Sunday, March 31, 2013


Since we're going to be in this apartment for another two years, we decided we had had enough of our sink! It was super short, with no space for anything on the side. Our toothbrushes constantly fell off the ledge, and it was driving us nuts.

We were on our way to a movie, but then realized the one we wanted to see had naked people in it, so we went to our hangout instead. Our friends at Home Depot love us. Just kidding. But we went to Home Depot and on our way out, we saw this magical sink. We knew, then and there, that we would be a happy family together. We found the color of fake wood we wanted, and found the cheapest faucet, and we were set!

We went from this:
Don't you love our pink bath!?

Our Shorty, and not in a good way.

To this! Voila!

Oooooh!!! Aaaaah!!!!

Hooray for tall sinks and tall people!
Because it's a solid object, I'm feeling like our bathroom is so much smaller, but it's really not! We're so happy. And the mirror isn't even, but we don't care. Also, a baby couldn't have a bath in the sink, but we have a tub and a good kitchen sink, so we figured it was okay! Hooray! Hooray to the tall sink!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jacob and his broken chain.

Jake and I went for a bike ride in Sedona. We had only gotten a little more than 3 miles when POP! J's chain snapped. At first, I thought it had just come off, so I kept riding and told him to catch up. . . and that's when I heard him shout my name to come back!

When I got back to him, this is what I saw.
Broken chain, sad day. 

I couldn't help but laugh! We'd planned this ride for a week, and we were both so glad it happened as early as it did, or else we would've been a long walk back to the car.

When we'd get to a downgrade, J would ride down on one pedal. He'd get as far as he could up, and then hop off till the next hill.

At one point, we had him push start, and then I would come up from the back, he'd grab on to me, and I'd pull as hard and fast as possible. It was just hilarious. I'm sure all of the other bikers were ticked at us!
I love him. He was trying to use a skinny rock to fix the chain. Verdict:unsuccessful.

It doesn't look it, but this steep and pebbly mountain was i.n.s.a.n.e.

Courthouse Butte, Sedona

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jake's day of celebration!

Jake is closer to thirty now than he has ever been before! To celebrate, we opened presents at the break of dawn. I had to nanny the day of his birthday from 5:45 am - 9 pm, so we opted for early morning, rather than late night.

He got a few new shirts, and a spicy new iPhone. He secretly likes it a lot, even though he doesn't show it.
Present corner!

Ow ow!!! Hot stuff.
We went to OG for his dinner celebration the next day. (Olive Garden, duh). It was so fun and our friends were able to come play with us! I didn't get any pictures of our festivities, but it was grand.

And Kayla and Kallam had Baby Emma the day before, so we got to hold and squish her for pre-birthday fun! We love Baby Emma. She is delicious and chunkerific.

Happy birthday to my J!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As one of my part time jobs, I nanny three kids. All of them are in school, so a lot of my time with them is spent driving around to cheer, swim, and everywhere in between. Since J and I have been married, I've always had a calling in primary. . . I just am always surrounded by children.

One thing that I've noticed more than anything throughout my time as a primary teacher and nannying is that God loves his children.

The kids I nanny had a deal with me: if I got in to my program at school, I'd buy us all ice cream. Lo and behold, we went out to get some from Baskin Robbins. (Also, they all high fived me, and getting in the program was worth their high fives.) Next to the BR is a gas station. No big deal. In the same day, we also had to cross the train tracks a few times to make our normal drops at sports. When I got home from the day, I, uncharacteristically, watched the local news on my computer. Minutes after we'd all left the ice cream place, an armed robbery took place at the gas station a ten second walk away. A train had a malfunctioning horn and wasn't able to blare it at a person in the way. . . all of these things happened in our normal spots! I can't even imagine if the kids would've seen or experienced any of that. God loves his little children enough to help us eat a bit quicker than normal, and to drive with less traffic, with all green lights. It is no surprise to me that we were able to have a perfectly normal afternoon together.

In regards to my church classes: the kids understand things that I can't even comprehend. They love God, and it is clear that he loves them. Every week, we have a question for every one to answer. Usually we pick something like "What's your favorite cereal?" or favorite thing to do at the park, but the other day we talked about the saddest things that we can remember. We heard all about when someone's favorite dog got old and died, to hearing about cousins who experience hard lives due to addictions. I remember being in Sunday school and learning about things that seem so much simpler than the things that today's children are exposed to. In the short time we've been together (since January) I've learned that those kid's are getting prepared. God is preparing them for what they have to conquer.

It's just amazing to me to actually see the love God has for children-- and with that, the trust he has in us as parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, and friends to watch over and assist them.