Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hygiene school has changed me.

1. I've become an irritated driver. Mind you, I'm not aggressive, just annoyed. When someone cuts me off, I get irritated; if I hit every red light--instant "for reals!?!?!"; j-walkers 15 feet from the crosswalk. . . oh no. And this is because I need to study, always.

2. I don't know what the word 'procrastination' means anymore. Too much is due every day to put something off.

3. I go to bed at 8:00pm, 9:00pm latest. If I'm up later than that, my poor husband gets a grizzly bear wife. Sad. On weekends, I'm a wreck because I'm so tired but our friends aren't!
Me, on weekends.

4. I've lost weight. I don't like this. I like weighing my normal range. I blame it on being dehydrated, and not having enough time to prep food for meals. My skin looks weird and my hair doesn't shine because I'm hungry. . . also, I think I'm pre-diabetic, but that's a self diagnosis.

5. I fall asleep in random places. Jake and I have a dumb game we used to play--when he'd walk in a room, I'd pretend I just woke up. I'm serious-it's lame, but we love it and it makes us laugh. Now, however, this is my reality. I fall asleep on the floor, watching Master Chef, doing online quizzes, in the bath, and sometimes when I'm eating. It's hilarious, I'm sure!

I love this program. I love the girls and guys I'm with. I love teeth. I love gingivitis. And I love that I get to be so tired learning something I love so much.

And I'm happy happy happy with scrubs!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

back from hiatus.

I'm trying to come off of a blogging hiatus. It was unintentional, but life gets so busy!

Our summer was pretty uneventful. With Jake graduating this December, he needed to do a few classes in summer sessions. He took biochemistry and six more credits for liberal studies. He did really well! He has two personalities: one is school-Jake, and the other is no school-Jake. Both versions are awesome, but for people that haven't seen him in school mode, he is intense! He doesn't put off his school work, he is always on top of assignments, and he just always knows what's going on. We always joke when school's on break that fun Jake is here, but he's really fun all the time.

Before the second session of summer school, we celebrated Independence Day!! We stayed in Flagstaff again, and it did not disappoint. We all got extra long weekends, and we played hard. For the fourth, we did the usual downtown walk and played at the parks. At the parade, there was a real, bald eagle and I have never seen Jacob so excited to take pictures!!! It was awesome! For fireworks, we went to Winslow again. Last year, the wind was really bad in Winslow, so I was nervous about getting ash in my eyes, but it was PERFECT. No wind, no flying ash, and remarkably, not many people.
Bald Eagle!!! So cool!

The next day, we wanted to go on a short hike and play in Sedona. We packed a really weird picnic (the cheese I used on our sandwiches was bad. . . ha!) and took off! We had so much fun. We found a little beachy area that was practically ignored, so we played there for a while. Then we hiked a little more and found a secluded rock slide, and we played there for even longer. When we were done playing, we all went and picked up fast food for dinner, because we'd played too hard to make anything!
Click on this one to see it bigger! The gang, minus Zack. He's taking the pic!

After that weekend, school-Jake was back :) He was at school from 7 am to 7 pm. I worked full time at the dental office, and kept up with my hair clients. We were busy all the time, but it was manageable. I think it helped that we both had really good attitudes about our insane schedules. We didn't see each other too much, but it was worth it to get so much work done.

School is back in session now. Jake is in his last semester of his undergrad!!!! We are stinking excited for him! Prior to serving a mission, he did a lot of random classes at the community college, and when he got back from Korea, he was extremely passionate about international business. After a few semesters of IB classes, he ultimately decided his heart was in dentistry and science. Jake started his biomedical science degree with a minor in chemistry in January 2010 and he's finishing in December 2013!! Woop, woop. He's great. As for the future, he's going to be starting his master's in January. As of where, we aren't sure. This man loves ASU, so I'm pushing for an extended campus bio masters through them; it's more expensive, but his family is a family of sun devils! He would rather stay with NAU and teach so that school gets paid for. Who knows.

I started dental hygiene school. So far, it's been really good. It's a hard transition because I'm used to having spread out classes and different due dates for completely different classes. In this program, everything tends to mesh together, and there are assignments and tests every day. It makes me tired just thinking about it! Holy cow. But I love it. Also, my schedule is stellar. I have class Monday- Thursday, and on Thursday my lab starts at 3. It's extremely manageable to get everything done and I'm still able to work a pretty normal office day!

On a few random notes, Jake used to have a feral cat that would visit him daily. He named it Salem, after Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He would feed it and pet it. One day it visited us and looked more mangy than usual--and after that he never came back. I think he died. . .sad. Also, I got my braces off!!! Hallelujah. To celebrate J took me on a date for steak. I had braces when I was in high school, and they were ceramic and clear. That meant I couldn't have mustard and steak sauce or it would stain the brackets. When I got my high school braces off, my parents took me to celebrate with steak! So Jake continued that tradition and we went for steak. It was fun!
Jake and Salem.


Jake seriously loves salad.

Right now, NAU's website is down so Jake is playing a game, and I'm going to watch Parks and Rec. Splendid Sunday night.