Friday, October 7, 2016

September 2016

This September was an interesting one. Jake was hired by another medical sales company and had to go to training. For his past jobs, training has been a week or two. This company sent Jake to Texas for 3 weeks. Had I not JUST had a baby, we probably would've all gone with him, but I knew that wasn't going to be a great idea, so he left and we girls stayed at home.

The first few weeks were the hardest. Emily wasn't sleeping well..and by well, I mean she wasn't sleeping like a two year old like I would've loved--she slept perfectly normal for a month old baby, but was nursing like a champ. Our nights were like this:Emily goes to sleep, bathe Gwen, put Gwen to bed, Emily wakes up. Put Emily down, Gwen wakes up from terrifying nightmare (poor baby), get Gwen back in bed, Emily wakes up. . . I mean. . . I was a true zombie.

But we did it! By the second week we were all doing things like clockwork! I knew when people would wake up, I knew how to maximize time, I knew how to get things done.

On the first Tuesday of September, we had a nanny start working here. Her name is Kyndra, and SHE IS THE BEST. I swear she is how I kept sane while Jake was gone. When I first came home after work, my house was clean, Emily was sleeping, Gwen was happy coloring, and Fred was playing with a ball on the floor. It was so comforting to 1.Go to work and get some sanity and 2.Know my people were being loved the entire time I was gone. I've said it once, and here it is AGAIN, but we have been SO immensely blessed in finding excellent caretakers for our family.

I went back to work, as I previously mentioned. My boss is the greatest and told me to take as much maternity leave as I wanted, so I asked for 12 weeks. Well, I got to be 6 weeks post Emily's birthday and I was ready. I love what I do, and I love my coworkers, and I love my patients, and being a stay at home mom is the most difficult thing ever. So I called Dr. Price and asked him if I could come back sooner, and he said "Of course!" Needless to say, work has been great and I'm happy to be back.

Going back to work stressed me out in thought because I worried about how Emily would do with bottles and nursing. If you remember, I pumped for Gwen 100% because she wouldn't nurse after I had to go to school 3 days postpartum. I didn't want this to be the case for Em, so I stressed because that's all I could do. Turns out it was unnecessary stressing! E takes bottles well and when I am home she nurses great! We had some struggle nursing recently, but I chalked it up to congestion and a growth spurt. She is so great!

I started working out with a trainer that I went to high school with! Jessica is so strong and she had a baby just a few weeks after me! I was thankful to be able to go work out while Jake was away because I could get out some stress and pick up some energy. My parents were the best and watched both kids while I'd go for an hour, two times a week. And when I'd go to get the girls, they'd feed us all dinner! It was so helpful and kind. 

Jake came home at the end of the month. I was so proud of how I handled things while Jake was gone, and I was sure I'd be this statuesque and haughty woman when he came home. In fact, we were outside playing in the hose when I heard him pull up, and I thought, "This was no big deal. I could handle this a dozen more times." But when that man opened the gate and Gwen heard him and ran and jumped in his arms, and then he scooped me up in a hug, I turned into a big, teary-eyed mess. Pride-Gone. Relief-Everywhere. Even now just writing this makes my eyes watery. It was so hard to be a single parent. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. And I could do it again. But I don't ever have to again and for that I am so thankful.

The day after Jake got back, some of our most favorite friends came to visit! Dr. Chris finished dental school, and they moved to New Mexico from Pennsylvania, and we missed them so much!!! We went to Krazy Air and Cafe Rio and it was magical!

They day after THAT, Jake's younger brother Sean got married, so we zoomed up to Pinetop to help with set up and anything that required us, really. It was so fun. We quadded around after the wedding, and it was just a great way to celebrate having J back. Also, that is the day that started Emily's rough nursing week. But alas, we persevered and all is well.

Gwen is talking so much!!!! Funny quote of her day:She was holding my hairbrush, and I was asking if she would bring it to me. She said, "No, Mom! It's not yours, Mom! Not yours!" But her "yours" are pronounced "yerz". She's the best.

Side note story: Krispy Kreme had their annual pirate day, and if you dress like a pirate, you'll get a free dozen donuts! Kyndra bought and brought Gwen some great clothes and took her, and the picture will kill you with cuteness, so prepare now.
The moral of September:Have a great boss. Find a wonderfully kind nanny. Appreciate your husband. Work out. Sleep when little people sleep.

Burrito baby

Gwen loves looking at and opening movies from here.

Jake was scaring Gwen by just walking past the Halloween stuff! HA!

Cousin love at Krazy Air!

I tried to style her hair to a side, and this fluff is the result.

Gwen's first day at dance class.

Emily working on her neck exercises.

When we tell G to put on her shoes, she always puts on mine instead.

Gwen at Krispy Kreme! CUTEST PIRATE EVER.

Matthew and Aaron, with Jake and Gwen!

REUNITED! I never took any pictures, and should have.

Best friends!

Gwen loves holding E's hand in the car!

They both slept so well on the way to Pinetop for the wedding!

Family Selfie after quadding. It's blurry, but we're all so happy. 3 seconds after this, Em threw up everything in her belly all over everyone.

Playing in Grandma and Grandpa Denham's backyard

Emily and I were quadding, and G was jumping. This was so fun.

Em tried on beanies at a boutique and she knew she looked fabulous.

G's favorite and daily activity:playing in the water.

We did a lot of FaceTime calling while Jake was gone in Texas. These two are twins!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Emily Rose is 2 Months Old!

Emily is two months already! It's bizarre how quickly time flies by with babies. I'm thankful for that because babies are hard people to manage, but I know I'll look back at pictures and miss even the hard times.

Gwen has adjusted so well to Emily. In fact, there hasn't even been an adjustment. Gwen just loved Emily from the first second they met. Whenever E catches Gwen looking at her, they both just laugh and smile. It's so cute, and Gwen loves her baby. 

13 pounds of perfect chunk
Fits into 3-6 month clothes best. 0-3 is too small, but 6 month is too big.
Loves being swaddled
Great relationship with Barry, the bear pacifier
Loves having her legs wiggled and jiggled
Likes playing with her tongue and silly faces
During her witching hour, the only thing she wants is to go outside
Loves tummy time

I'm so thankful to have baby Emily in our family! She is so loud and so smart!

She is delightful!
Emily and Barry

Friday, September 2, 2016

Emily's Blessing

Emily was blessed on Sunday, August 28, 2016.

We have been so lucky to find the friends and have the families we do. So much love surrounded our family, and we know we are so lucky.

Counsel for Emily from the blessing
  • Nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Be valiant in her friendships and schooling
  • Rely on family and friends during hard times
  • Serve those around her 
  • Be kind
  • Serve in the temple often for ancestors

Also, I'm missing a picture of Jake, Vonnie, and Grandma Uchytil with Emily. It is so sweet, but I don't have it! 

August 2016

One of my most favorite things about having a newborn baby is also, at times, my least favorite. August was a really simple month for us. No big outings, no big news, just day to day simplicity.

I struggle in feeling like a good enough mother when we just stay home. I blame this feeling on how much I've always valued working/having a job. I've made it a point to go on a daily outing. Whether we accomplish anything major or not, those trips are good for my brain! We like to roam around the grocery stores and Target, and Gwen is the best partner! She will put everyone's shoes on, makes sure we have drinks, and pet Fred on the way out.

I love how fun Gwen is. When we lived in Flagstaff we would go on hikes and bike rides a few times a week. We'd explore our neighborhood and backyard. I complain about how hot it is here in Mesa, and I am resolving to stop that! It's hot, and that's okay! Also, I realized that playing outside in the hose is my back up plan/solution to everything. HA! I like that activity and so does Gwen, so we stick to it! Although I'm newly satisfied with the weather, I can't wait for it to cool down. I laugh when we go to Target and see boots and long sleeves. . . how did I ever think it was cold in the winter?! Now I know better.

Emily is a beautiful baby. She is so different, personality-wise, than Gwen. When Gwen was a baby, she didn't cry unless she needed to eat. Miss Emily doesn't "cry"--she yells! She'll yell in her sleep while trying to break out of her swaddle. She yells when she wakes up, but stops the second she hears someone coming! She loves being talked to, and always smiles at Gwen and Fred.

I have the best video of them from this encounter! Gwen kept saying, "She's cute!"

She wouldn't sleep, so I brought her into our room to keep me company while I did some work, and she passed out!

Root beer ice cream cones!!! Love her!

Jake took Gwen on a date, and she loved it!

I mean, that miniskirt!!!!

Emily and Ender!
Gwen and Ian!

Emily loves tummy time and working out.

First day at church!

We send pictures to Jake on long work days!

This makes me smile/laugh so hard. After a big crying spell from Emily, Gwen sat down with a book and had some much needed quiet time.

Gwen likes to hide eggs. Finding them is always a surprise to me. That frying pan was filled, and so was the pot under it.

Gwen and Berlyn playing in the irrigation!

She was doing some serious doodling.

Her hair is fine, but she has so much of it! Hooray!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Emily is One Month Old!

Weight: 10 pounds, 14 oz
Length: 21.5 inches
Clothing Size: 0-3 months
Favorite Food:Milkies!
Favorite Sister: Gwen, hands down.
Likes to snuggle
Nicknames: Em, Emmy, Sister, Little Momma, Baby, and Fanny. Gwen just calls her "Cute!"

Emily is so funny. She is very vocal and loves to complain before the fully wakes up. We always hear her in her room groaning about having to wake up. Her hands are her worst enemy. They always try to attack the poor girl. She can sleep through anything, and she has been sleeping in her own room since day 4. Having her in our room was giving keeping me awake with every noise and movement I'd hear, and since she's been in her room we've all been happier!

We have a witching hour here. The air conditioner will shut off at some point in the evening, and then Gwen will start fighting and Emily wakes up TICKED off and Jake and I will be hot a sweaty after that period ends! It's terrifying and we're already phasing out of it, but it was a common occurrence in this first month of Emily-life.

Fred LOVES Emily. If she cries and I don't immediately pick her up, he will come up to me, cry, and then run back to her until I come. Every time I change her diaper on the floor, Fred will come lick her head. He loves laying next to her. I'm convinced his favorite thing is sitting on the couch with Gwen, Emily and I. He is a protective guy to our girls.

Emily has a swing that sometimes she likes. When she likes it, I praise the swing gods. When she hates it, I curse them. That's she same situation with her pacifier.

E was born with a strong neck! She loves tummy time.

This quilt!!!!

and THIS quilt!!!

This is Barry. They have a love/hate thing going on.


Gwen is so in love with Emily. They melt my heart!