Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good news and some. . .

So the good news was that we got a puppy! But we were going to make it a huge joke and put up a sonogram picture of like. . . triplets. . . and then have a picture of our puppy, however I thought about it so much and I thought it might only be funny to the hubs and I. Therefore, odd anger diverted!

Anyway, we got a puppy! She is a lovely little cocker spaniel and we kiss her and call her Carri. Other news about Carri--Hubs is really, and I mean REALLY allergic to her. So like we had originally planned (our landlords say NO to pets so we had a backup) we gave her to Hubs family because they love her and will be able to be in a ten foot radius with her. Jake's eyes are bright red, his nose is falling off and he is one HOT mess. This all works perfectly though because tonight is . . .


I have so much happiness right now. Hubs thinks he "ruined" Halloween because we didn't dress up (I had to close that night and didn't get off work in time to think about being creative. Amen.) so to make up for it he's been preparing for HP night since we bought our midnight tickets four weeks ago!

I painted glorious tattoos which, on a sidenote, look really awesome in fake life, but if in real life he had them I would be weirded out. He looks flipping awesome and magical. I love him. He even has a wand made with the branch of a pomegranate tree and the hair of a unicorn aka cocker spaniel puppy. I'm so excited.

Only problem, I feel like I should dress up too and I don't have time or the will to color my hair purple and pink all over to be his bf, Tonks. I'm baffled.

I'm heading over to the laundromat. Hopefully wisdom will fill my mind with the nice wrackspurts that will fuzzy up my thoughts. Watching the loads tumble around should get my brain wheels turning!

Long live Harry Potter! And Ron. . . I love him.

PS. After I posted this I had a great idea! I could be the basilisk!


kylee said...

harry potter! i could not be more excited for the movie tonight!

Sarah Blue said...

You must post pictures of the Hubs dressed up for Harry Potter. You MUST!

Sorry that the dog made your Hubby sick. But I'm glad you chose your Hubs over the dog...not every wife would. Haha!

Diana Smith said...

That stinks that your husband is allergic to your dog! You should post a picture of her! She sounds adorable. Have fun at the midnight showing!

Melodie said...

Puppies are fantastic and they are the best friends ever! My puppy is ripping a squeaky toy drumstick to shreds right now and he loves me!
Post pictures!