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October 2020

 If I had to sum up the month of October with one word, there's only one word that would fit. October was FUN. It was busy and fun and a great adventure.  The month started with another school change for the girls. Mesa Public Schools were planning on going back to full time, in person learning after the break, and I decided we would switch them out of Montessori and back to MPS. To fully keep you updated and reminded, I pulled them out of MPS when in person learning couldn't happen and put them in Montessori. The girls were both sad to leave Montessori. They loved their teachers and friends, but I knew the resources we needed for Gwen to succeed would be better through the public school system. It's been an entire month now, and Gwen does love her teacher and friends, but she and Emily both remind me that they loved their old school. I loved it, too. We went back to Forest Lakes for October Break. Both the girls and I went, and we had so much fun. It was so cold in the mor

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