Wednesday, March 31, 2010

School is . . .

. . . being annihilated by me! I ace tests and classes like I'm doing long division and I really good at long division! I decided to not let school stress me out because, hi, I'm Verity and I'm engaged and my bangs aren't growing fast enough so you know I have enough to worry about! I love run-ons.

Today I went to go check on the progress of my beloved dress. This is a great story by the way. So the girl that knows everything and is awesome and has a really good looking nose ring usually helps me and she is the best. But. Today. She. Was. Not. There. And do you want to know who was? Some woman who made me feel lethargic just looking.

Now. For the record. I do NOT judge people. Period. And I don't mock (unless you and I are talking and we KNOW each other very well!) appearance. I will gladly say that in my head I make fun of the things the people who are mean to me say because they are mean anyways. . . tangent. Anyway. What I'm saying is that since I do hair, I can see some NASTAYYYY stuff, but I'm just nice and make you look fabulous so what I see and do is between you and the stylist. Amen.

So this lady looks like she needs to come see me in the salon. I don't think anything of it.

Now, I think wedding dresses are a big deal. Hopefully, and in my case, it is going to be my very only-est one and I think it is important to be excited or at least be nice about it. But no. I walked in and what is the number one rule of working!? Saying "Hello!" to the person who walks in the door! Well, I walked in. . . and then in my mind I walked in again because I thought I was having a delayed reaction.

Fast forward thirty minutes and I'm wandering like a chicken with its head cut off STILL by myself, not greeted. So what did I do!? I called my mom, duh. Psh. If they weren't going to talk to me, SOMEONE was going to! So after a very quick conversation with her, I was greeted by the lady of doom. Holy Vile, was I frightened. I am a sturdy person. I am proud that I can handle myself, but as soon as she told me that some one didn't simply put the dress in a white bag instead of a clear bag, I got scared!

Basically, I just whispered the rest of the time, which is downright weird for me since I can't even whisper to my mom on the pew during church, and got out of there right quick. And then I went to Sonic and watched the rollerskaters do backflips and 360's till I was happy again. (It took a few seconds. . :) So tomorrow I will go back to my shop and talk to my lovely assistant girl that includes me on all decisions and I don't mind it, not one bit.

Weird fact of the day, today Jake's hair smelt better than mine. . . like, girly better than mine. And then I remembered I gave him that nice Bedhead shampoo because I forgot to give him a birthday present. . . . he smelt really yummy!


The Dark Family said...

Your blog is GORGEOUS!!!!! I am in love with it!

Carolyn said...

hi. hello. hey, how you doin'? ummm....i'm like your bff/lover/whatever you want me to be and I just found out you have a blog. WTHGB(what the holy granola bar)!!! Anyway, you are freaking hilarious. I know you know that I know that you know you're funny, but it's nice to hear it once in awhile. so yeah, you're funny. =]