Thursday, February 17, 2011

Psych was interesting today. . .

I knocked a girls coffee on to her boots.

I said sorry. She wasn't mad.

Dr. Miller taught us how to control our dreams, Inception style.

I'm really excited about this lucid dream controlling deal! I'm going to teach Jacob and then we will plant ideas in people's dreams. It will be wonderful.

I love love love the Curtis. And we found these today so they get special mention.

The Curtis doesn't like when he has to sit with Jack. So they watch TV like this.
ps. Even the back of my hubs head is handsome!

I love this face he's making!!!!

And that's all.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's been a while. . .

since the last post, but we're both so bogged with school work that things have taken a back seat! I'm going to try and be better, but seeing as how the second week of school our trademarked phrase was "I'm already behind. . ." I feel like we caught a good break!

I've gained a new appreciation for SUN! I always loved being in Mesa with the sun always shining and I definitely took for granted that there was no wind. To be honest, since living here, I decided I'd never experience wind! It's THAT strong and cold and intense. It's normal to wake up and unlock our bikes and see the snow shovels that are nailed to the posts strewn all over our porch! It's a good thing we live so close to school. Jake gets caught by the train at least twice a week and I still think it's the funniest thing that happens. I learned a crucial lesson. Don't ride your bike in the snow unless you have sunglasses or some kind of eye protection! I got to my class after the snowy ride with makeup down my face! The nice guy I sit behind turned to hand me a paper and when he saw me said "My wife would be mad if no one told her, so I'm going to tell you. . . You're make up is EVERYwhere." I thought it was swell how he emphasized the every part. It was awesome. And now we are in agreement that his wife is quite right. He is to tell me anytime something strange like that happens!

In other news, we live underneath elephants. Not only are the elephants, but they are nocturnal elephants. Jake lovingly (not) refers to them as our Elephants. . . you know. . . because they are ours. But seriously! It sounds like an earthquake when they move. It would be great if all they did was move. . . but we swear they are running back and forth and back and forth and back and forth! Of course this starts at 11 pm and stops when Jake stands on our dresser and hits the ceiling with a shoe. It's quite a show and even though I don't look forward to the Elephants' movements, I look forward to my hubs looking madder than anything I've ever seen. It's perfection!

Lastly, there is the coolest thing here! It's a movie theater like the dollar theaters but you vote on the movies they play each month and then for 3 bucks you get popcorn and a drink! I'm so excited. In March they're doing Harry Potter 7 part 1. Glorious!