Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 26

We love Gwen!

She is a champ. Whatever she does, she commits! When she eats, she chugs 5-7 ounces. When she sleeps, she'll take a 4 hour nap, and still sleep from midnight to 6 am. When she cries, we wake up the Elephants upstairs. . . it's hilarious.

Nursing has gone great for us. I had to be at school a week after having her, so I've pumped from early on. She has no trouble eating from the bottle or from me. She also loooooves her Lambie (pacifier). I have a pump that I keep at school, and I've been able to pump on breaks and we have a NICE stockpile in the freezer. If I could without being odd, I'd totally show my stockpile to everyone because I'm so proud of it.

Mini has some pretty intense gassy bubbles in her tummy, but we've been able to manage it by massaging her little stomach, and by doing leg exercises to get the bubbles out. Once she toots, she's so happy! She loves burping and she abhors the hiccups. She's had three blow out diapers, but they're because we didn't realize she needed to be in bigger diapers. She's in size ones now, and we are happy with that!

We just love her.

Mini and Lambie. BFF.