ask me about Ron Weasley. None of them have seen the second part yet because they're only 11 tops and HP is pg-13. Aren't they such little role models? Little Rhett told me this last week though. "As soon as I turn 13 I'm going to call you and Brother Denham and we can watch all the Harry Potter movies and eat pizza." We also have time at the end of class because I'm still getting the hang of teaching them and we usually talk about building forts, eating doughnuts, watching TV, what is the best recess game, and what the Nephites really used to do when they were bored because "Nephites are older than the pioneers so they probably couldn't play the weird games pioneers played."

Seriously. Best. Class. Ever.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our babies are naughty!

Earth, Wind and Fire and being so bad. Wind is just special, so she mostly stays out of it, but Fire keeps growling at Earth! They are like high school girls that all want the same boyfriend, but in their case it's actually only Timothy hay that they want. They've been cat fighting all week and jumping each other. I'm proud of little Windy for staying out of their sisterly drama, but dang dizzle ladies! We need to keep ourselves under control! They're scaring Daddy Denham and if you scare the pops, you can guarantee yourself a carrot and cucumber free week, and NO one wants that!

Earth tries to kamikaze out of her cage anytime I open it to feed that little punk.

And you have to love the weird faces Wind has perfected. Seriously. This is only half of her cool.

The end. They are so bad. I'm going to spank them. . . not really. They are much too fast to catch for spankings. For now I will just shake my finger at them and say "No!"

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The 1st and the 4th.

I love Canada . . . and I love America. And it's so convenient that my two favorite countries have celebrations in the same week.

Jake and I celebrated Canada Day early so that we could go to Show-Low for our annual firework vacation on the first, but Canada would have been proud. We were serenaded with the beautiful "O Canada" and then we got our poutine on with Stompin' Tom. It was superb. I love Canada. Oh Canada, my want-to-be home and native land, true patriot love in all thy sons command!!!!! With glowing hearts I see you rise the true north strong and free. I need to live in Canada. Hopefully future Dr. Denham will get accepted into a dental school there. . . that would be awesome!

After we had massive heart attacks from the cholesterol filled gravy-fries-squeaky cheese goodness and recovered from our food coma, we went to Show-Low. The fireworks were canceled around 7 so we went and played at the high school anyway. Around 8 we started heading home again and I fell into a love affair with Holbrook.

Just off the highway, literally, there were fireworks! We decided it was okay that we didn't get to see them in Show-Low because we saw lightning which is the truest firework ever, but then we got to Holbrook. I wish I would have taken a picture because I have NEVER seen anything like that. Imagine a city of cars pulled off the freeway at a random mountain view. . . that's what is was like only on steroids. I loved it and now I have a fading crush on Holbrook. Jake isn't pleased with this because apparently Holbrook is armpitty. . . but I'm okay with that.

Now, lastly, a story about Jacob. My hubs is adopted. It's a fact of life. When we first met he was rocking a goat-tee and he was super dark from just coming out of a summer vacation. Therefore, he looked semi-Hispanic. He always claims he is, but the longer I got to know him, the less Hispanic I could see. . . I talked many times with my mom. She thinks he's got Greek in him or something, but I am all about him being Indian. He looks like he's Arabian! Seriously. So on vacation we had an airsoft war and Jake needed facial protection because the wind was turning our back and belly shots into head shots. . . that being said, witness my Arabian husband. PS. He is totally Aladdin.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My brain is itchy. . .

. . . because of some new medicines. It makes my head feel like little buggies are crawling in the space between my skull and the skin on my head. That, and my skin feeling like I got botox along with skull skin lift (similar to a facelift), is making me feel weird. Not sick. Or gross. Just weird. . . like I belong on some weird reality tv show or something.

The end.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have to admit . . .

our door looks awesome.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I love my dad.

I love my dad.
I don't call him daddy.
I think that's weird.

He is the greatest.
He's kind.
He's strong.
He'll do anything for us.
He is proud of my mother.
He doesn't let anyone disrespect any of his girls.
He is a teacher of life skills.
I can weed eat without getting cut (breaking the glass door is another question. . . )
I can mow and not miss a single spot.
I look like him.
He has an opinion but only uses it when needed making moments even sweeter.
He falls asleep when I cut his hair.
He has a secret stash of Necco's or some other treat that I like to steal. . . sorry dad!
I call my dad names like Old Man and he secretly thinks it's awesome.
He is the best grandpa to my nieces and nephews and when he's a grandpa to our kiddos, I can only imagine the magic that he will teach them.

I love my dad. He is a fantastic dancer.
He always smells good.
He mows the lawn and jumps in the pool with his clothes on.
He'd flicker the light when he heard us come home from dates to eliminate the door scene.
He kills bugs but makes us clean them.
He loves sweet treats.
He has a great laugh.
He is a plumber and electrician, but only for kicks.
He can fix anything.
He loves the Shawshank Redemption.
He taught me the smooth jazz beauty of the world.
He drove me to school every morning one year.
When we drove to church the same song would come on every time. It's destiny to have a song.
I'm his favorite youngest daughter he'll ever have.
He wears a great shirt on the Fourth of July.
He lights firecrackers in our backyard.
He hunts for scorpions with the grandbabes and even husbands. The husbands love it more than the babes!

My dad absolutely loves his grands. Just look at that joy!
Happy Old Man's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011


  • 1 sad attempt at gardening
  • 3 adopted children, Earth, Wind and Fire
  • 15 DVDs
  • 4 seasons of Prison Break to end our honeymoon
  • Chuck and Gossip Girl addictions
  • 5 jobs; Aces, YMCA, Fantastic Sams, Construction
  • 1 externship in Winslow on the reservation for oral surgery and ortho
  • 3 temples, Mesa, Snowflake and San Diego
  • 20+ visits to said temples
  • 1,000,000 trips to the laundromat
  • 1 use of passports
  • 2 schools, Mesa Community College and Northern Arizona University
  • 3 majors, from physics to BioMed for him and dental hygiene for me
  • 0 pounds gained in fat :)
  • 0 babies
  • 90 miles of bike riding in a semester
  • 500,000 trips to Fry's
  • 1. 5 times we read the BOM together
  • 2 apartments, Mesa and Flagstaff
  • 3 cars, Audi to 1988 Chevy to 2009 Toyota
  • 4 bikes
  • 1 new computer
  • 1 gargantuon tv
  • 321 times rearranging furniture
  • 350 days of made up beds
  • 3 series read together while we didn't have huge tv; Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Daring Book for Boys
  • 3 phone numbers
  • 365 evening walks
Just a few of the things we've done together since this exact time last year. It really goes by quickly. One year down, eternity to go!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 11 - Speaking in church

Seriously. Worst. Idea. Ever.

I love to talk. I love to talk fast. But in front of people I don't know? Who are all more experienced than me in the Gospel? Psh. No thanks.

I've prepared a 15 minute talk. . . I'll rephrase that. When I practice to Jake, it's 15. However, from previous experience, I happen to know that I will finish it in 5-6 minutes. Great.

Good thing Jake is great at speaking. Another great thing is that on my Harry Potter channel of Pandora, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is playing.

Dear Congregation,
Please please please please set all your children to scream mode when I'm up there. And better yet, don't take them out of the hall. And even better, try to hush the childs in unison with all the other mothers. Thank you.
Speed talker.

PS. I already have my excuse for the shortness ready. Want to hear? Okay! "I had a primary lesson to prepare! Gosh! Give a new primary teacher a break!" :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Once upon a time. . .

I was going to have a birthday. Jacob asked me what I wanted, so I told him.

I want socks and a lava lamp.

I needed more socks because I had to keep stealing my mom's and hers had designs on them so she could tell when I was stealing them.

I wanted a lava lamp because it was my prime example for making fun of Twilight.

He asked me for weeks leading up to that blessed November day and I'd tell him the same thing, to which he'd always respond with, "That's so stupid!"

Finally the day of my 20th anniversary from birth came. It was a Monday night (FHE) and he came over with a bag bigger than necessary for socks.

I opened the present to find a Forum beanie and a rad Volcom jacket for our next snow boarding trip. . . but no socks, and no lava lamp.

I wasn't upset, the hat was awesome and the jacket is the best thing ever, so we headed off to FHE.

When I was getting in the car, Jacob ran from my door because he opened it duhh to my house because he forgot something. When I was situated with my seat belt, he came back out and got on one knee. He couldn't be proposing to my face because I spoiled his secrets all. the. time. I was so confused. . .

And then it happened. He had in his hand. . . a pack. . . of 10 pairs of brand. new. socks. I didn't tear up when we got engaged, but when he handed me those socks, my eyes started watering! It was insanely ridiculous and he let me pretend that I didn't get that overwhelmed by socks.

I was so ecstatic going to family home evening. Nothing special happened there, but I knew I had socks.

We planned to meet up with my friend at a Wal-Mart. Awkward meeting place, yes. Did we care? No. So we meet Megan and she goes to her Jeep to get her bag.

She came back with her purse and a wrapped gift for me. I was completely surprised because we had gone out to eat for celebrationing already! I began to open my gift. . .

And it was my purple lava lamp from Jacob.

I then had another emotional trip because I was the proud owner of a beautiful lava lamp. She is my friend. Her name is Purple. I love her. And Megan. And Jacob the most.

Moral: Men do hear when ladies speak. . . even if they think it's dumb, they listen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7 - Jacob, the rockstar

Jacob is a bonified rockstar. I couldn't be happier.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6 - Jake's rhythym puts me to sleep

I used to have horrible nights. I couldn't ever sleep. I worried about everything and anything. I had to have prescription medicine to put me to sleep for longer than 3 hours.

Then we got married.

My Jacob falls asleep in 30 seconds. He literally counts aloud to as high as he can before he passes out. As soon as this happens and his breathing slows a bit, my awesomely schnozed hubs starts to snore.

It isn't loud. It isn't annoying. It's perfectly timed. It's basically a free sound soother.

The end.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 5 - We're on the radar. How horrible.

We like to not be on the radar, it a 72 hour time period our way of life has changed.

We'll talk about things we shouldn't have done.

First, we shouldn't have agreed to substitute.

Second, Jake shouldn't have picked up his old cell phone.

Third, Jake shouldn't have picked up his old cell phone before 8 a.m.

Fourth, we should have not agreed to substitute for the second week in a row.

We have talks on the 12th. And we're the Valiant 9 teachers. . . all in that 3 day period.

Really though, I'm happy to be the teacher. However, I abhor speaking in church. I talk to fast no matter how prepared I am, I shake the whole time. I make stupid jokes. I stumble over my words. . . it's quite hilarious I imagine.

The only good thing about this is that the "youth" speaker is a leaving missionary, so I am going to call him and tell him to take up as much time as he can. Then I'll just say the short intro about us and tell the listeners that Jake has such a beautiful message and I want him to have as much time as possible, so I'll just bear a simple, short short short testimony.

Hopefully that missionary boy takes me seriously though.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4 - That one time I had no curfew. . .

Background: I always had a curfew. I used to look at it like it was a bad thing, but when we got married I realized what a good thing it actually was!

Every Friday and Saturday night I was to be home at 11:00 p.m. If I was going to be late, I had to call before 10:50. None of that procrastination stuff worked with my parentals. They were generous with giving out extensions, but nothing later than 12:00 was ever acceptable. A common phrase in my house while I was a teenager was "nothing really good happens after 11 o'clock at night." Gotta love President Hinckley!!

When Jake and I started dating, the curfew was the exact same. We were counseled by bishops, leaders, teachers and parents to never, ever be alone. Now, that didn't exclude dates. We got to know each other in safe settings whether at a restaurant with all the diners acting as our chaperones, or to dance parties and social activities.

However, even when we visited his family who lived 3 hours away, we would be accompanied by my sister or friends for the snowboarding trips! We were hardly ever alone once we got serious, which we're both thankful for.

Story: When we got engaged, preparations for our reception were discussed fast. We wanted to have candies. . . LOTS of candies. We opted for hugs and kissed, jelly beans (num num num) and other things. The jelly beans are the important part here.

For Easter my mom had found the most tasty jelly beans! They were delicious and even prettier than they tasted. Gobs of peaches, pinks and random green beans---they were the colors that I wanted!!! So, the Monday after Easter, Mom gave me a mission. Mission:Go to every single WalMart you can think of and get all the jelly beans you can find.

Now, let me mention, I was at my singles ward's family home evening till 9:30 pm ish. So when I get the mission, it's close to 10. When I'm ready to leave, another 15 minutes has passed. I said goodbye to my mom and she asked where Jake was. . . . Whaaaaaaaaa?????

Talk about confusion. First, school night! Second, 10 p.m. Third, Meredith is already ready for bed. Fourth, YOU'RE already set for bed. So as I process my dumbness, my mom asks again, "Where's Jake?" I immediately sparked up and called him! He came over pretty quickly after that, and when we were set to leave, we asked when to be home. . .

And do you know what my mother said? . . .

She said, "When you get all the jelly beans you can."

Both of our jaws dropped! It was a miracle!

I don't know how many hours passed, but I know we had about a billion hextimillion jelly beans in tow. AND we got to talk. About not wedding plans. And we sang out loud to Disney. And Rihanna. And Usher.

It was amazing. And to make it even better, we got to do the same thing weeks later when we had to hit up as many JC Penney's as we could for the right ties. That was more adventurous because it was an all night sale. Driving to the middle of Peoria when you have no clue where you are= awesome!

The moral of the story, I will not spoil my children and they will have 11:00 p.m. curfews because President Hinckley and my mom said so.

We like to matchy match on accident sometimes.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3 - Ugly Sweater Party 2009

Once upon a January, we had an Ugly Sweater Party to celebrate a certain Carolyn's birth. With heinous sweaters galore and s'mores in the fire pit, we were ready. After the swell commencement of her fiesta, we celebrated at the Waffle House.

The waiters and waitresses at the Waffle House hated us. Maybe it was because I wanted hard boiled eggs that were warm, but when they served them cold, I told them I didn't even want them anymore. It could be because we were jiving to the old jukebox. Either way, the fiesta was better than any Harry Potter Party ever could be.

I was such a fan of Jake. His sweater wasn't even Ugly. It is my favorite thing to. this. day. Amen.

Ugly Sweater Party Womanizers
Oh funny funny!

The money shot.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2 - Supportive Spouseing of Seasons

Jake immediately supported my love for the lesser-loved holidays.

He celebrated Cinco de Mayo conmigo with flan de naranja.

He didn't mind not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day so I could pinch him the entire day long.

April Fool's Day was a sight to be seen. My only fool was hiding any time possible so I could jump out and scare him which is not saved solely for April, but on the first it is more widely acceptable.

May Day and Canada Days were especially fun. Can you do better than homemade poutine sadly without the squeaky cheese. . .? No. You cannot.

But without fail, the best holiday to ever have been in my life--- The Day of Independence. July 4. Nothing is better than Independence Day. Fireworks, barbeque, family, watermelon, swimming, parties. . . no other holiday can have all of those things!

Meeting Jake turned my favorite holiday into something even better than it had ever been before. He took me to his almost hometown (he lived minutes away from this place), Show-Low.
We drove down the Deuce of Clubs, past the Sonic to Show-Low high school. Equipped with blankets we hopped the fence to avoid a longer walk (l.a.z.y.b.u.m.s.)

Firework dust literally fell onto the blanket. The field hosted a humongous fiesta with a band and way more, but to fully understand, you just have to experience it.

Now we have a Denham-Clark family tradition of July 4 in Show-Low, complete with breakfast at Momma Bears. Best. Tradition. Ever.
Laughable picture. Horrible quality. I will be one of those ladies that wears outfits for the month.

Pity smiles from the man, unjust photo of the crowd. It's humongous er. Trust me.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1 = Beginning of love month

365-16 = How long we've been married today.
365-16 = How many days we've laughed for more than 3 hours throughout the day
365-16 = 2 apartments we've lived in
365-16 = 21 temple visits since we smooched across that splendid alter
365-16 = Chuck marathons, The Office marathons, Fantasy Factory marathons, HGTV
365-16 = 3 adopted children: Earth, Wind and Fire(Donna Pinciotti) Denham

We decided to like each other after dropping RC Cola bombs off buildings.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Belated Wednesday and TV dreams

School is over. I know this has already been a subject of the blog, but HALLELUJAH! We didn't have to wake up for early labs and classes. We didn't have to go to bed after studying for 5 hours. We didn't have to stress about 1. Is the calculator in my backpack!? 2. Does the calculator have batteries!? 3. Where's my clicker!? 4. Have you seen my bike lock?? 5. Did I wear this shirt yesterday?

Another great thing. . . we actually EAT together! I didn't realize that sitting down to eat is such an experience! And and AND we have conversations about things totally NOT school. It's quite amazing.

One bad thing, I already miss school! I used to dream about being a high school teacher because then I could go to school. every. single. day. I'd love that but that's my backup plan now.

Now to something totally random.

When we first were engaged we made up some goals. Among these awesome goals was this: No TV the first year.

We did it! And now we are the proud parents of a too big TV! It's big. And even bigger than you're picturing it in your mind right this second. The best part is that we practically stole it. Best Buy was putting out their newest models and since this one is a year old, it was more than half off. THEN they gave us a billion rebates so we're getting a new printer and then a billion movies. It's quite fantastic, if I do say so myself. . . which I do.

Next week Dr.-to-be Jacob starts his internship. Funfunfun. He'll be "standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona." It's true.

Lastly. I love camping more than anyone in the world. This is also true.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I love summer. Summer loves me.

I am sooo ready for summer. This semester has been awesome, but we cannot wait to really enjoy our new home.

On another note, it snowed. Yes. Yesterday. And today. Sure, it wasn't enough to stick, but a fact is a fact. And it's weird, yet gorgeous.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I love my mother! She is the best, most fabulous girl ever. She is so true to her family and she would do anything for us. She supported me in my toughest decisions and she laughed with me at the funniest times. I will always remember being able to come home after a date and lay on her bed and tell her all about how dumb or awesome the date was. She is such a FANTASTIC homemaker. She taught me how to cook, sew, and clean. She is still teaching me to not sweat the small stuff! (I have a hard time there!) I love her for being such an amazing example to me. I remember always having an earlier curfew than my friends and being so bratty about it. It took me too long to realize that she only cared about me more! I love her to life!

That being said, I love my grandma! I was named after her! She is the epitome of class and perfection. She is so wise. She never lets me off easy. I have learned such amazing lessons of service from her. Also, she has given me advice that I will never forget. She reminds me often that taking easy classes is a waste of time and money. Anything less than an A is unacceptable. She is such a great listener and she truly hears what a person says. She is the best grandmother a girl could have. . . Oh yeah. And she is a Canook. If that didn't up her amazing ness, than nothing will!

Sarah. The oldest and wisest. She is the best. I remember her getting engaged. I started crying one night because she wasn't going to live with us! (I got over it...ha!) She taught me at a young age how to be the best baby sitter I could be. I am the youngest and she let me learn the basics on her girls! I love her and the time she took to talk to me. So many times I would sit on her old green (or blue??) couch and she would listen to my junior high problems. She treated me like a friend instead of just her little kid sister. I love you!

Maria, Maria, Maria. She is gorgeous, fabulous, kind, caring, humble, humorous. . . the BEST sister-in-law ever. She is such a great example of discipline! She is teaching herself to play the piano! I have never heard a crude word out of her mouth. She is great mother. She includes everyone. When Maria is around, there is never time for anyone to be left out. She has the most sincere compliments. I love her and I'm so glad she is part of our family.

Sweet Caroline. So stylish! The best hair dresser ever. I love her. She is a self esteem booster. She is witty. She loves banter. She'll stab you in the knee. Back to being amazing at hair, she can just look at you and know EXACTLY what will make you look your foxiest! She lives across the country. Whenever I was down, she knew exactly how to cheer me up. We bonded in that first car crash coming home from WalMart or EVIT. . . I can't remember which one it was. :) She introduced me to scary stories that played ever Sunday on the radio. She introduced me to Sublime. She taught me how to write in my journal and how to not care what people think. I love you MomBabe!

Oh Bear. I love my Bear. Berit is woman, hear her roar. She is a fabulous mother. Her two boys know she will always be there and I'm glad. Bear showed me that she'd always be there for me and I know she can only love. Her heart is huge! People that definitely do not deserve a part of her time get to experience her love freely. She is always trying to help out. Bear is so strong. She is amazingly smart and chooses when to use it!!! She has the most gorgeous soprano Broadway voice that I have ever heard. She sings loud and she sings proud. We went running together and the whole. entire. time. she was dancing and skipping and laughing and singing! I was tired just watching her! She has so much energy, so much love and so much joy. She handles unexpectedness like she was planning on it all along. I love Berit with all my heart. I miss you B!

And Merry-Death. A jolly kill. Meredith isn't a mother, but she just got married so now the possibilities are endless! ha! Just kidding Mom! Mer is my best friend. She fights for me. People always think SHE'S the sensitive one and I'm the fighter, but that is backwards! At school numerous times I'd find her and cry to her! And she wouldn't even listen all the way before she went and started screaming down my offender! I remember when we decided we could be friends. It was that family reunion to Canada that did it. All summer. Stuck in the van. We couldn't be mom and dad's friends, so we'd be each others! We are best friends. We could fight for hours and then want to watch the same show and at the end of those 30 minutes, there was no trace of a lingering fight. So many times Mom would call up the stairs to yell at us for yelling at each other and by the time Mom yelled, we were done being mad! We're best friends.

I love my family. They are all such great examples of motherhood and kindness. I love you!
Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Things that make today so fun:

-My favorite brother and sister-in-law stopping by before going down to Mesa
-Eating lunch with said brother and sister-in-law, plus two nieces
-A certain four year old who can't get married because she is only four, duh
-Pigeon entertainment at lunch with family
-Packing and cleaning and shopping and laundry for Friday's wedding
-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being sick means. . .

1. Our house is spotless. Spotless people. You can eat off the bathroom floor, the window sills, the top of the refrigerator--what ever suits your fancy. Moving anything at all will prove that every single inch of the house is scrubbed.

2. I am spotless. When I'm sick I take around a million baths and showers a day.

3. Jake is hungry.

4. I make chicken noodle soup (my mom's is the best, clearly) from scratch.

5. Movies marathons are acceptable. Even dumb movie marathons because we mostly sleep through them.

6. Something important must be happening, or else we wouldn't catch sickness. Example: My best friend/sister's wedding in less than a week.

7. Sleeping in until 11:00 a.m. is fine. Going back to sleep at 2 p.m. is smart. Sleeping till 9 the next day is best.

8. A really bad self-manicure. . . it's hard when you're woozy.

9. Robitussin. Ewwwww.

10. Not having bags under our eyes because when the sickness is gone, we've slept a whole 99.234 hours in a single weekend. It's logical, really.

The only terrible thing about being sick this weekend is that this is the first time I have actually felt warm in Flagstaff. I heard a bird! An actual bird singing today. So exciting! The end.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I love him

Crazy April snow.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is a day late. Yesterday was too much craziness to handle without contemplating it first!

Wednesday was not wiggly. . . just weird.

Scene: The railroad crossing by Fratelli's pizza. There are two bridges that take you over a man-made ditch. A bum stands by the bridges. every. day. Doesn't matter the time or the day. He's there.

Backstory: Every Wednesday after lab, Elle and I go back to my house to eat some lunch. We take shortcuts through alleys and we walk across the bridge. We always see the man, smile and say hello. Politeness is always classy.

Now on to Wednesday. We'd been talking for a while about grabbing him something to eat. An apple or sandwich. . .you know? Nothing crazy. However, today we decided to grab pizza at Fratelli's. We are self proclaimed pizza addicts and critics and we wanted to try the place out.

While we were waiting for our pizza, we had the idea. We'll get the pizza to go, save him a few pieces and give the leftovers to him. We didn't think it would be a good idea to get him his own pizza. . . that and we're poor students. Plus, then, if for some reason, he turned us down, we wouldn't have too much pizza, but we could eat the leftovers.

The pizza took longer than we expected. I figured it would be out in fifteen minutes max, but 25 minutes later we were still waiting. I started freaking out a little because I cannot be late to math. Missing the first five minutes makes the rest of class impossible to understand. Finally, though, it comes out and we've got 20 minutes to eat and talk to bridge man.

We go on our way to meet our friend by the bridge and when we are getting nearer, he senses us or something because he turned around to stare at us! So as soon as he turned around I talked loudly "Hey! We got pizza for lunch and had some leftovers! We wondered if you'd want them??" By the time I finished talking we were really close to him.

He didn't say anything. . . then an awkward 30 seconds later he signaled for us to stand REALLY close to him and in front (we were standing on his side.) Not going to lie, when he signaled us, I thought he was pulling a shank out of his jacket! We thought we were going to die, but at least we were trying to be kind.

Turns out, he didn't want to kill us.

Elle was too scared to move. I moved to be face to face with him (about two feet apart) and we just smiled. They were forced smiles because we thought he was going to kill us or something, but smiles are smiles.

The next thing is the weirdest.

He smiled at us and in a very, very English accent said, "Talk to me appropriately and I will accept your pizza."


First of all, it was super hard to understand him in at all, but appropriately? What was inappropriate the first time? So we asked him to repeat himself; he said the same thing.

We figured he wanted a nice conversation, but I had to be in class in 10 minutes. So we asked him how his day was, what he liked to do for fun. . . things like that. Then we asked him again if he'd like the pizza. He said, "No." Elle was dumbstruck. She just looked at him with her jaw dropped. I asked if he was sure. He said our conversation wasn't good enough.

So. We left him. And laughed. And talked about how we thought we were going to get shanked. And then we ate the leftovers.

It was insanely odd. Very weird. Later I thought about it and I'm sure he just wanted us to introduce ourselves and have him introduce himself, but that was the last thing on either of our minds! Next time we'll execute a plan more carefully.

The moral of the story: Come to Flagstaff. Eat a pepperoni pizza at Fratelli's. Your mouth will thank you. Your brain will never forgive you for eating that when you're going to deprive yourself of it when you go back to where ever you're from. And, your heart will thank you for not eating at NiMarco's grease-tastic pizza place.

The end.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wiggly Wednesday

Things that make us wiggle today:
-Egg Benedict breakfast by moia!
-A new mountain bike (Saturday trips will now include me!)
-Getting our taxes done (finally! I procrastinate. . . big deal.)
-Getting a FAT tax return! Hooray marriage and school!
-Planning our anniversary trip
-Adding triplet guinea pigs to our family (more on this later!!)
-Having a handicapped rodent
-Naming said rodents Earth, Wind and Fire

Weird Things:
-People walking sans shoes. I'm still dry heaving about this. I know it's a "good cause" but just donate money. Don't wart-ify your feet. I've seen people urinate and spit on the sidewalk. . . the sidewalk YOU'RE walking shoe-free on. Nasty.
-Old hobo man that sits in the same place every day. You never ask for money. . what do you want?
-Having a presentation in the morning, a test in the afternoon, a test the next day and a homework assignment the nexter day
-Those android phones are named after men's belly fat. . . awkward.

I love our rodents. They sound like popcorn.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I need. . .

these kitchens.

First, we'll have to buy a house though!

Flagstaff vs. Mesa

I love Mesa. It's warm, familiar, and I know exactly where to go when I want to run in to someone.

I love Flagstaff. It's cold, new and I can walk to school when it snows and I can't see on my bike.

Mesa has Hobby Lobby.

Flagstaff has Diablo Burger.

Mesa has Pete's Fish and Chips and Costa Vida.

Flagstaff has an urban trail all the way through it.

Mesa has cactus.

Flagstaff has grass.

Mesa pet stores have bunnies.

Flagstaff has dwarf hamsters and guinea pigs.

In Mesa I had my own washing machine and dryer.

Flagstaff allows me to get all the laundry done in an hour at the laundromat.

In Mesa, a full tank of gas last a week, two weeks top.

In Flagstaff, one full tank of gas has lasted us two months.

I love my homes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wiggly Wednesday

I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays are when we have the least amount of homework, the most time to spend doing nothing, all the shopping gets done on Wednesday. . . it's just the best! Jake has been noticing how awesome Wednesdays are too, and today when we were both home from school, he started dancing and just being very him-like. When I asked him what he was doing, he just said "Wiggling!!! Wednesday is here and already half over!!" I love my husband!!

After hearing about his reasoning for "wiggling", we talked about what made him so happy today.
We've decided that from now on, Wednesday is Wiggle Day. . . awkward sounding, I think yes. Worth it, obviously.

Here's what made today Wiggle Worthy

-Charmin t.p. being on super sale
-Continuing the "Awkward at NAU" photography contest (best thing ever)
-Jake running into a stop sign on the way to school
-Me turning around just in time to see the crash
-Him not needing medical attention and laughter beginning
-Still laughing while we waited for the train. . . So what if I'm the only one laughing. . psh.
-Angry Birds for an hour while he was in tutoring for Calculus
-Playing hide and seek in Target
-One word: breakfast (seriously, best meal of the day!!!)

I love Wednesday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I capitalize Spring Break. . .

March is a crazy month for us. It houses Jake's birthday, Saint Patrick's Day, and Spring Break! We love it!

Jake's birthday was so fun! He was really excited for it and so I let him open a present. People, he was E.X.C.I.T.E.D. I got him two things. A blender and a gun. He had a suspicion that he was getting a gun, but I didn't want him to really know. I told him he could pick one the night before and then he had a debate about which one he should open. The bigger box or the smaller blender box. When he realized what he picked, he was hysterical! It was absolutely amusing!!! I gave in and let him open the gun and now he's been planning trips for shooting. Come September, we're going to eat elk every day. Here is documentation of the awesome faces he makes.
Favorite sugary cereal: Reese's Puffs. He's so handsome!

Clearly he chose the red one.

When he realized it's only a blender!!! There were tears in his eyes. Awesome.

He opened the black one so gentle.

The rest of the night he was hiding behind corners being a sniper. It was the best thing ever!

Birthday and birthweek ended and then it was Spring Break! We stayed in Mesa and of course came back with the Curtis pictures!!!He fell asleep and I snooped to see him like this!!!

He does the most amazing elephant crawl thing! I loved it!! I love to tease him and he teases me back!!!
He started coming over and then stopped!

Cowboy is our family's super old dog, but he and the Curtis are seriously best friends. When he stops crawling in this one, he goes straight to Cowboy time before going again! He's so photogenic!It's hilarious.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love today.

Today is awesome. Today in my hardest class we had a test. . . and I aced it! I knew the answer to every question before I saw the answers and basically I know for a fact that I a.c.e.d. that thing!

I was so excited (because seriously! this class is hard to me!) that I went for a run and two hours later still had energy. Jake hadn't come home or been out of class since the amazingness, so I called my mom and my dad to tell the my happy happy news. They are so supportive! I love them.

Now Jake is home and working on a timed quiz. I am still happy happy happy. Tonight also is date night and at the NAU theater they're showing Harry Potter 7, part 1! So today is meant to be swell.

I love days like this. They make the hard days worth it! They make studying for 8 hours on a Saturday, and a family home evening of studying and every other day that I don't see Jake because we're both studying so easy to manage! Really! If tomorrow is a horrible day, it'll be totally fine because we both had excellent days!

And this is from a few days ago, but Jake's favorite show is "Chuck" and Chuck himself was singing with Mandy Moore at the Oscars. Now Chuck is close to a best friend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I called 911 today. . .

and it was so fun. Remember how there are always drunks by my house? Well today there were about thirty. They obviously all hated each other though because there was a HUGE fight! It was bizarre. I was on my way to school (I ride my bike!) and I heard the fight and saw the gargantuan group of people. Then I noticed the people WATCHING and not doing anything. I got out my phone, called the police and no joke. In two minutes 5 police cars zoomed up! It was impressive. I'm proud of Flagstaff for that!

Other than that, today was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. The sun was shining, the snow is melting (temporarily, I'm told) and I can actually not wear three jackets, a hat and gloves when I ride to school. This is great news because usually I look like a pack mule with all the stuff I carry!

Jake news: He gets the chance to "compete" for extra credit in chemistry by building a huge solar oven. It has to boil water faster than the rest of his classmates for him to get any credit. I've been so busy with my schoolwork that I couldn't help him with his design, but he has taken off! The thing is super impressive and he is having really good thoughts about it. I laugh a lot because the oven is just sitting in the middle of our living room. It's the hot chocolate table we never had! I keep kicking it though. . . it's big! I can't help it.

Two Sundays ago it was snowing like crazy! I don't even know how to describe it, so just imagine insane snow blustering about. Jake went out early to get the car scraped and the snow out of the way so we could forge our way to church. Our neighbor Mac saw him and came over and offered us a ride in his truck (fully equipped with 4-wheel drive). I had just popped my head out the door to hear the invitation and rsvp'ed "YES!" on the spot. Church time comes and we all squeeze into the little cabbed truck. It was a tight squeeze for Mac and his wife, Carissa, and Jake and me, but it was excited! I was giddy! I'd never seen anything like this.
We had to go a different way to church because the normal way has a long and big hill that cars usually get stuck on. As we're going the long way, a minivan in front of us is sliding like crazy. My dad is my driving guru and I call him anytime there is ice or rain or snow and he tells me what a good job I did managing NOT to crash! So believe me when I say, my dad would be more impressed with my horrible snow driving skills than theirs! Anyway. They get stuck. We laugh. We help them (another side story is that Jake and I don't have winter footwear so I just wear normal heels to church and he wears his nice shoes. . . so imagine him looking fabulous for a day in the Mesa-spring, trying not to slide in the Flagstaff-spring!) and finally after a good half hour to 45 minutes, we are all at church.

The funny part happens during the third block. Jake finds out that the man he helped is the new Elders Quorum president. He also finds out that he hasn't called his counselors yet. He called on this past Sunday. Guess who has a meeting with him and the bishopric?!?!

We have no idea what's happening and we aren't seriously speculating what's going to happen at the meeting, he could just be called to teach every third Sunday or something, but me.myself.I. like to tease him with the grander possibility of the meeting. I love to tease him about things!

The end.

PS. Ending blog posts is really awkward to me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Psych was interesting today. . .

I knocked a girls coffee on to her boots.

I said sorry. She wasn't mad.

Dr. Miller taught us how to control our dreams, Inception style.

I'm really excited about this lucid dream controlling deal! I'm going to teach Jacob and then we will plant ideas in people's dreams. It will be wonderful.

I love love love the Curtis. And we found these today so they get special mention.

The Curtis doesn't like when he has to sit with Jack. So they watch TV like this.
ps. Even the back of my hubs head is handsome!

I love this face he's making!!!!

And that's all.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's been a while. . .

since the last post, but we're both so bogged with school work that things have taken a back seat! I'm going to try and be better, but seeing as how the second week of school our trademarked phrase was "I'm already behind. . ." I feel like we caught a good break!

I've gained a new appreciation for SUN! I always loved being in Mesa with the sun always shining and I definitely took for granted that there was no wind. To be honest, since living here, I decided I'd never experience wind! It's THAT strong and cold and intense. It's normal to wake up and unlock our bikes and see the snow shovels that are nailed to the posts strewn all over our porch! It's a good thing we live so close to school. Jake gets caught by the train at least twice a week and I still think it's the funniest thing that happens. I learned a crucial lesson. Don't ride your bike in the snow unless you have sunglasses or some kind of eye protection! I got to my class after the snowy ride with makeup down my face! The nice guy I sit behind turned to hand me a paper and when he saw me said "My wife would be mad if no one told her, so I'm going to tell you. . . You're make up is EVERYwhere." I thought it was swell how he emphasized the every part. It was awesome. And now we are in agreement that his wife is quite right. He is to tell me anytime something strange like that happens!

In other news, we live underneath elephants. Not only are the elephants, but they are nocturnal elephants. Jake lovingly (not) refers to them as our Elephants. . . you know. . . because they are ours. But seriously! It sounds like an earthquake when they move. It would be great if all they did was move. . . but we swear they are running back and forth and back and forth and back and forth! Of course this starts at 11 pm and stops when Jake stands on our dresser and hits the ceiling with a shoe. It's quite a show and even though I don't look forward to the Elephants' movements, I look forward to my hubs looking madder than anything I've ever seen. It's perfection!

Lastly, there is the coolest thing here! It's a movie theater like the dollar theaters but you vote on the movies they play each month and then for 3 bucks you get popcorn and a drink! I'm so excited. In March they're doing Harry Potter 7 part 1. Glorious!