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We started the month out with a free fishing excursion in Mesa. The girls got fishing poles as Christmas gifts, and we were excited to try them out. At a park in east Mesa, the city was holding a free event where you could get bait and lessons for free, and we were sold!

The first Sunday of the month brought some exciting changes for our family. Jake was called to serve in the bishopric of our ward (1st counselor). We had family members come into town and supported him in this new change. We've all enjoyed and loved our current bishop, so when the call was extended, J was down for the challenge. It's been an interesting thing to get used to not having Jacob around on Sundays, but we're all getting used to it, and we make faces at him up on the stand throughout the meetings like good women should.

Gwen had an early release day from school, so I picked her up and we went to do some shopping at Ikea. Several times she'd see a little room set up she liked and would say, &q…

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