Thursday, May 29, 2014

Month 2.

Gwen weighs 13 pounds even!
She's grown to be 22.8 inches, and wears size 2 diapers!
 Mini wakes up once a night for about 30 minutes to eat.
Walks have become a favorite past time. We go on 1 or 2 a day, and that's as a whole family. Jake and I will take her separately, as well! We definitely like to get out and breathe the clean air.
Bath loving is also to a whole new level. Gwen knows when it's coming; when she's in only her diaper, she starts smiling and cooing, and doesn't stop until bathtime is over. She's adorable.
Gwen HATES being hot. We've had some warm days in the mountains because of the fire in Sedona. It makes the city so smoky that we can't open windows, so we just endure the heat. She will wake up if sleeping and be so fussy. We visited family in Mesa, and she was fussy every day and I'm positive it's because of the heat and the traveling.
Mini will coo, laugh(on accident), and smile all day!
She used to roll over from her tummy to her back, but she's recently forgotten how!
Her hair is a golden/almost strawberry blonde.
She still has big blue eyes.
Mini's new trick is blowing bubbles! She makes drool bubbles, and we love it.
She also loves mimicking tongue movements! We stick our tongues out often, and Gwen will always copy! It's the cutest.
Gwen loves church! She loves to hear the singing and she loves visiting with the ladies!!!

2 months never looked so cute!

Cousin love! Gwen and Ridge are 4 weeks apart and they already ignore the moms when they're together.

Gwen after church, around 5 weeks.

She was being so crazy this night. Super moody, and she didn't want to stop!



Behold, the chunk.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gwen's Blessing

On Sunday, May 4, 2014, Jake blessed Gwen in the Peak View ward of Flagstaff, Arizona! We had family from out of town and friends come, and it was just such a nice day!

I'd been nervous for Jake for the longest time. He wasn't nervous about what he'd say at all, but I just love to worry. He ended up giving her the loveliest blessing I've ever heard. He blessed her to have a healthy and strong body, and to have a profound love of Jesus Christ. He warned her that Satan would try to hold her back, but through her testimony and faith in the Lord, she would be able to withstand her trials. He blessed her to not be afraid of repentance and to repent often, and also to get and value her education. He promised her that she would find joy if she lived worthy to serve a mission and attend the temple. To end, he told her that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her, and they sent her to us because we would love her the best!

It was just perfect.

We ended the morning with a little breakfast at our home, and then had a park picnic lunch with the Ellsworth side of the family--which left me with the most attractive farmer's tan sunburn!

Jake and I felt so much love, and we know Mini could feel it, too. Having Gwen in our lives is a daily testimony to us that God loves and trusts us more than we could ever imagine.
It was so sunny and windy, and Gwen was not liking being without a blanket for photos.

The family, minus the Valdes family.

Denham grandparents
Ellsworth grandparents

Curtis and Clayton love Mini.

Gwendolyn Yvonne

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Our family :)

PS. Now that I've seen the pictures we took, I'm so regretful that we didn't get one of Gwen with both grandmas because she is definitely named after them both! Next family get together, I hope I remember to do that.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Month 1.

Gwenny is a fantastic 10 pounds and 21 inches tall.
She sleeps 5-6 hour stretches at night and only wakes up for a light snack.
Her BFF is Jake and Lambie. Sometimes me, but mostly she thinks I'm planning to steal Lambie from her.
Mini is social. She needs noise to be comfortable and to sleep.
She loves to snuggle.
When she's upset, she likes to be shushed really loudly in her ear. It calms her down instantly.
Her hands are her worst enemies. They grab her hair and make her really sad.
She loves baths.
She likes to poop on Jake.
Gwen LOVES walks. We go on daily walks, and she cannot get enough. She'll cry when we stop to look at something on the way. She loves her BOB stroller.
Gwen doesn't like school. She studies with me a lot, and she doesn't easily grasp the concept of oral periodontal disease so she gets mad when we study it.
She snorts. Like a piggy. It's her angry noise. It's also her "Mom, why are you looking at me?!" noise.
She has big, blue eyes.
She likes listening to BYUtv on Sunday mornings, and loves being sung to.

Nicknames: Gwen, Gwenny, Gwenderwald (because we love Harry Potter), Gwendini (because she is an escape artist), Gwendy, and of course, Mini!

Gwen slept in a laundry hamper for her first month of life, and it was a perfect fit! Now she's just so big and she doesn't fit in it anymore, so she's upgraded to a crib.

Mini's old bed! She is so small!

Our first selfie in the hospital. Gwen showed me early on that she thinks I'm a little crazy.

Beanie Baby!

She loves her dad. She saw J and couldn't stop smiling!

Our first Sunday church outfit!

I LOVE this picture. She likes to hang out in the Bjorn and she makes this and a smiley face the whole time!
Those cheeks!!!

Deep in thought about how to escape my grasp.

Car rides make her serious.

Easter Sunday. She was too big for the dress when we put her in it, but oh well!


If you read my blog, you know this is the Curtis. The Curtis loves Gwen and is so so so soft to her!

Gwen's hands were too small for the mittens, so to stop herself from pulling her hair, we used socks.

Dream smiles.