Sunday, May 8, 2016

April 2016

April was a very fun month for us!

It began with me getting a new phone, and ended with me getting a new job! All the middle of the month innards were just as eventful, too.

It seemed that after the Easter holidays, no hygienists were taking time off, so I wasn't getting many calls for temping. Temping is taxed at a ridiculous bracket in Arizona, so with that and the lack of jobs, I decided to look again for something more steady. I've said it before, but I was really blessed to work at the pediatric office in Flagstaff. They had very high standards of care, and followed protocols religiously! That office gave me the confidence to wait for a quality office and dentist, and I've found one!

I work on Mondays and Tuesdays in Phoenix, and I love the office, staff, and the dentist. It's a general practice and we see all age ranges in patients, so it's been a fun adjustment for me! Since my commute is about 30 minutes (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) I downloaded the LDS Tools app and will listen to conference talks on my way to and from work! It's been really nice to get that form of study in my day!

In news of Gwen, she has finally decided to like "shows"! Her favorite show is "Mulan," and she also really likes "Meet the Robinson's." This is nice for me, and I don't feel bad that she watches TV. We do SO much otherwise (park time, library days, coloring and gardening) that if she wants to chill with a show, so be it!

Speaking of gardens, OURS IS INCREDIBLE!! Jake and I had both forgotten how different gardening here (versus Flagstaff) is!!! We don't have any fruits yet, but everything has officially sprouted. Our corn is outstanding, and the watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, peas, and cucumbers are all bound to be giving us some sustenance soon!!!! Hooray!!!!!

Our backyard, in general, is looking amazing. We moved in and had just a dirt patch back there, and with the addition of seed and some randomly placed sod, we think the grass will normalize in another month! It's fun to play in our backyard without shoes because the grass we have is so soft and squishy!

I've been rereading all of the Harry Potter books. We still haven't found a name for the newest baby we will have in a few short months, and I thought I would find inspiration there.

Jake got called to serve in Scouts, and I'm a leader for Activity Days. I've been going to nursery lately to help out (and eat snacks) and that's been great, too.

We're all finally getting used to our big house. It used to take me FOREVER to clean it because I like a certain level of clean, and I couldn't get in a groove. Now that I have, we are all happier. . . meaning IIII am happier because clutter makes my mind feel too chaotic.

Gwen and I have become frequent Costco shoppers. I just love that place, and Gwen likes sitting on the boxes I put in the cart. We are a happy duo.

I've been getting anxious lately. Jake and I talk about how this baby could come in early July, and that just overwhelms me! I remember, all too well, how tough having baby Gwen was, and I'm nervous to have baby Fanny and toddler Gwen. I know it will all be great and fine, but oof. It makes me nervous to think about. The other day, Jake mentioned having the baby and driving places, and my heart started beating really fast! It will be great, but I will be happy to keep this baby in my tummy for as long as possible!

My baby doctors are right by the Gilbert temple, so we stop by after appointments!


She did this and kept saying, "CUTE!" She stabbed her eye a few times, but through the pain knew she was looking GOOD.

Ian and Gwen driving at the Chandler mall

Chilling out post nap.

Gwen's hair is getting so long! I can't do anything other than rubber band it, but I don't care!

We went to the fire department with some moms in our ward! It was amazing!

Gwen loves to read.