Saturday, February 18, 2017

January 2017

We made it into another year!!!

Our 2016 ended and 2017 began with potty training Gwen! We did something called the 3-day method, and it was so worth it! Gwen is such an independent girl and she loves being a big girl and wearing big girl undies. I love it so much.

Gwendolyn got a brand new bed, and it looks phenomenal.

We spent a lot of time with our friends Chelsea, Berlyn, and Reagan. We went to the junior high by our house, played in the garden and have done several park trips together!

I got a hair cut and chopped off about 6 inches!!!

Jake went to his work's year end review meeting, and the guys he works with in the territory did well all year and won a trip to Canada! We are so glad he is doing well in this new position and he's really been loving it!

One of my new year goals was to make one new meal per week. It's been a really fun way to branch out of my cooking norm. So far, the tuna ceviche wraps were my favorite! I'm not great at taking pictures of food, but I included one from the ceviche.

Gwen and Berlyn playing on the bleachers

G loves Mulan and thinks the broom is her staff.

She loves his bearded kisses!

Gwen and Adam at the park feeding ducks!

Carolyn and I went to a paint night hosted by the Mesa Library. It was hilarious.

Learning to sleep unswaddled. . . quite an adventure.

This is how we lounge around.

Emily is clearly a model.


One of our new meals.

Gwen's new bed. The picture is wonky because it was a panoramic that I shortened.

Emily Rose is 7 Months!!!

Emily can crawl!!!!! She is so mobile and is all over the place. It has significantly changed our lives. The floors are nearly always spotless, Emily is sometimes lost and we have to wait until she yells to find her, and Gwen is always laughing when they're inadvertently playing peekaboo!

We go to the park pretty often, and have started putting Emily in the swings! It's so cute to watch her smile as she goes back and forth.

Emily's favorite food is pretzels and she eats them so fast that I hand her multiple at a time.

The weather has been so great that we spend a lot of time outside. Emily has this sonar that can detect fallen leaves. She will hustle her little crawling self over and put the leaf in her mouth. She is so fast and the leaves are going to kill me because she tries to eat so many!

Em just gets cuter and cuter every second. She is still on the charts as "tall and skinny," but she feels nice and heavy to us! Her cheeks are so sweet and chunky, and she has the most delicious dimples on her cheeks! Her brown eyes are the color of melted chocolate, and I just dream about them. She is the perfect addition to our family!

Emily Rose is 6 Months Old!

15.75 pounds

Loves to sing along with the piano and radio

Loves hearing people laugh!

Her long dark hair all fell out, and now she has a head full of dirty blonde/light brown hair! She's so dreamy!

Clicks her tongue similarly to her grandpa great (Grant Christensen!)

Emily's favorite food is bananas, but sweet potatoes are almost a tie with the bananas.

Emily had a rough time napping for a while because she could get out of the swaddle. It took a while, but she's getting used to sleeping with her arms out.

She prefers playing with empty water bottles over actual toys.

Emily is the sweetest baby! We love her so much. Gwen is her favorite person and their friendship grows by leaps and bounds every day!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Emily Rose is Five Months Old

Little, perfect Emily! She is the most wonderful girl. She rolls all over the place and kicks her legs like crazy. We're convinced she's going to crawl soon because she wants to get Gwen!

She loves pulling hair and sucking on it. It's the strangest thing and it's a little painful, but it's her thing. Poor Gwen. Emily will grab G's hair and Gwen's response is always, "Baby Emmer, please wet go. You ur hurt my hur!" And the E cackles and I know she's a firecracker!

I have never seen a girl like a bath so much. Emily will kick kick kick so much that waves start going in the tub! Whenever water gets in her eyes, she complains and then laughs and starts over.

She's lost a lot of her dark hair. We gave Emily's hair a little trim to even out her very few dark strands and now she just looks blonde except for her dark hair at her nape.

We like to push her cute little forehead for laughs.

Any time music comes on, Emily will start wiggling and dancing! She loves all music.

Emily tried rice cereal. She wasn't a fan. So we started purees and she's huge fan! She hates peas. Loves sweet potatoes, bananas, and squash.

She is a momma's girl. I'm thrilled about this. When Gwen was a baby, she preferred Jake over me and I was fine with it because I was so busy with school. Emily has been such a joy for me because I get to experience things first and send the news to Jake instead of the other way around! I love these girls so differently but so much the same. What an anomaly. Back to the point. She is so easy for me to take places because if she starts to get fussy I just have to make eye contact or talk to her and she calms right down!

Emily has the best smile. Her whole face lights up and it just takes up her entire body! She is such a joy to have in our family! We all love her so much!

Don't let her fool you. She loved trying this cereal.

She likes to stretch out so we can see how tall she is.
Toes are her favorite feature!

December 2016

Gwendolyn decided to start the month of by aging 3 extra years, and only wanted piggy tails and pony tails with her skinny jeans and tennis shoes. She obviously gets older and older every day, but she really is looking older, too.

One of my cousins introduced us to a bike attachment for children, and we have loved our WeeRide seat for Gwen! She and I go on a bike ride together nearly every day and she is always showing me the birds on the light posts or the cats in the bushes. She loves exploring and our bikes make it extra fun! Thanks, Dallas!

Because of the holiday season, we got to spend a lot of time with family! The Claridges came and we all went to Krazy Air. I've said it a million times and I'll say it again--I love that place. We can jump for hours and get root beer flavored ice cream after, so it is always a success.

The Roller's visited over Christmas and it was so fun to watch Gwen and Ren play together. I loved on Curtis every moment I could, and gazed at sweet Clayton! He is such a handsome and smart boy! I love them! And Corden is just sturdy and I loved getting a workout in while holding him.

This was the first year that Gwen, Emily, and I have ever been to Jake's family's Christmas tradition at Grandma Uchytil's home! They do biscuits and gravy every year and end the night by caroling and seeing the temple lights. We got to Grandma's house around 5:15pm and were surprised when we were the first (apart from Vonnie and Walt)  who'd arrived for the 5:30 start time! Around 5:45pm, Grandma told us that she told the rest of the family to arrive at 6:30pm! Ha! By that time, Becky, Stan and the girls had gotten there, so we all just laughed and ate dinner "like one pig waits for another." I will never forget the look on Vonnie's face! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends for my in-laws.

Christmas Eve was a blast! We hosted at our place and did Mexican food. We played a fun game and sang songs after reading the Bible together. Next year I'm planning on doing nativity so I need to up my game for those costumes.

This is our third year doing a movie night on Christmas Eve! We had Christmas stuff set up right after the girls went to bed, so we got popcorn going and watched Sully! I cried so much! That man went through so much and he was so humble through it all!

We potty trained Gwen! I had the week off in between Christmas and New Years and I decided to use that week to train her! The first day included a lot of accidents but we all stayed positive! The second day, Gwen woke up from her nap dry and had a accident free afternoon, and by the weekend she was completely good! It's only been a week now, but she is such a great learner and so determined! I love seeing her grow!

We've continued on in our fun date nights! This month I took Jake to get his first pedicure! He won't tell you but he liked it a lot! After pedicures, we got dinner and went to see Star Wars: Rogue One. We had some friends meet up with us there, and it was so fun!

Gwen plays hard. This is dirt from making mud pies with her best friend. I love her.
That bum!

Jake and Gwen getting ready for a cruise!

Papa looks angry and Gwen looks scared, but they both were having a good time. ha!

Emily's favorite (and only) Christmas toy! We wrapped up food and diapers for her. haha!

Christmas Sunday, Water Wow book, and sparkles.

She is a cupcake and Jake is so handsome!

She loves her new helmet and princess dress (jammies.) We're really tricking this kid into things. Jammies as a princess dress!? Pfft. Hahah!


Freddy! He got an embarrassing haircut, but he loves his blanket that one of my favorite patients gifted him!

Christmas was set up at 7:05 pm sharp. HA!

Matching jammies!

Three generations of Uchytil women!

Grandpa and Grandma forever!

Poor Grandma. Gwen was not having it. Clearly Vonnie enjoyed every second! HA! Love you!

Pretty woman!

Gwen's happy place.

She kept saying, "Please don't take my peek-chore, Mommy"

Jogging buddies!

These three are snuggle buddies. . . just kidding. Emily only likes to snuggle me. BFF.

Her dark hair is slowly all disappearing!

Girl, I get it. I totally get the Jamba Juice life.

See? Told ya. Besties.

Karen Christine+Gwendolyn Yvonne=RenGwen

She is so fun to play with.

Blurry comparison of the cutest babies I've ever seen, EVER.

Three generations of Christensen/Ellsworth girls!

Jake in the pedicure chair.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 2016

The beginning of November started with a birthday for me! Jake had to go out of town, so he planned a surprise birthday date for the week after. He surprised me with brunch and a massage! It was so fun! I'd never had one before and was having major anxiety about it (DO YOU WEAR CLOTHES OR NOT!?!?!?!) Luckily, it all turned out so great and we now have inside jokes for the next 4 years, thank you. May your Chakra be aligned forever.

We have some great friends that offered to play with Gwen so we could get dinner and we love them and all saw owls in the neighborhood on the night of my birthday. It's a sign that I'm meant to go to Hogwarts, but I'm just too old to be taught now. It would be indecent for me to go and leave everyone.

We took advantage of the incredible November weather and played outside as much as possible!

My sister, Sarah, had to be in Phoenix for a school thing, and we got to play with her youngest daughter and son all day! Marshall and Melanie were a fantastic addition to our day! I learned early on that everyone needed to touch their own blanket or else someone would be upset. It was more a game than true sadness, but it was great! We made forts, and played outside at the park. Someone asked me if all the kids were mine--I said yes. It was great.

We got family pictures, and I'm so happy with them! I met Kylie in Flagstaff, but we both grew up in Mesa! She went to Mesa High and she introduced us to her sister, our nanny Kyndra! Full circle! Anyway, Kylie took Jake's graduation announcement pictures and took these family pictures! We love her and she is excellent. Like. . . Gwen didn't sit still once and she still got great images! HALLELUJAH!

We got to see Mike, Kendle, and Emery Webster again! We met them in Flagstaff, too, and we love and miss them almost daily! Their sweet daughter is a little bit older than Emily, and I have great plans of a deep friendship for Emily and Emery!

Thanksgiving was great! We started the day off being treated to Moana (thanks GramE and Papa!) and popcorn, and I loved it! We bought the soundtrack while walking out of the theater, and we have it on repeat all day, every day! After the movie, we went to pick up our fruit salad for the Uchytil feast! Emily was a LOT fussy because she was getting over being sick, plus she got four vaccinations and had no nap because we were at the movies, so that homegirl was so sad! Grandma Vonnie is so sweet and would just take her when she cried! So sweet. We didn't last long there, and went back home to get Emily in bed. When she woke up, it was time for the Ellsworth feast! The Binghams came down from New Mexico and they did ALL the food! It was so fancy! I wish I had pictures because food was EVERYWHERE and I ate all of it and weigh 3,000 pounds. After dinner, Caroline set up Minute to Win It games, and we had a great time!

On Black Friday, I took my oldest nieces out for Black Friday shopping. Cordelia and Cassidy are both so funny and beautiful and smart! It's almost intimidating to see how strong and independent they are spiritually and mentally, but I love it and I want my daughters to have those qualities! After finishing up, they offered to babysit, so Jake and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. J.K. Rowling is my best friend, and I now need her to write up the screenplays for Ilvermorny. Do yourself a favor and go read about the US school for magic and just swoon in its glory.

Random Gwen fact. Gwen loves Sofia the First. Sofia has a sister named Amber, and lately Gwen will call Emily Amber! It is hilarious and so cute and I tell her, "No, this is Emily. Say Emily!" So she'll say "Emy!" Then I'll say, "Gwen, what is your baby's name?" and she immediately responds, "Ammer!" HA! I love it.

I have to add a thought. We have the best family. My daughters have the best aunts, uncles, cousins, grandpas and grandmas. I feel so much love and support on both sides. Jake and I constantly talk about how we got SO lucky to have the in-laws we have, respectively.  I'm so thankful that Gwen and Emily will have so much love and support throughout their entire lives! We love you, family!

Kyndra and Gwen made Jack-o-Lantern cheese crisps!

Fanny is losing her dark hair!!!!

Just Gwen being a big kid! Where did Baby Mini go!?

Zen on the swing.


Mini Mom and Mom

Mini Dad and Dad


Thanksgiving! Thanks for the picture, Thad!

IT'S A MIRACLE! She slept at church!!!!!

Birthday dinner at Nando's!

Gwen and her baby.
She loves her camping chair.

I don't know if this will play, but she's so cute.
Waiting at the resort for our massages!

Jake nearly fell asleep, thank you.

I mean. . . she just is living her life as fully as can be.


Better Besties.

Emily and her bibdana uniform. Verity and her scrub uniform.

Gwen, Marshall, and Melanie, all touching their own blankets, only.

PARTY PIZZA! Venezia's does not disappoint with the party size.