Monday, May 24, 2010

"Let's play our game!!"

Jake is from Lakeside. This is not news. I like Lakeside. Again, not news. One time we went and read The Hunger Games the whole time. . . not news. Sometimes Jake and I get super bored. . . NEWS!!

A while ago we were driving and we had nothing to talk about. It wasn't boring or awkward, we just knew everything that was going on in each other's life and we vibe really well so we don't have to say much--we make faces to show emotions.

So on this drive we were reminiscing about the fort we built and watched The Little Mermaid under. All of a sudden, he totally just starts belting out how "the seaweed is always greener." Right after he sang that one part to me, he asked me what movie it was from. I was so shocked and offended that he asked me what song it was that I completely spaced! I said Cinderella way too quick and then we drove into a ditch!

Not really the ditch part, but the rest of it is true!

So now we have a game. It's conveniently called "Our Game!!!" (yes, the exclamation points are included!) The game goes like this. Jake sings three notes, sometimes four, from a Disney movie. I have to guess it and the only option is repeat. It's the FUNNEST THING EVER. So when I guess the movie it's my turn. I've also found the best way to win is to do the same song twice in a row but with different lines because he gets really confused!!! Then he guesses wrong and I win!

On Saturday we day tripped to Pinetop/Lakeside because 1. We hadn't seen his family in a looong time and 2. We had to give them wedding jazz. Jake isn't much of a morning person but he tries really hard to be! We get to the beeline when he confesses, "I think I'm going to v*mit." The real word makes me throw up so we use the asterik! I was already feeling sick. Lately I think I've been getting carsick. . . Nasty! I'm not experienced enough to drive his car so I couldn't help in any other way so what do I do!?

"Let's play our game!"

Immediately Jake starts his three notes but since he's sick it didn't come out well at all. I thought he was trying to do Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but he was doing the "Nahhhhhhh, Se-ven YAHHHHH" song from Lion King. It was really glamorous. He'll probably be famous someday.

Seriously, this game is so legitimate that I want to play it right now. I watched the worst Disney movie ever (Pocahontas) and discovered a fact about Jacob. He knows every word. . . in EVERY Disney movie song. When I asked him how he knew them so well this is exactly what he said. "Well, I'm really great at remembering lyrics. I only have to watch it once and if I can understand it the first time I hear it, I basically remember."

He said that with complete seriousness.

I love his face.

I laughed and then challenged him with Jurassic Park and he lost. "That's not fair! It wasn't Disney!" hahahahahah!!!

The funniest part of the game is when we are trying to figure out the song and we sing it back to each other over and over and then when we get it we yell!

I love forts. I love ice cream. I love cheese crisps. I did my heap of laundry today.

I get to marry Jake in 23 days...and he gets to marry me too! It'll be so fun! We can build forts all day!


"Savages, savages, barely even human!"
name the movie. It's so easy.

PS. I spelled Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong and the spell checker let me know. Nice work Nice work.


Seneca said...

Hahaha great post. Ummm.... Pocahontas is my favorite, I guess I relate better to her. I love cheese crisps too!! In fact its time to eat one, at 7:40 in the morning, yes. I think you two are so so cute together.

The Dark Family said...

um... so i totally saw you at the temple dedication... wish I had been able to visit for a few minutes! :(

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...


I love that movie. And I love your game. Awesomeness.

The One Klar said...

VERITY!! I love you so much and I love how you express yourself and I love love love your blogs and I like Jake and I cannot wait for you two to be eternal playmates. And I got the day of the wedding off!! So I am yours. And I want to help in any way I can. And I need to get me some hot Vans for your big day. And I love you. Let's play! I'm being all serious. :)

The 231 Girls. said...

So Verity,
I just thought that I should tell you that reading your blog is my new favorite activity. I love how you write. Seriosly, I laugh out loud. And I love how you describe your guys' relationship! haha.

PS I wanna play that game!


Sarah Blue said...

You are a goober.

The movie is Pocahontas.

And I will play The Game with you as long as we stick to classic Disney cartoons...None of the crappy AirBud, G-Force, Old Dog stuff. Those are just lame.

Can you guess which movie this song is from? "Bum, Bah Bah Boo"