Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March 2016

March was such a fun month! We loved celebrating Easter and Gwendolyn's second birthday so much! I don't have many pictures because of a phone saga I ended up going through.

The Phone Saga
  We planted a garden in our backyard. It is one of our daily activities to go out and water the grass and garden and see our vegetables growing! One day in March was extremely hot. Jake had a great idea! He filled up a cooler with water from the hose, and we all splashed it on each other to cool off. I left this splashing party early to go inside the house.
  The next day, I saw the closed cooler and thought nothing of it. Gwen and I went outside to play, and I sat on a chair and put my feet up on the cooler. No big deal. At the end of playing, we went inside. Later that evening and after dinner and baths, I was playing the piano. I hadn't looked at my phone in a few hours, and knew it was safely locked inside our bedroom. While playing the piano, I also realized I hadn't heard Gwen in a while. I think most moms know that silence only means that kids are up to something, but I didn't care what G was up to because I knew it had to be remotely safe.
  All of a sudden, I got a pit in my stomach. Jake wasn't home from work, and normally for such a late arrival, he would've called or texted. I immediately went to go get my phone from my locked room.

The door was open.

 At this point, I just knew what had happened. I locked the door, but didn't shut it ALL THE WAY.  While still standing in my room, I took a breath and knew there was going to be a technological casualty. I didn't know how, but I knew it was certain. I walked back into the living room, and made my way to the screen door. Gwendolyn was standing over the opened cooler, and she said to me, "Look, Mom-mom! Cayuuuute! (Cute in Gwen language) Pwetty!" I slowly walked over, saw my phone in the cooler, submerged in water, flashing on and off, hence making the water in the cooler glow for a very pretty effect.

I wasn't even mad. Not for a second. It was my fault. It was like the time I left shoes out with Fred overnight, and then when he had chewed them by the next morning. . . I can't be mad for the mistake IIIIII made turning into a bad situation.

Anyway. Jake soon came home and I retold him this adventure. He found an old phone, and I got that turned on the next day. That old phone would last me until we paid for the insurance claim for a new one. . . . OR WOULD IT!?

PART TWO: The Phone Saga

  I am pregnant. The last time I was pregnant, I was in school and frequently visited my teachers to clarify assignments due because pregnancy does this terrible thing to my brain in which it nearly forgets everything. It's annoying and embarrassing, and I've learned to roll with my pregnant level of dumb.
  In being pregnant this go around, I have forgotten to turn off the oven, forgotten to SHUT DOORS, convinced myself it was Monday instead of  Tuesday, and a multitude of other things that I can't remember. . . because I'm pregnant.
  On Thursdays, Gwen and I go to Superstition Springs Mall for Kids Club. National Geographic has a show with songs and dancing, and the sweetest hosts named Persephone and Dewper(I think he's a chipmunk, but I don't know). After Kids Club, we get to ride on the carousel for free, and it's really fun. Meredith and I had planned to attend this one morning together, and would meet there.
  I got Gwen out of the car, loaded her into the stroller, got out the diaper bag, and we made the hot walk across the asphalt to the entrance of the mall. Gwen was singing and dancing with Persephone, and I realized I should inform Meredith where exactly we were. I had just texted her a few minutes before that we were on our way. I had just talked to Jake who was fresh out of a surgery. So while Gwen danced, I looked for my phone. And I looked some more. And then I emptied out the diaper bag and looked again.
 No phone.
 So I emptied the bag once again.
 When the Kids Club singing portion ended, I still hadn't found it or Meredith, so I walked back to the car to call her and find out when she'd get there, or if she cancelled.
 When we got back to the car, all of the doors were unlocked.
  My phone was gone.
 Gone, gone.
 We walked back to the mall again, because I had no clue what to do. Maybe there was a tiny chance I'd dropped it. We went upstairs to catch a ride on the carousel, and there was Meredith! She had been searching for us and calling us and trying to get a hold of me. . . something that is difficult to do without means of communication. She parked next to me and said she didn't see it lying on the ground. I knew it had been taken. I left the doors unlocked, for Pete's sake!
 Anyway. My phone was gone. I didn't lock the car. I'm pregnant. I have no brain and it is incredibly irritating.
The end.

I now have a phone. I make sure to LOCK and SHUT doors these days. I'll double and triple check, too. 

I didn't back up the phone that Gwen washed in the cooler because I'll typically back my phone up once at the end of the month, so that's why I have limited pictures. At least the ones I have are stinking cute!!!!

Easter Morning. Gwen loves Ridgey and popcorn.
Jake's bday/Easter present

Gwen's bday/Easter present