Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm probably the best. . .

. . . person ever for what I'm doing right now. Background: I am in a ridiculous class this semester. I don't need it or even want it, but it filled in real nice for my literacy credit. Anyhoo. A while ago I wrote about teachers that I hated and I talked about the teacher for this course I'm talking about. Turns out, I was wrong. I loves her because she is so mean and straight up and funny.

First day of class she tells us about this "huge" and "difficult" persuasive essay we have to have for our final. Well, in the class of illiterate fiends, this would be difficult and hard, but I just love it! So it's due in two days and since I need a presentation (no power points by the way...this is important :) I decided to do my paper tonight. My paper is persuading you that popcorn is the best treat ever. . . and I rock. I love this paper and will probably post it. Now, mind you, English is going to be my minor so I has sum skillz, but I've had to throw a few out the window because I know she'll give me a better grade if she feels like she's helped me. Anyway, I just took out the whole paragraph I wrote about defending popcorn till I die. I thought that might be pushing it. . .

For my presentation I can't have a PowerPoint. I found this out, along with the rest of my awesomely stunned classmates at 9:54 p.m. last Wednesday. Class meets once a week from 7-10pm. Needless to say, the class had mini heart attacks. . . BUT NOT I! Indeed this makes my brilliant plan more intoxicating! Guess who is making Popsicle stick figures and bringing in popcorn and air poppers to class for her presentation??? This engaged gal! muahahahaha. I am just so stinking hilarious. The only girl I know-know in class thinks I'm dumb but secretly she's jealous because she didn't think about it! Hers is on whether or not chemo is bad. She found out after her senior year in 2006 that she had cancer so she could totally shred mine to bits, but she refuses to bring in her wigs and antibacterial wipes to class to pass around. I don't want to win so easily against her wigs, but if she's going to let me, I might as well win hard, right? :)

She has a prosthetic and wants to pass THAT around. . . I think if she does this that I should go first so people can eat lots of corn and then sh can pop off her fake leg that makes weird sounds and then everyone will vomit and we will all pass!!!

Yay! I love finals!!

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Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

you are. a crazy lady. In the best possible way, of course :)

Can I have some of that popped corn??