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May 2020

My sister Berit was here early in the month to have a little party and also just to catch up! It was great! It is so crazy that her children are as old as they are because in my mind they are still babies! Berit made us a delicious meal, and we feasted on the leftovers for days. I accidentally tortured her kids by having us walk to our neighborhood junior high school during the heat of the day! Luckily, we all survived!

I fell into our pool! We have this ledge that separates the jacuzzi from the pool but it is covered by water. The ledge is a hotspot for the pigeons and doves in our area. They love to come and rest on it and bathe! While Berit was here, her dogs also loved walking on the ledge! I have walked on it multiple times, and have skimmed the pool from it so many times I can't count. I think I was mimicking the birds and dogs running on it when I slipped and fell into the pool. It was a slow motion fall, let me tell you. And the whole time I was falling, I was incredibly a…

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