Monday, May 24, 2010

"Let's play our game!!"

Jake is from Lakeside. This is not news. I like Lakeside. Again, not news. One time we went and read The Hunger Games the whole time. . . not news. Sometimes Jake and I get super bored. . . NEWS!!

A while ago we were driving and we had nothing to talk about. It wasn't boring or awkward, we just knew everything that was going on in each other's life and we vibe really well so we don't have to say much--we make faces to show emotions.

So on this drive we were reminiscing about the fort we built and watched The Little Mermaid under. All of a sudden, he totally just starts belting out how "the seaweed is always greener." Right after he sang that one part to me, he asked me what movie it was from. I was so shocked and offended that he asked me what song it was that I completely spaced! I said Cinderella way too quick and then we drove into a ditch!

Not really the ditch part, but the rest of it is true!

So now we have a game. It's conveniently called "Our Game!!!" (yes, the exclamation points are included!) The game goes like this. Jake sings three notes, sometimes four, from a Disney movie. I have to guess it and the only option is repeat. It's the FUNNEST THING EVER. So when I guess the movie it's my turn. I've also found the best way to win is to do the same song twice in a row but with different lines because he gets really confused!!! Then he guesses wrong and I win!

On Saturday we day tripped to Pinetop/Lakeside because 1. We hadn't seen his family in a looong time and 2. We had to give them wedding jazz. Jake isn't much of a morning person but he tries really hard to be! We get to the beeline when he confesses, "I think I'm going to v*mit." The real word makes me throw up so we use the asterik! I was already feeling sick. Lately I think I've been getting carsick. . . Nasty! I'm not experienced enough to drive his car so I couldn't help in any other way so what do I do!?

"Let's play our game!"

Immediately Jake starts his three notes but since he's sick it didn't come out well at all. I thought he was trying to do Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but he was doing the "Nahhhhhhh, Se-ven YAHHHHH" song from Lion King. It was really glamorous. He'll probably be famous someday.

Seriously, this game is so legitimate that I want to play it right now. I watched the worst Disney movie ever (Pocahontas) and discovered a fact about Jacob. He knows every word. . . in EVERY Disney movie song. When I asked him how he knew them so well this is exactly what he said. "Well, I'm really great at remembering lyrics. I only have to watch it once and if I can understand it the first time I hear it, I basically remember."

He said that with complete seriousness.

I love his face.

I laughed and then challenged him with Jurassic Park and he lost. "That's not fair! It wasn't Disney!" hahahahahah!!!

The funniest part of the game is when we are trying to figure out the song and we sing it back to each other over and over and then when we get it we yell!

I love forts. I love ice cream. I love cheese crisps. I did my heap of laundry today.

I get to marry Jake in 23 days...and he gets to marry me too! It'll be so fun! We can build forts all day!


"Savages, savages, barely even human!"
name the movie. It's so easy.

PS. I spelled Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong and the spell checker let me know. Nice work Nice work.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Everyone knows. . .

. . . Life isn't easy. If it were easy, there really would be no point in work, happiness, sadness and all other wonderful feeling-type of emotions.

So basically, in nine days I get to go to the Temple. I'm totally excited. But every night I lay in my bed and think about how I was able to get where I'm going. And every night I think generally about the same people. . . so obviously I have to post about it. PS, they're all ladies.

1. My mom. She is so organized and even though you wouldn't be able to tell right now, she really gave me her organization gene. Through all the planning going on, this lady is on top of her game. . . or my game, I guess. . . My mom is ALWAYS on our (her kids) side. No matter what. Even if she doesn't agree with me, she will defend me. Later it usually ended up with me sitting in the green chair in her room while we discussed the event. When she plays the piano, we all go in and sing. In FHE we will sing without hymn books and be completely confused but laugh the whole 4 verse song. I grew up with weekly family councils. I know how to cook (ish) because she would teach us magic basics. I know that the woman I am growing up to be will be all because of her teaching.

2. Sarah. Sarah is my oldest sister. She used to let me babysit (and she paid SOOOO stinking good!) and she'd always assure me that if I ever had questions or needed someone that she would be there. She taught me how to listen through example when I would call and cry about the most irrational and nuts-oh stuff. Sarah also has let me know that being completely obsessed with a TV show is totally fine because she is an avid LOST lover and fan. I love that I learned how to close my mouth and listen from her.

3. Caroline holy cow. The queen of the blogging world. She is sassy. She says what she wants, when she wants to, and she will never say anything behind your back that she wouldn't say to your face. Caroline taught me how to not be afraid of my own opinion. I want what I want, when I want it because of her. She moved across the country and we hardly talk, and her oldest girl kind of thinks I'm dead. . . but Caroline is the reason that I will be proud of my opinion.

4. Berit has taught me SO much through our years. I know how to put on makeup because of her, I know how to smell good and I learned how to pull out of hard situations with a smile because of her. She was a daily example of kindness to me. We can fight like a war, but in the end, she'll always call laughing about something weird to get us to forget about it. Berit is the most sensitive person I know and she has taught me so many lessons on kindness. She will forgive anyone, but more importantly, she'll actually forget. Berit has shown me how to be the best I can be and she has the most BEAUTIFUL, Broadway soprano voice I have ever heard!

5. Meredith. Merry-Death. A jolly kill. She is my best friend. We didn't like each other until I was going into my freshman year and the only reason we became friends was because we were stuck in the car, going to CANADA, and we had to band together if we were to survive the huge trip. Merry Death is my dancing partner, my TV partner, my shopping partner, my perm lover. . . this girl will literally beat people to defend me. Meredith is the most vivacious person I know. She is honest, sometimes brutally, but it's always for me. She tells it like it is. For some reason, people get our insides mixed up! They think I'm the one that can get scary, and that Merry is sensitive but WOOOO is that backwards! Mer will probably scare me to death, literally, one day, but I know I'll always have a partner in crime to double team someone if necessary.

6. Maria joined my family a back in the single digit 2000's. She's soft-spoken, but by being so, she's taught me how to communicate efficiently. Maria is everything cool in a girl. She's Canadian, she loves the outdoors, she teaches her little girl about Jesus and temple marriage. There's nothing NOT to admire about Maria. She has also been a great example of love to me. She only says the kindest things-- Maria is the best sister-in-law there ever has been! She literally has become our true and real sister!

7. Kyli. Klar is my swimmer. We met in junior high, but we became friends in high school when she joined the swim team. Our chemistry was immediate! She sadly moved to Idaho for my senior year of high school, but came back a year later to graduate in Mesa. Kyli pushed me to my swimming limits and my spiritual boundaries and then broke me through the wall like a train! I got my first real nickname from her! Kyli taught me the importance of being true to the gospel and listening to her bear her testimony DAILY got me through hard times in life. Kyli can never decide how she wants her hair done and usually just lets it grow because of it. She had really cool scabs on her face for her senior prom. I can't even remember what happened, but it was scabbed all over her chin! She's so cool like that!

8. Carolyn. I love me some Carolyn. We didn't go to the same school, but when my ward left me out of activities at girls camp, she came and swooped me into the Three Nephites and the rest is history. We served on the Youth Committee together, we met my first exchange students together (We are from Germany!) and because we had similar experiences after high school, it's easy to have a real, true conversation with hilarious opinions! I have never been disappointed in her actions. I've never felt betrayed by her. Carolyn is the friend you don't have to see every day. We see each other rarely (even though we like 5 minutes away) but when we reunite, conversation is easy, chat is humorous and inside jokes are to be had. Carolyn has taught me to keep looking up. In hard times I only see her smile and that is a perfect definition of her.

Of course more than eight people have influenced my life, but these women made me who I am and I am almost ready for life because of the examples they are to me. Nine days and a bottle of Clinique's toner till June 17, 2010. Happy day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some things totally gross me out. . .

. . .and lately they seem to be happening all at once.

1. Cockroaches gross me out. They have wings and they are fast and nasty looking. I'm seriously in love with spiders and scorpions and I have no problem with anything with a stinger...get me next to a roach though and I'm either super ticked off (when I'm alone and know I'm the one that has to take care of the demon) or I'm outrageously slightly irked and possibly scampering to another room.

2. That show that comes on at 1:00a.m. and I'm wide awake... "I didn't know I was pregnant." I am pretty uber grossed out by that show. . . no explanations necessary obviously.

3. The kid that tongues his girlfriend at the same time right by the hand sanitizer by the entrance of my math class. It's sadly easy to see the tongue piercings and the way they grope each other scares me a little.

4. All my Dixon Ticonderoga's have lost their erasers. Thank goodness semester is over. Amen!

On that note, just to be as prideful as possible, this semester has been a HIT for me. In matematicas my grade without the final was a 94% and then after I took that blessed cumulative final my grade jumped to a 97%. People. This means good things for my FAFSA this year! Plus plus I'll be married and we'll be so extra poor that we get more! I think we beat the system. :)

Off the topic of school now-- For our honeymoon, Jake is taking me to California to port off and go on a Mexican cruise. Today I was extremely offended by this and here is why:

I love Harry Potter. And Snape killed Dumbledore... but in Florida,on the very day after I join Jacob in wedlock, a beautiful place called the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" opens. Not only do they have Butterbeer in Hogsmaede (of COURSE its nonalcoholic! Only infidels think otherwise!) but they are prepped with Olivander's in Diagon Ally. . . people. They are making customized wands. This means glorious things. It means that dragons, hippogriffs and unicorns really exist. I think the wands start at $40 but I would totally get one with a unicorns strand of hair for a billion dollars. And a nimbus 2000. I want to go to Harry Potter world. *

I love French onion soup the most.


*I am going to be okay with the Mexican cruise. Don't worry about me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm down. . .

. . . to half a tube of paste, my shampoo is almost out and I've got one more bar of soap to open and finish till I share all that stuff for the rest of forever.

I have such an eventful life!

1. Jake and I found a place to rent and it's small and jazzy but it fits all my previous criteria. Hallelujah.

2. I gave a final presentation for a creative thinking/writing class and scored an A+! I didn't even know that those existed in college, but I guess if your whole presentation is about popcorn that the sky is the limit!! ps. It was the most stellar presentation in the whole universe.

3. My face got some crazy 24 hour rash and I looked so funny! No joke, this rash was intense. . . no pimples or pustules, just nice, itchy, red skin ALL over my face. I jazzied with makeup coverage attempts for about 5 minutes but then decided, "Nahhh, I don't care anough anyway!" and I went to school and loved every minute of everyone's questionable glances :)

4. My phone stopped much! This is great news because this phone is very moody and we get into a lot of heated arguments when she shuts down and doesn't communicate her problems to me.

5. I look like a chain smoker from coloring and washing hairs without gloves! Oooh la la! Attractive!

Thank goodness it is almost summer. I will kiss the summer when it is here tomorrow at 6:45 p.m. and it will be a happy day.


ps. I'm excited to have friends again after finals and school end! Yipee to having friends again.