Sunday, November 10, 2019

October 2019

We had a jam packed month!! 

Gwen lost her first tooth. A few days before, she told me it was wiggly. I had no idea, and when I looked at it, it was barely hanging on! One afternoon, we had Gwen try to wiggle it with a paper towel and the tooth cams right out! She was so proud!!! She wrote a letter to the tooth fairy and asked for gold, and the fairy delivered a gold dollar! What a lucky girl!

Gwen has really been claiming to be a big girl lately! She’ll stop me and ask me to measure her height, she’ll ask me to take pictures of her when she thinks she looks like a big is so sweet and so sad! She IS a big girl and watching her grow is the epitome of bittersweet. 

Emily, Gwen, and I went to the movies one night when Jake was hanging out with friends! We saw the movie “Abominable”! It was about three kids returning a lost yeti to his family. It was so sweet! And the amount of popcorn we all consumed was out of this world!

Jake and I went back to the Dominican Republic in the middle of the month. We were so grateful for my parents being able to come down to watch the girls. We had so much fun! We hiked the local waterfalls, rode a gondala to the top of a mountain, and swam every second we could! On our dental day, we realized that we didn’t have any packed syringes, so we rigged up a 4 handed way to administer anesthetic while the lead dentist, Dr. Stark, went into town searching for synringes! 

He came back maybe an hour after we began our makeshift method, and we were all glad! 

I had the opportunity to attend a class Dani (one of the trip leaders) had planned for the young women in the refugee camp. Another dentist, Dr. Marcela Quintero, also attended and helped teach and translate to the group. The class was focused on teaching about ovulation and menstruation, and we dispensed kits with reusable feminine pads, underwear, and soap. I was able to sit back and watch the class, and it was filled with so much love. It was amazing. 

The day before we left for the dental trip, I was called in for an interview at one of our local dental schools. They were looking for a hygienist to join their faculty, and while I was in the airport the following day, I got an email that I got the job!!! More on that in the next monthly update!!

For Halloween and our ward trunk or treat, we dressed up as characters from Zootopia! Gwen was Officer Judy Hopps, Jake was Nick Wilde, Emily was Gazelle, and I was assistant mayor Bellweather! Our trunk or treat was amazing! Great food, and greater company! On Halloween we snapped a picture! I think we always look better at the trunk or treat because it’s typically on a Saturday, and Halloween often falls on a school/work night! Oh well! It’s still great!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

September 2019

This month was very low key. We stayed home a lot and worked in the yard almost every week!
 Gwen had her first primary program at church. She sat in the back with her class and was hard to see, and she didn’t have a part to speak. With the change of church times going from 3 to 2 hours, there was some timing to be figured out, so no one aged 7 and under had parts. It was a bummer, but hopefully she’ll get to have some kind of part next year!
I ran in my very first triathlon! I liked it a lot. I was very nervous for a week before the race, and once I got there to get ready at 5:45am on Saturday morning, my fear went away. I didn’t do the race as fast as the all stars, but I was proud that I never stopped and I really did my best! I’m probably going to do the Mesa Sprint Triathlon on a yearly basis now because I loved it so much!
Jake and I are gearing up for our trip to the Dominican Republic next month, and it’s coming up soon!!!! replaced our wallpaper with this bolder choice! dresses for primary program! a bandaid! after a bandaid! loves joy school! Christmas! decorating party with some sweet friends in my ward!! Catherine and I at the Mesa Sprint Traithlon! Both of us were doing it for the first time! I finished! I had a particularly cute cheer squad! map of the race! I hope this loads correctly! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

August 2019

Gwen is a kindergartner! She is going to the same school that I started at and she is doing full day kindergarten!We spent the beginning of the month with school shopping: new dresses, lunchbox, backpack, pencils, folder, water bottle...the works!

On the Monday before school started, I took the girls out to Krazy Air, we got lunch, and we got treats! We made sure to have one big, final hoorah before school! 

We went to her Meet the Teacher event and met Mrs. Danielson and Mrs. Smith! They are two sweet women. Mrs. Smith is the aide, and Mrs. Danielson runs the show!

Gwen has told us all about her teachers. She loves Mrs. Holste the most--her music teacher. Mr. Hoover is her PE teacher. Jake and I really thought we'd be opposite, but we are loving packing her lunch for school. We try to hide surprises for her and it's so fun!

She rides the brown bus, and it picks her up near the house! On the first day, she got on the bus, and then Emily and I hustled into the car and followed her to school to make sure she got there well. We saw some other kids that got on the bus with her, but didn't see Gwen. I went to go look, and there Gwennie was, shyly, but proudly, walking towards the class! Emily and I were so proud! After school, she was tired! School is hard! She had homework and she did it and then took a big break before picking her clothes for the next day!

We did the same thing the next day, but tried to hide a bit more to make sure Gwen could get the hang of things. She was much quicker to the playground and knew her way around! She was much more confident that day. She knew some friends prior to school starting, and they aren't in her class, but they play together and recess! It's been great!

Emily was sad about school. When Gwen got on the bus the first day and we got home, she started crying, "Where's Gwen? We need to get her! I miss my best friend!" I scooped that girl up and tickled her and she stopped crying and hasn't since then (solely concerning Gwen at school, obviously. She's the crier in the family, lol!)

Emily is participating in joy school! Esther, Allisa, and I all take turns hosting one Monday per month, and then the 4th Monday we do an excursion! We are only two weeks in, but Emily is very proud to have school to go to. She is smart as a whip. She recognizes letters and can count to 25, which I think it crazy! HA!

I took Emily on a day date and the parameters were clear...I told her we would do whatever she wanted to do. I've never had one on one time with her because she wasn't the first child, and so this has been fun to get some alone time. She told me, "I want to see my friends and the gym, pet a kitty, and go to Target." Done, done, and done! We went to the gym, then off to Petco. We pet the cats there, looked at the lizards, snakes, and fishes, and then ended the morning with popcorn at Target. It was so fun to listen to her stories. She is a great storyteller because of her training from Gwen, the master storyteller.

We all went to the lake to celebrate Morgan's birthday! He called me and told me he wanted to do the lake for his birthday, and he also wanted to smoke some meat. It ended up practically being my birthday because he did ALL of the planning and we just were there for a good time! It was my first time kayaking, and Gwen also was a solo kayaker! She is something else! We ended up going out to this 9-10 foot rock, and Gwen jumped from the top of it into the water! SHE IS SO COOL! Emily got half way up and jumped! WHY ARE OUR KIDS SO AMAZING!? They are fearless adventurers! That experience made me hungry for more! I want to go to the lake every weekend now!
Got a new alarm clock! Both so proud!
Gwen and Ruby!
Emily’s first day of joy school!
Love this sweet and salty girl!
My new hobby! Jake and I did these for FHE!
GWEN! She is so cool! Also, I have to give photocredit to Uncle Mergin for that amazing picture!