Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 2016

The beginning of November started with a birthday for me! Jake had to go out of town, so he planned a surprise birthday date for the week after. He surprised me with brunch and a massage! It was so fun! I'd never had one before and was having major anxiety about it (DO YOU WEAR CLOTHES OR NOT!?!?!?!) Luckily, it all turned out so great and we now have inside jokes for the next 4 years, thank you. May your Chakra be aligned forever.

We have some great friends that offered to play with Gwen so we could get dinner and we love them and all saw owls in the neighborhood on the night of my birthday. It's a sign that I'm meant to go to Hogwarts, but I'm just too old to be taught now. It would be indecent for me to go and leave everyone.

We took advantage of the incredible November weather and played outside as much as possible!

My sister, Sarah, had to be in Phoenix for a school thing, and we got to play with her youngest daughter and son all day! Marshall and Melanie were a fantastic addition to our day! I learned early on that everyone needed to touch their own blanket or else someone would be upset. It was more a game than true sadness, but it was great! We made forts, and played outside at the park. Someone asked me if all the kids were mine--I said yes. It was great.

We got family pictures, and I'm so happy with them! I met Kylie in Flagstaff, but we both grew up in Mesa! She went to Mesa High and she introduced us to her sister, our nanny Kyndra! Full circle! Anyway, Kylie took Jake's graduation announcement pictures and took these family pictures! We love her and she is excellent. Like. . . Gwen didn't sit still once and she still got great images! HALLELUJAH!

We got to see Mike, Kendle, and Emery Webster again! We met them in Flagstaff, too, and we love and miss them almost daily! Their sweet daughter is a little bit older than Emily, and I have great plans of a deep friendship for Emily and Emery!

Thanksgiving was great! We started the day off being treated to Moana (thanks GramE and Papa!) and popcorn, and I loved it! We bought the soundtrack while walking out of the theater, and we have it on repeat all day, every day! After the movie, we went to pick up our fruit salad for the Uchytil feast! Emily was a LOT fussy because she was getting over being sick, plus she got four vaccinations and had no nap because we were at the movies, so that homegirl was so sad! Grandma Vonnie is so sweet and would just take her when she cried! So sweet. We didn't last long there, and went back home to get Emily in bed. When she woke up, it was time for the Ellsworth feast! The Binghams came down from New Mexico and they did ALL the food! It was so fancy! I wish I had pictures because food was EVERYWHERE and I ate all of it and weigh 3,000 pounds. After dinner, Caroline set up Minute to Win It games, and we had a great time!

On Black Friday, I took my oldest nieces out for Black Friday shopping. Cordelia and Cassidy are both so funny and beautiful and smart! It's almost intimidating to see how strong and independent they are spiritually and mentally, but I love it and I want my daughters to have those qualities! After finishing up, they offered to babysit, so Jake and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. J.K. Rowling is my best friend, and I now need her to write up the screenplays for Ilvermorny. Do yourself a favor and go read about the US school for magic and just swoon in its glory.

Random Gwen fact. Gwen loves Sofia the First. Sofia has a sister named Amber, and lately Gwen will call Emily Amber! It is hilarious and so cute and I tell her, "No, this is Emily. Say Emily!" So she'll say "Emy!" Then I'll say, "Gwen, what is your baby's name?" and she immediately responds, "Ammer!" HA! I love it.

I have to add a thought. We have the best family. My daughters have the best aunts, uncles, cousins, grandpas and grandmas. I feel so much love and support on both sides. Jake and I constantly talk about how we got SO lucky to have the in-laws we have, respectively.  I'm so thankful that Gwen and Emily will have so much love and support throughout their entire lives! We love you, family!

Kyndra and Gwen made Jack-o-Lantern cheese crisps!

Fanny is losing her dark hair!!!!

Just Gwen being a big kid! Where did Baby Mini go!?

Zen on the swing.


Mini Mom and Mom

Mini Dad and Dad


Thanksgiving! Thanks for the picture, Thad!

IT'S A MIRACLE! She slept at church!!!!!

Birthday dinner at Nando's!

Gwen and her baby.
She loves her camping chair.

I don't know if this will play, but she's so cute.
Waiting at the resort for our massages!

Jake nearly fell asleep, thank you.

I mean. . . she just is living her life as fully as can be.


Better Besties.

Emily and her bibdana uniform. Verity and her scrub uniform.

Gwen, Marshall, and Melanie, all touching their own blankets, only.

PARTY PIZZA! Venezia's does not disappoint with the party size.

Emily Rose is Four Months Old!

Emily got double ear infections in November! It was so sad! Gwen NEVER had a single ear infection, so when Emily was literally screaming, I was so confused and unable to do anything! We got her in for a sick visit nice and quick, and had antibiotics almost immediately. Let me tell you--I should get an award for giving her COLD, bubblegum flavored medicine twice a day for 7 days. I thought Gwen was stubborn, but when I was trying to get her to take this medicine, she outdid Gwen's stubbornness REAL quick! Ha! We got it done, and both ears are happy and healthy! She simultaneously had a cold, and she struggled eating, so at one point she was up to 15 pounds, but now she's just hovering at 14.

We needed to get bibdanas (bib/bandana mix!) specifically for her drooling! She could soak an outfit in a matter of hours with just drool!

Emily realized she is the cutest and loves talking to herself in the mirror. She doesn't like being talked to when she's admiring herself, and will give dirty looks pretty promptly after making that mistake.

Fanny lovessss music and hates the sun being in her eyes. She also hates being put in the car seat and stroller, but doesn't mind the outings associated with the seat and stroller. What a conundrum.

October 2016

Early in the month, Jake and I went on a group date with some friends to an escape room. It's essentially a series of "riddles" that you get clues to to determine the outcome of a script. It was really fun and we all got dinner at Serrano's, too!

Gwen learned that she could still climb into the crib, and has since been doing this on an almost daily schedule.

Krispy Kreme had their annual "Dress Like a Pirate" day and our sweet nanny, Kyndra, dressed Gwen up and took the girls! Gwen is an excellent pirate!


One morning, after I had gotten every one packed up in the car to run errands, I turned on my car and realized that the battery was going to die!  Worse yet, Jake and my parents were all out of town--because of this, I drove to the closest place I could think of and got a new battery. Gwen loved being in the waiting room and seeing the guys working on our car. She was singing and dancing, and we all had a great morning!

Shepherd Junior High was doing a college night and they had a lot of colleges and vocational schools visiting, plus some food trucks! We walked the few blocks to get to the school to see the commotion, and ended up petting a few snakes and getting waffles at the food trucks!

I don't have any pictures of Halloween, but it was wonderful! We got to go to downtown Mesa and trick or treat at the local shops, and then we went home and ate lunch. When I was taking Gwen's beautiful owl costume off, it ripped! The seam of the strap tore completely off! It was so sad to me! Not to fret, after naps I put Gwen in her Krispy Kreme pirate outfit and we tricked and treated for about an hour and got a huge stash, plus we got to know a lot more of our sweet neighbors! We have quite a few snowbirds in our cul-de-sac thing, and it was fun talking to them all! Gwen would twirl and tell them "Good mornin!" and they'd give her more candy. We had a great system! Jake stayed home and handed out candy and bouncy balls, and we just thought we were the coolest! I really can't believe that I have no pictures of that day! How sad.
 *Oh my gosh! Jake had Halloween pictures! They're down below!

We asked if they snake had a name, and this guy laughed and said, No way! Haha!

Crib bandit Gwen!

At the car garage! She loved this place!

Pre Earrings!
She is just so pleased with her new jewelry.

SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Our date night! Also, my mouth is clearly opened dumb.

They love each other.

Jammy Besties!

Waiting at the food truck!

Gwen loved playing with this boy at the park. He kept calling Gwen "Baby" and would say, "Come over here, little Baby!" She loves him.

She's a dreamy sleeper.

Jake=suns player. Me and Emily=pumpkins. Gwen=pirate. Fred=blurry scary thing

Halloween 2016

Emily Rose is Three Months Old!

Emily is such a sweet girl. At three months she weighed 14 pounds! She is always in the "average" category of height, weight and head circumference, but she is anything but average in personality! She loves watching Gwen, and loves when Gwen talks to her for minutes at a time. Gwen loves putting Emily's cheeks in her hands and saying "Cute bebe!" Emily is definitely more of an observer, but will talk when no one else has anything to say. She loves bath time and have made it part of her nightly routine, but she still hates getting her clothes put on afterwards!