Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lake Roosevelt

I've never been to the lake before.

Don't misunderstand; I've been to A lake, but not the types of lake where specific lake activities happen.

 I've been on a paddle boat, and I've gone fishing by tying a nasty piece of string I found near the shore to a stick, and then putting my chewed up piece of Big Red gum on the end to watch the fish come near the gum and leave immediately.

I've for sure gone playing in creeks and rivers and things like that, but lakes are on my irrational fears list, no lie. Check here and here for proof. Lakes freak me out. In addition to the reasons I listed in 2014, I have watched too many episodes of shows with weird underwater fish that can swallow a human whole. . . so no. No, thank you.

One time, Jake and I were dating a million years ago and our single's ward went to the lake. I lied and said I had work so I wouldn't have to go, and Jake was upset that I didn't try to get that imaginary work day off for the lake trip. When he got home, he showed me all these pictures of him doing lake activities (wake boarding, wake surfing, tanning, eating) and I was like, "Cool. I mowed the lawn and cleaned the bathroom for my chores." And he was like, "I thought you had work. . . " and I said ". . . OH YEAH. I forgot. . ." It was a weird and awkward thing.

We've since moved on from that day because, lucky for me, the male brain tends to not remember as much as the female brain when it comes to past arguments.

Flash forward to now, my sister and her husband bought a boat. They'd invited us a few times to go to the lake a few times, but school and previous engagements always prevented us from going. They invited us again, and Jake and I knew this was the time we would finally go to the lake together.

We got our sunblock ready, extra shoes (to avoid being touched by fishes) and we were off.

I kid you not: the terror I felt in the car was so thick you could've cut it with a knife. Jake told me multiple times that I needed to chill out because "the lake is so fun!" And I'd tell him under my breath, "It'll be fun until I get my arm cut open by a propeller. It'll be fun when I get bit by a mysterious breed of lake shark." And so on, and so on. 

So we get to the lake. And Gwen immediately runs to the water. My first thought was, "This is my end. Gwen is going to try and kill me at the lake." I hurled my body towards her, and shoved her fat body into a life jacket. From then on, my fears had no time to consume me.

We got the boat onto the water and hooked up a tube. I decided I needed to go first or I never would. I learned that when I fell into the water, a red flag would be held up so no one would run me over. I was also ensured that no sharks would be in the water. And finally, Jake told me the ride would be short because I'd fall off pretty quickly.

He lied.

I think I was being pulled on that tube for an eternity. After I realized the people on the boat couldn't hear me yelling "I'm done!!!!",  I started praying aloud to please not break my legs, hands or neck when I let go of the tube. And then I thought that the motor was too loud, so my prayer probably wasn't being heard, so I started shouting my prayer instead. In my defense, it seemed logical at the time. I finally mustered the courage to let go after the 5 hour long tube ride, and when I did, I didn't break anything. I got water in my mouth and nose, but I did it. I did lake activities.

It was a really great time. I was in charge of lunch and I failed miserably, but everyone was nice about it.

Overall, I was scared to death. I swallowed water which means I probably swallowed human flesh and other disgusting things. But it was so fun, and I loved spending the terrifying time with Jake and Gwen, and being in the company of Meredith, Tyler and Ridge was excellent!

The lake was so beautiful! I love AZ scenery.
Gwen looks thrilled, and this is my terrified face.

Meredith and Ridge


Captains Ridge and Gwendolyn

This was 100 minutes into my tube ride. I was probably mid prayer.

Me. You can't tell, but I'm kicking my legs furiously to avoid fish and sharks.

Gwen hated the bumps, but I liked holding her anyway.

Tyler, Jake and Gwendolyn


Cap'n Tyler

No one on this whole trip was ever dehydrated. WIN!

Moms and babies turn. This was really fun because we went so slow. Gwen hated it, but whatevers.

Gwen pretending to be asleep!
Gotcha!! Ridge promptly fell asleep when he got his milk.

September 2015

In September, we got to host my VERY favorite brother and sister-in-law, plus their three kids. We went out to pizza, and came home to look for the water heater. . . which I still cannot find.

Jake and I went on a date to a stupid movie and I'm still mad about it. One of my favorite book series is The Maze Runner! It's written by an LDS author, and it's seriously incredible. So when I found out the second book's movie was coming out, I NEARLY hyperventilated. So we got a sitter and saw it. . . it. was. awful. I wanted to leave so many times. It didn't follow the book AT ALL, and all the swearing made me soooo mad! Ugh. I just hated it. I HATED it. If you have read that series, please do not see the second film. It will make your skin hurt. I've learned my lesson and will just rewatch the first movie to calm myself. . . because the first one was AWESOME. Stupid Hollywood.

We celebrated Labor Day with a hike. I discovered that Jake hates family pictures, so I guess that's a torture tool for the future.

I've been making this quinoa dish that is SO yummy! I make it once a week, Gwen and I inhale as much as we can, and then I pack it into containers for the rest of the week. WE LOVE IT. Jake hates it. He is positive it's because there is not meat, but I digress.


We got to spend the morning with Gwen's best friend, Laila! And I got to spend the morning with Elia, who is the kindest person you'd ever meet! We roamed around Sam's Club. It was magical.

On the last Monday of September, we got to go to a ward Family Home Evening night at Bishop and Sister West's home! It was so fun! Gwen and J rode a horse, jumped on the trampoline, played cornhole, and finished the night off with a BBQ. It was so much fun!

In other news, Gwen doesn't think she is little. She'll see kids who are her size and say "Baby! Babyyy!" It makes me laugh because I'm thinking "YOU are the baby!" HA! She's funny.

At her 18 month appointment, she weighed 24 pounds, and is average for height, weight, and head circumference.

Gwen's vocabulary includes phrases like,  "Look up!" for the airplanes and helicopters. "Awwww, puppy!" for anything that is on four legs. . . when Gwen saw the horses, she screamed puppy over and over! She says "GO GO GO!" to anyone running or biking, and she says, "I love you" and "K" like the shortened okay. That's from me. I say "K" all the time and didn't realize it until she started it!


After the worst movie ever, we got shakes.

The new favorite recipe we make every week!

Labor Day Hike

G loved drinking from the water straw thing.

Grayson, Emma, and Gwen playing in the fort.

Fred and his cone!

Silly G.

She helps in mysterious ways.

This is her favorite thing. Sitting in her green chair with the cat piano.

Laila and Gwen forever!


Gwen helping me on our jog. She keeps Fred in check.

We moved a bookcase into the living room, and Gwen got stuck wedged between these!

They love each other.

We love that ladybug car thing.

G carries this cooler with her everywhere.

August 2015

 We didn't do much in August. Jake and I both worked a lot, and that didn't leave much time for grand adventures. That being said, we have found out that we LOVE day trips! Jake likes them because he can still sleep in his own bed at the end of the day, and I like them because I like everything.

We had a very eventful Saturday. We could smell gas, but I kept checking the pilot lights on the stove and they were always lit, so I figured it was just not us. Well, days of this happening was really worrying me, but Jake was out of town, and I knew he'd be able to fix it, so I anxiously awaited his return! When he got home, he couldn't figure it out either. Saturday morning came and so did Jake's parents for a visit! Vonnie was immediately worried, and so Jake ended up calling the gas company. They were out of the office, but had a message stating "If you smell gas, call 911 immediately." So Jake called the non-emergency phone number, and the person he talked to told us we needed to evacuate and that she would send firefighters immediately. Before J even hung up, we could hear the fire truck coming. The fighters came to the door and within 10 minutes found that there was a third pilot light on the base of the oven! I HAD NO IDEA. I still feel dumb about it. But anyways, they lit it, called off the numerous trucks that had also been dispatched, and ate some fruit snacks that we offered. Gwen and I went out to see the truck, and the captain said we could get it! Funny side story: We had JUST seen this crew at Target, and in the back of the firetruck was the Target haul, new crockpot included. I couldn't stop apologizing, but they said it was fine. We ended up knowing a lot of the same people and it was just a fun meet up. Gwen didn't want to leave the truck when the guys had to go, but she survived. 

Some monumental things did happen this month, though! Gwen completely stopped using bottles! One day, I decided we were going to not use them anymore, and Jake was at a week-long training, so the entire time he was gone, we transitioned to a new cup. With this new cup brought the need for a new bedtime routine. We would always eat dinner, and then let Gwen drink from her bottle after we finished, so she wouldn't eat a lot of food because she would rather drink milk. So, now she only drinks milk with meals (if that. . . we eat a lot of other diary though, no worries!). We eat dinner at 6:00, bath time is 6:30, and then we play and dance to Broadway showtunes or Disney until we read scriptures and brush teeth simultaneously, and then its prayers, and bed time at 7:30! It's suprising to me how minutes make a difference. If we try to put her to bed at 7:20, she struggles! If it's 7:30, she immediately passes out once the door closed! LOVE HER! She is so funny!

A few weeks prior to our Stake Conference, our ward had a temple day. It was INCREDIBLE. Flagstaff's designated temple district is the Snowflake temple. This is actually difficult for us because Jake's parents live about 30-45 minutes one way away from the temple, so to use them for sitting requires a trip to Snowflake, on top of that drive, and then back to pick her up, and then home from Snowflake. What our amazing ward did was offer babysitting IN Snowflake! IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! We all drove to Snowflake, we dropped Gwen off at a nearby church where the kids were being watched, and then went to the temple! It was just amazing, and I hope that that can become the new normal.

Fred and Gwendolyn are my jogging partners. There are days when one or both of them are absolute crazies, but overall, the two of them are great company! Gwen can always tell when we're going uphill, and she'll shout "GO, GO, GO!!!!" Fred is pretty dumb, but he does his best. Ha! Poor Freddy. Gwen likes to grab onto his leash from her stroller, and so we are all helpers together!!!
Our monsoon season did not disappoint!
Mini has this new smirk she does. Hilarious.
Our babysitter, Melissa, is a hair queen. We've been so blessed with AMAZING and wonderfully kind babysitters.
Mini modeling.
J asked for a picture of G while in CO, so I told Gwen to smile for a picture. This is how she reacted! What a ham!
Those are our newest cups. They are awesome. So is spaghetti.
Gwen having to leave the firetruck was a sad moment.
We are friends.

Snowflake temple!
My delicious running partner.