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August 2020

The whole month of August consisted of:1. Jake and me continuously discussing whether our new tree was going to survive this hot summer. 2. Wondering if we were ever going to get our normal monsoons.3. Wondering if school would start.4. Trying to make back up plans for back up plans if school didn't happen (spoiler, it didn't!)5. Exercising, gym workouts, and dog walks. 
We started the month with a surprise trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit Jan and Chris! Chris was the best and I'm still amazed at how he did such a good job not spilling any hints! I need to take a page from his book on that. We enjoyed our drive up and stopped for local treats along the way, but the best part was finally getting there! We had Gwen and Emily knock on the door, and we have such sweet video (from both sides!) of the surprise!While in Vegas, we went to a fun waterpark, played hand and foot, and just spent time together. It was really great, and we loved every minute.On our way home, we drove …

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