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July 2020

Just another day in Corona land.
Gwen went up to Snowflake and Pinedale at the first of the month to get some one on one time with grandmas and grandpas. She had been having a hard time with having to be home non stop, and so she needed a change of scenery! She didn't start missing us until day two when she asked to come home because she missed Emily! We made a trip out of it, and went to pick her up and explored the Denham land. I learned that the Denhams AND Crandalls (Walt's and Vonnie's families, respectively) both had land there prior to them meeting, and I thought that was a crazy! They were destined to meet. 
I went back to work this month. I typically have a 4 day work week with one day for admin work. There was a need for help doing Covid checks prior to being allowed on campus, and I was recruited to fill that need. This was a five day commitment and was pretty brutal to get used to after the previous four months. 
July 4th was wonderful. We had a BBQ with some of o…

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