Wednesday, December 25, 2019

December 2019

December started with a day of babysitting! Our best friends, the Blackburns, were invited to a wedding and also had two kids in dance concerts—and nothing could be missed! We knew it would be a fabulous day if we could play with the kids all day, and it was! We started off going to our ward Christmas breakfast, then came home to wait for the kids to get dropped off! It was so fun! We went to one dance concert, one park, played a lot of games, and had several dance parties. 

We set up Christmas decorations! Tree, lights, mistletoe, countdown...the works! I love the holidays so much. Bless Jake’s heart, we put up lights twice because I didn’t like the new ones we had purchased. 

Gwen had her kindergarten chorus concert! She sang loudly and stood up tall! She was a beauty with such a sweet smile! After the concert, they had a party! She loved making an ornament for the tree with her picture! 

Emily had a party at daycare! They had a Santa come in, and she told me she loved it! I asked her what she told him she wanted and she said “I told him I didn’t know what I wanted and then said ha ha ha!” I just love this girl! She is blossoming and I love it! She brought home a photo that Mrs. Chris had taken, and it’s my new favorite picture of her. 

We went with Morgan and the kids to see the Illumination Light Show. We drove through the Angels stadium and Morgan let the little ones take a turn steering. It was great!

I got invited to attend my old office’s holiday party! We went to Cirque De Soleil and it was so much fun!!!! We also went to the A.T. Still dental school party and were amazed! They had individualized gifts for each child based on age and likes! Emily got a Cinderella doll, and Gwen got some play makeup in a little suitcase. It was nice to introduce Jake to my new coworkers! I’m still dreaming of a pizza that they served—it had blackberries, arugula, feta cheese, and I don’t know if I can ever recreate it because I ate it too fast to remember the rest! It was so good!

We had a beautiful Christmas program at church, and the girls left sparkles everywhere! 

Emily and Gwen went to the dentist! Emily gotX-rays for the first time ever and she did great! The assistant/hygienist (I couldn’t tell which she was) was so amazing with Emily! And Gwen just loves the dentist so much! I love these girls!

For Christmas, Jake and I wanted to go simple. The girls have been telling me they were going to ask Santa for fishing poles since last year, so this year he delivered! Jake and I got them one present—a swing set! It was really a hit! As soon as the Christmas rain cleared up, they were in the backyard playing! We watched a few injuries happen, and were pleased when the injuries were ignored due to the high amount of fun! Jake worked like a pro building the swing set! He worked at night to keep the surprise, and had to do a few nights in the rain! He’s the best man I know. I’m thankful for his motivation and drive, and love to see his sweet actions for the girls.

November 2019

November started with a birthday trip for me! I was able to go on a girl’s trip with some sweet friends to California! We stayed at Esther‘s family’s beach house, which was just steps away from the most beautiful beach. It was a magical way to start my 30’s! I stayed in a room with Abby and Becky, and we constantly laughed/cried because of a loud train. We talked about it just the other day (in late December 2019) and still laughed about it. We ate out for every meal, and just played all day. It was wonderful. 

I started a new job! I didn’t expect it to happen, but I applied with the local dental school for a hygiene faculty job and landed an interview the day before going to the Dominican Republic in October. It went very well, and while at JFK in New York, I accepted a full time position for the faculty position! I’ve made great acquaintances with several coworkers and am so happy to go to work in the morning. The girls have done well with the transition, too! I am really loving the schedule and the work, and I even have an office with my name on the door! It’s great! 

Emily has been going full time to her day care with Mrs. Chris. When I accepted the job, I immediately told Mrs. Chris about the new hours, and she happily let us know it would work for her to watch Emily for the extra hours! This was great news because I was really stressed about how to handle that. I asked Emily what she would want and her exact words were, “I want to go to Mrs. Chris’ house to be with all my friends!” Done! 

Gwen is still going strong in kindergarten. She loves her music classes most, struggles with some numbers, but overall just is blooming! It’s so much fun to listen to her talking about the important things that happened at school. She is so much fun! She loves learning new jokes and telling them to us! Sometimes the jokes are a little off and don’t make sense, but that makes it even better. I hope the jokester in her never fades. 

Jake is doing amazing at work! He was able to get an assistant hired so he can get more surgical cases covered. He really loves the guy they hired and from the sound of it, there is serious potential. 

-Gwen had track and field day before thanksgiving. She said it was the best day she’s ever had!

-Gwen lost her second tooth!!!! It was slightly more terrifying than her first and definitely louder. It didn’t hurt but she was just so scared! 

-We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. We did it the day after (Black Friday) and it was great! It rained all day, but that made for fun conversation. When it finally cleared up, Caroline  and I plus a few teenager cousins all went to Target! 

-WE SAW FROZEN TWO! It was amazing. We’ve now seen in twice, and have listened to the soundtrack approximately 329 times. It just gets better and better. 

-We went to Home Depot for the Saturday craft and Santa was there!!!! The girls smiled and did t ask him for anything but Gwen told him she liked his belly. What does that count for?!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

October 2019

We had a jam packed month!! 

Gwen lost her first tooth. A few days before, she told me it was wiggly. I had no idea, and when I looked at it, it was barely hanging on! One afternoon, we had Gwen try to wiggle it with a paper towel and the tooth cams right out! She was so proud!!! She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy and asked for gold, and the fairy delivered a gold dollar! What a lucky girl!

Gwen has really been claiming to be a big girl lately! She’ll stop me and ask me to measure her height, she’ll ask me to take pictures of her when she thinks she looks like a big is so sweet and so sad! She IS a big girl and watching her grow is the epitome of bittersweet. 

Emily, Gwen, and I went to the movies one night when Jake was hanging out with friends! We saw the movie “Abominable”! It was about three kids returning a lost yeti to his family. It was so sweet! And the amount of popcorn we all consumed was out of this world!

Jake and I went back to the Dominican Republic in the middle of the month. We were so grateful for my parents being able to come down to watch the girls. We had so much fun! We hiked the local waterfalls, rode a gondala to the top of a mountain, and swam every second we could! On our dental day, we realized that we didn’t have any packed syringes, so we rigged up a 4 handed way to administer anesthetic while the lead dentist, Dr. Stark, went into town searching for synringes! 

He came back maybe an hour after we began our makeshift method, and we were all glad! 

I had the opportunity to attend a class Dani (one of the trip leaders) had planned for the young women in the refugee camp. Another dentist, Dr. Marcela Quintero, also attended and helped teach and translate to the group. The class was focused on teaching about ovulation and menstruation, and we dispensed kits with reusable feminine pads, underwear, and soap. I was able to sit back and watch the class, and it was filled with so much love. It was amazing. 

The day before we left for the dental trip, I was called in for an interview at one of our local dental schools. They were looking for a hygienist to join their faculty, and while I was in the airport the following day, I got an email that I got the job!!! More on that in the next monthly update!!

For Halloween and our ward trunk or treat, we dressed up as characters from Zootopia! Gwen was Officer Judy Hopps, Jake was Nick Wilde, Emily was Gazelle, and I was assistant mayor Bellweather! Our trunk or treat was amazing! Great food, and greater company! On Halloween we snapped a picture! I think we always look better at the trunk or treat because it’s typically on a Saturday, and Halloween often falls on a school/work night! Oh well! It’s still great!