Sunday, December 31, 2017

December 2017

Gwen and Santa at our ward party

Right before Jake had to leave for a work dinner and several tantrums ensued.


Gwen and Farris and  Crocodile

Sicky Emily

Gwen's Christmas dress. Emily is wearing one too, but she wouldn't cooperate with me.

Emily:always snacking. Love this girl and her palm tree hair!


We had a small electrical fire on Christmas Adam! Three firetrucks and a sheriff! FANCY! Minimal damage and no one is hurt.

Opening Christmas jammies! This was her Christmas Eve outfit of choice!


Pretty girl!!!


Gwen and Ian going for a cruise with Mickey and Minnie!


Movie night with friends!

She loves going fast!

Christmas morning!

We've been having FHE and I found a great kit for it! It's got several items in it, and someone gets to pick one item each week. There is a corresponding lesson, and we've really loved the lessons we're learning together!

November 2017

We moved in at the beginning of the month, and are still getting sorted! We love our home!

Since moving in, we've put the girls in one bedroom. We have enough for them to have their own, but I wanted them to share. This was night one. I love them!

We got new Playdough! I threw all of our old stuff out when Gwen didn't clean up and she had to earn it back! She was a great cleaner and helper to get this kit!


"I love this house!" -Jake and Verity every night before falling asleep

I cleaned out the attic. It was full of junk. Gwen kept saying, "Mommy! You are making a really big mess!" She's trying to help me clean it up here. This was just 1 of 5 loads I removed.

Sick kids are so sad, but I loved the cuddles. She was sick on Thanksgiving.

Jake and Emily

After a long nap, she had energy enough to get dinner before promptly crashing and being sick again.

Fred's holiday glamour shot.

I love her.

First dental cleaning in the chair! No cavities and no tears!

Modeling her chip.

Boxes make the best toys.


Pool fence, pre pain touch up!

Ellsworth Family Adventure 2017

We celebrated my parent's 40th anniversary in style this October! We started the long week off with Curtis's baptism! One of the best things about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that there is no universal way that the spirit testifies. I've been to a fair share of baptisms and without a doubt, Curtis's had the most vivacious and exuberant spirit testifying to us all of simple truths, and it was so special!

We left our home on Sunday for California. We hosted the Rollers and my parents that weekend, and they went to church, but we just left town :) Our hotel was great. We got there in great time with no issues.

On Monday, we took family pictures. Tuesday was temple day and we went and did a session in the Newport Beach temple. On Wednesday and Thursday we went to Disneyland. It was so magical. All of it.

It's been a long time since we've all been together, and I loved it. I loved seeing my girls play with their cousins. I loved talking to my nieces and nephews. I LOVED IT ALL.

Gwen was so happy at Disneyland! She took it very seriously that she was meeting her royal idols. She met Cinderella first, and Jake nearly cried because Cinderella was so sweet to Gwen. Gwen didn't smile in most of the pictures we took of her with the princesses because she took it so seriously! She knew she was meeting these important people! She was so reverent! It was hilarious and sweet. Emily liked the churros and everyone loved Minnie Mouse.

On Thursday, Jake took Emily back to the hotel around 1:00pm and Gwen and I stayed until 10:00 pm! We loved it. At the end of the night, Gwen told me, "Momma, it hurts!" When I asked her what hurt, she said, "All of it!" hahaha! She fell asleep on the shuttle and I just want to take her to Disneyland every day now.

 We went to the beach, we ate out a ton, and we just had non stop fun!

Curtis' baptism!!!!

Starting our excursion!

Beach pictures and oreo bribes!

Papa and Emily!

My twin and I! Berit forever!

Jake pushing a car to the nearest WalMart. This car broke down and Jake pushed them about 1.5 up the road!

Emily snuggles and hotel couches!

Newport Beach Temple


Right before the seagulls tried to snatch Gwen.

Emily really enjoys snuggling with Papa

Gwen and Cinderella!


I love them.

Gwen and Ridge stole Mary's hand before Delaney even had a chance.

Gwen's fave: It's A Small World!

Mid day snoozes!

She loved getting autographs!

She's not smiling because she doesn't know Aurora and because there's money in the well across from her.

"We're twins, Aladdin!"-Jake "I always wanted a brother!"-Aladdin


Aunt Hannah met up with us at Disneyland!

SHADOWMAN! He had such a short line because people don't know what they're missing out on!

See Gwen's side eye?? She knows not to trust this dude.

hahahahahah!!!! SOAKED. We went back to the hotel after this.

Jake is my best friend ever.

Gwen and Ariel!

Emily, Ridge, Delaney, and Gwen

Minnie and Mini!

Soul Mates!

Waiting to catch Sofia!

Flik was so cool!

Exhausted but not giving up!
Cars Land

I have the very best women for sisters!